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  1. Really keen to get a jew on SP's at lake illawarra near the bridge where I've known a few to catch some big ones with SP's. Just a question with the tides is it better to fish starting with the run in or run out? For example here on Thursday would it be best to fish within the last hour of the the run out and the first hour of the run in 9:15-11:15? or is it better to target them at high tides? Just haven't had much luck lately.
  2. think I'm just gonna go with a mono 20lbs line with a fluorocarbon leader. Make it as simple as possible
  3. alright so braid for main line followed by 5-8m fluorocarbon leader? With the metal lures do you need any particular rigging? sorry trying to learn been looking up rigs but theres so much out there gets a bit confusing.
  4. do you replace the mainline that comes with the reel with a new line like mono/braid? or just tie it on to the mainline with a swivel?
  5. Haven't been beach fishing since I was a kid, really keen to get back into it but wanna try this time with metal/plastic lures. Types of fish? salmon, tailor, bonito, mackerel, trevally etc most from the surf/rocks Looking at this rod/reel combo Daiwa Crosscast Surf Combo - 11', 10-20Kg Most likely will pick it all up from BCF. Just a few questions I need answered. Mono or braid lines ? If so weight, brand etc ? Best type of rigs for metal lures? Cheaper better rods/reels? also would it be better to go for a 9 - 10' rod for surf/rock? Best metal lures? weight, brand etc Want gear that will last, I've done some research but still want to be sure that I'm getting the best setup for the surf/rocks. Appreciate any advice thanks.