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  1. Land mate. No boat, just land base whenever I find time. Especially the gentleman hr lol
  2. Man... This crab is very old for its age I got to say. Its huge! And the meat looks like chicken breast lol. Seriously. But still taste sweet. And yummy
  3. Went for a 3 hr gap at my usual gentlemans hr. I dont fish early as I cant get up lol. Started at 11.30 till 2.30 Landed 9 travelly and 1 bream. Biggest trav would have been around 45cm. No body else were catching anything. A group caught a kingie they started at 4am till 2.30!! One couple caught a massive blue swimmer. But no fish. They came and checked up on me and said I caught a lot lol. I said how about I give you 5 fish for your crab. Since I hardly eat fish. 5 for 1! Why not! They didnt hesitate to think twice. At one time I trade 10 fish just for a single squid 🤣
  4. AWell done buddy. I was there Monday and Tuesday night trying to catch a few squid lol. Struggling. But well done on he drifting. No breams or kingie around🤔😉
  5. Harry is that you!! Lol. Its me ur squiddy apprentice 🤣
  6. Well done buddy. Maybe too deep where you are. I was there Monday and Tuesday night trying to catch a few squid lol. Struggling. But well done on he drifting. But there is a little More to it. Maybe next time I show you my set up😉
  7. Your the man! Thanks for the invite in advance😁
  8. Late post. Got my bag limit last Thursday. Same. Routine, a quick 3 hr session after I drop off the kids to school. 1 Leather jacket. And the rest were travelly! Damn travelly! A few 20cm bream but all undersize. Travelly, biggest being close to 40cm, released 3 which might be on the 30cm or just under. Cant be bother taking more then I could give out. Only took back 8. Happy days👌 LOOKING FOR A GENUINE SQUID TEACHER TO SHOW ME A THING OR 2😢, since me and the Mrs love squid and not fish..... Its tough.... Last 3 session have resulted in donuts!
  9. Big neil! Im an open book nothing to hide. If anyone ask Im sure to give all the advice I could. Even take them out land base. I dont have a boat. But I burley hard each time I fish. 1.5 hr between high tide or low tide. 2 loft of woolworths bread. 1 packet of bread crumb and 500gm of big John prawn mix powder!
  10. Hi champ! Im pretty good catching and bagging out fish. But hope less. At squid! Im land base no boat... So yeah!! Im keen to learn how to catch squid Many thanks Sam
  11. you got them during the day....? what time roughly, never tried
  12. All my catches goes towards charity. I rarely eat fish. Only a few species from the deep sea which dont carry such a strong flavour.
  13. I drive to the local spot lol. I dont live there.. 🤣
  14. Just another usual day. Drop the kids off to school and headed out to my local spot and started fishing at the gentleman hours, cant start without my coffee and pie ofcourse. Started at 10.30. Burley hard and the fish started to show up. 2 bream in 20min,then the breams disappeared! Oh well! The travelly came to the party! Total 8 again! Losted 2 lifting it up and lost 3 didnt set the hook properly. Happy days!
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