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  1. papafish

    Forster early Easter break

    Got to forster Tuesday night. Went fir a flick after dinner and set up a trap. Nice whiting around caught it between 8-10pm
  2. papafish


    Did you go out on a boat?? Or land base😏? Just finished up at forster got some nice whiting n muddies Many thanks Sam
  3. great catch!! that monster crab are sure a by catch, one could wish for more lol. hey guys are you allow to use traps in that area?
  4. papafish

    Kings session for 3 hours!! That's just insane

    Doubt it happen again
  5. Haven't been posting for a long long time. Anyway. Just wanna make a post cause I thought it was one I don't think I would get again. Woke up at 4.30. Got to our spot up normal at 5.30. Started fishing and straight away there were surface action of Taylor's and salmon. Once they disappear after 30min. The kings where smashing bait fishing like a all u can eat buffet. It was just me and my mate at first. Then came another 3.. And then follow by a fellow fish raider here by surprise. All up I caught 5 king just around 58-63cm just undersize!! One would be at the 70cm.. My mate scoop it into the net and we lift it out of thr water and it slipped through a hole on the net and then the line was cut!!! I was like wtf.... And follow by another burst off. All up between 7 of us. We would have caught over 30 king fish. And they were there from 6.00 to 10.30 when we left thry were still around!!! So disappointed that we didn't landed the legal wx_camera_1550957754639.mp4
  6. papafish

    Improving day for Blackfish

    Nice one there champ. I always find your post. Very productive. Just wondering maybe we could catch up for a session. I'm at Balmain and I usually get a few around Birchgrove.
  7. papafish

    No school prawns for sale in the fish shops

    What the lol. I thought u were using it for bait.... I only brought it for bait never tried eating them. But campsie is the place you'll find them.
  8. papafish

    Fishing mate

    I'm at Burwood. Let's go fishing
  9. papafish

    No school prawns for sale in the fish shops

    Why school. Prawns. May I ask??? I always buy thr banana prawns from. Woolies and cut it into small. PC's... So why school. Prawns yowie if u dont mind me. Asking. And my local fish shop always have schools lol but I never buy them...
  10. papafish

    Lilli Pilli Fishing Hole

    I think the hole is right of. Lilli pilli bath, right next to where all thr boat are. It's a drop off. Not a hole. If that's what your referring too. There is not such thing as a hot spot. It's just a matter of being there at the right time. Might happen once a month or once a quarter but it has happen before. Good luck
  11. papafish

    Stapo are you there?

    his okay i can assure you that. I was with him last week lol. i'll send him your regards
  12. papafish

    port hacking trevally

    Nice one bruce. Haven't been active at all. gee i miss the fishing at port hacking. just a quick one, what is a crab line? is it just a big chuck of bait tie together lol. cheers
  13. papafish

    Browns Rock report - with a word of warning.

    that red looking fish is a Ling fish im pretty sure i heard of it and brought fillet from the fish market before. they are expensive fish and very nice tasting. correct me if im wrong. but i think thats a "ling fish"
  14. papafish

    Drummer off the rocks

    nice catch were about where this caught if u you dont mind me asking. haven't been to the rocks yet
  15. papafish

    No kings but a welcome bycatch

    were u using 8lb line or 20lb lol. 8lb line would have easily snapped... correct me if im reading it wrong. Great catch! i fish around seaforth now and then but never see monster like this