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  1. Nice. Yeah your just like me. Always a last minute thing.
  2. nice one there champ! how often do you go out? got room spare for 1^^ wanna try and get some crabs lol. got 6 traps doing nothing at home
  3. oh nice. thx for that info. im not good at whiting but i did catch them with very small sinker up forster with little and very slow moving water. but tried it in the beach and entrance. but water moved so hard. it was at 12 clock then 10 second it was 50m away to 3 o clock.. so i though u need to switch to heavier star sinker. and yet then. u can't feed the hits. and link tangle even more
  4. nice catch. can i ask. what kind of rig do you use for whiting. and what singer? i struggle to fish when the tide runs hard when the current move fast. the sinker rolls all over the place. is it a sinker to the hook or a star sinker etc??
  5. That tempura looks good. Home made batter or buy from the shop for the flour?
  6. big ne Great report Bob! smashed it again!! can u get them land base or u need a boat?
  7. its the daiwa emraldas ring up or google the boys at ISOfishinglifestyle, gap or will. they do good pricing stuff there. or just go to any good tackle store and they should have it. but i got mine at a good price. so yeah. the rod weights like 300gm or something, extremely light for my liking:)
  8. You can catch anything with it. Anything up to a metre. I dont use landing net. I always sus out my spot like how to land a fish if it is too big! I drag the fish alot a rock ledge. Its a very sensitive rod and yet strong. Caught salmon 60cm kingie 75cm. But yeah... Its just how you handle your fish and how u Fight it. And ur line. 8lb thats my usual but now and then I get bursted by big fish since I either tighten my drag and then line might snap if I let it abit too loose, the big one will reef me.. Its Catch 20! 12lb line are a lot safer. But I love 8lb better
  9. Another day another dollar! Got out for a 2hr session 5.30pm. Start finish up at 7.30pm Once again I forgot my scissor, I had a 2m trace on my exisiting line. So. It last me a little While. A few fish shallow the hook so. I had to cut a little Of with a oyster shell, then hook up again. Got plenty of hook but no scissor 🤣, there were 2 time I notice the line were wore a little. But to lazy to. Cut a bit off, so I just keep casting! I got a feeling its gonna get cut if I landed something big. Well it happened twice. 🤪 But anyway. I still managed 6 fish in the 2hr. So can't complaint.
  10. Guess we very similar 😁 but in Terms of boat. The fishing area you mention shouldnt really require a boat unless ur heading out the habour🐟
  11. Yowie Thx champ, ur the hacking king I must say. I been back once like last month. Tried the spot on the right of whallys wharf. And no luck for 1 hr. Burley hard and only 10xm snapper. Then moved to gymea bath. Packed with 20pp!! And not much action. Beside one guy who pull up a metre flatty but snap his line while force it out of the water.
  12. Shits happens 🤣 Im sure we all had this happen once or twice in our life
  13. Its been a while since I posted, I have been out but just lazy to post. Went out twice this week, Tuesday and Friday mid day session. Peoole say you dont catch much or hardly anything during these odd hrs! But I like it because thats the only time gap I get once I drop the kids off to school and had to be back to work at 2pm. So I usually get to my spot around 10.30 and finish up around 1. Tuesday was a shocker! Half Way to spot! I realise thst I didnt had shit! I lefted everything In the garage! I had my usual rod already set up. 1 hook. 1 float! 1 line! Was tempted to drive back home bu
  14. haha all good mate. i search a few spot thats good. but i dont think i'll get there without going via someone's backyard hahaha
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