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  1. papafish

    Drummer off the rocks

    nice catch were about where this caught if u you dont mind me asking. haven't been to the rocks yet
  2. papafish

    No kings but a welcome bycatch

    were u using 8lb line or 20lb lol. 8lb line would have easily snapped... correct me if im reading it wrong. Great catch! i fish around seaforth now and then but never see monster like this
  3. papafish

    Central Coast whiting

    what kind of sinker were u using^^?
  4. papafish

    Squid again

    Hi rick. i heard your style of fishing for squid were much easier then bouncing it back is that true? and to me, it looks easier lol. 1m down from the float. but how deep are the water you fishing? and do you just slowly retrieve it back when the float sinks? or you just leave it there and wait for the float to sink then retrieve? noob squider, would appreciate all advice. thanks sam
  5. papafish

    Fri bream and Another Monday FAD trip

    Great report bruce~ haven't been back to lilli pilli since my mate sold his boat lol. did you caught the blue swimmer on hand lines or trap^^?
  6. papafish

    Balmain Blackfish

    I assume you guys are using weed? For bait right? I used prawns and haven’t been getting much luck
  7. papafish

    Balmain Blackfish

    thanks burger! but black fishing require lession. i can't catch bream easy lol. but just dont know how blackie strike. do they pull the float down slowly and i need to strike fast? or should i let them sink a bit more then strike.??
  8. papafish

    Balmain Blackfish

    That’s fine. Any tips as what bait to target them? And how to burley them?
  9. papafish

    Sunday king with my daughter

    which wharf is that? if you dont mind me asking. thanks
  10. papafish

    Big shark Botany Bay

    i thought i was watching a movie lol! the damn shark can fly and do a 1080 spin!! thats a perfect 10!!
  11. papafish

    Balmain Blackfish

    ryder, was that at balmain wharf?? i usually fish at the water police and at time i can see a school of black fish feeding near the rocks... but they dont bite... what do you use for bait? and how i can attract them to feed? if possible, i would love to join you for a session. im base at Balmain also. cheers sam
  12. papafish

    Middle harbour King mushy

    can i ask why you guys use such heavy line..? no offence, my mate, always taught me to go line when possible, we can manage 70-80cm king on a 15-20lb leader, with a longer fight thats all. so correct me if im wrong,,, i have nother over 20lb in my setup lol
  13. papafish

    Fishing at Magic Point

    people use ropes to get down and up. but make sure your not alone and have your phone, just incase any unsavoury characters cut your robe
  14. papafish

    Botany Bay Tuesday

    Are Botany Bay still okay to eat? The recent news report just puts me off abit lol...
  15. papafish


    Took the family on a rod trip, 1st stop Batemans Bay. Didn’t do much there, hang out near the oyster farm for lunch and there were a school of decent bream camping. Tossed out our ? heads and they smashed. Didn’t fish, so we wanted to prawn so went and check Durras Lake! Got there at 8.30 pm not a very comfy drive with the family lol, it was all dark the road were very tight.. the mrs kinda go scare.. got there. So I got out of the car and check out the area. It was decent and shallow water, but it wasn’t fully dark, tend got a call from the mrs! Saying get ur arse back! I left the window open while she and the boy waiting inside! Rather then seeing prawns! We saw countless mosquitos!! Inside the car!!! So I know this is a No No! Drove back and chill at our cabin. 2nd stop Metung! Beautiful waterfront at the mooring. The place have also changed a lot compared to 2 years ago! The mussel were gone... 2 years ago they were everywhere, you can easily get a feed. But this year... I can’t even spot them.... the prawns were also really slow!! The whole lake were flooded with weed. Not good for prawning. So we skip it again. Went out on a boat for some crabbing. Which were productive. Every 5 minutes we were hauling in sand ?. It was fun. did manage a decent size flatty when I woke up early. Just 1 hr of fishing all up.