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  1. Sledgehammer- Peter Gabriel Hmmm still not convinced with Monkey gone to heaven. Obviously a heavenly reference with the monkey and and heavens gates. But who stands at the gates of heaven ? Peter! As in Gabriel! I agree with @berleyguts with Heaven is a place on earth. We're all just guessing and googling unless we get the official list from your friend! Very hard to see when zooming in on the picture on my tablet. Super trouper? Some others: You can do magic - America Magic - ONJ Moon rocks
  2. You spin me round Beat it Ain't no second prize Gold Hammer to fall Don't dream it's over Shock the monkey
  3. Hi Raiders, Found this guy struggling in a rockpool at Moonee Beach and was licking my lips but thought it might be an endangered species so I released him. Can anyone id this? Thanks, undy
  4. Fab1, don't forget he's pumping this fish from a kayak! It's much harder work compared to a fisherman standing upright in a boat or from a rock ledge. Think about the lack of leverage. I think he's done a bloody good job with no motor to assist him in pulling away from that rusted heap!
  5. Well done iamthecowgodmoo! Never had luck at the spit.. I hear you have to keep it quite deep there. How was the current and did you need any specific rig to keep the jigs deep?
  6. Any particular reason why they aren't they hitting the hardbodies Dave?
  7. So is your line class ultimately determined by the lowest breaking piece of line in the rig? So you could have 25kg braid mainline + 5kg pretest mono breakaway + 20kg fluorocarbon shock leader, and this would be considered 5kg line class?
  8. That's really interesting. Is it legal to double up the line eg. using a bimini twist?
  9. Hi Berleyguts, Can you explain a bit more? What do you mean by a breakaway line? Do you have braid mainline then mono them fluoro?
  10. Hi Mainframejames, What size in the fastech do you use for lures up to say 110mm? I assume slightly bigger is better than too small. Bigger would ensure enough "loop" for the lure to swim properly? Cheers, Undy
  11. Thanks for the report Abs. Good on you for going out on your own and better luck with the fishing next time.
  12. Hi Aardvarking, JonD, Thanks for the tips guys. Will definitely give these a shot. Hopefully will be worthy of a report! Cheers, Undy
  13. Hi JonD, This is a timely post as I'm also headed down for a spot of camping at Surfbeach holiday park so I may run into jonnyboy trying out the spots you've mentioned. Is it worth spinning a lure or soaking a pilly at the beach directly in front of the Surfbeach holiday park? If I bring my yak along can you point me to any spots to try in the inlet or on the ocean side? Would be fun to land one of the stonker bream from your $10 rod challenge. Or maybe get a feed of squid and chase a king in the inlet. Any of your local knowledge would be appreciated! Cheers, undy
  14. Great report drc. I hate loading up that heavy kayak! You seem to have a good solution. What sort of loader you are using?
  15. Are you saying split ring means loop knot is not required
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