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  1. frenzyfol


    Keep netting the estuaries, keep netting the schools. Go to the fish market and have a look
  2. frenzyfol

    Shovelnose Sharks - Good Eating?

    Yes you can eat them. They can be hard to skin. They taste OK, I batter them.
  3. frenzyfol

    Centerpin / braid problem

    I'd never heard of floating mono.. Any recommendations?
  4. frenzyfol

    Centerpin / braid problem

    Hi everyone, I've been using this old baker-lite centerpin reel with some old braid I had lying around for blackfishing. If I free spin the reel with no tension on the line, letting line out, it should start bellying between the first guide and the reel. Unfortunately this is not the case, often the braid will catch itself and start pulling in line in the opposite direction over the top of the reel. My question is: Do I just suck at this, or is it time to invest in some better braid? If so, what type is less likely to catch like that? Thanks, Adam
  5. frenzyfol

    Blue movie

    I'd like to see a sustainability rating for fish in the supermarket / fish shops.. In the mean time there's a good app "sustainable seafood guide" that helps me make seafood decisions
  6. frenzyfol

    Carbonfibre + Fibreglass, or alternative

    Great info. Thanks guys
  7. Thanks. After two weeks of lack lustre fishing I caught 15 luderick today (4 keepers). Seems like I was just having a dry spell, maybe the wife cursed me. I've fished off the rocks (not Kurnell) extensively. I'll be sure to take care if I can manage to convince one of my mates to come along.
  8. Hey guys, After snapping a 12foot 12-20kg line class graphite beach/rock rod on a 56cm drummer (I landed him ). I'm now less enamoured with carbonfibre rods than I was when I first felt how light it was. It was a bad landing and I may of "bruised" the rod against a rock previously. Regardless, I'm almost certain that fibreglass would of withstood the poor form. I'm wondering if there's a type of rod that combines the advantages of both the lighter carbon fibre and strength/resistance of fibreglass. If the base of a rod was made of predominantly carbon fibre and the tip fibreglass you would get a nice trade off between weight and resilience. Do such rods exist? Or is there some other tech that would suite these conditions.
  9. Hi guys. I've been fishing for blackfish in the the Georges for the first time this year (from around May) with some success. I've noticed recently a decrease in the number of fish I'm getting. Is this normal? I've heard that blackfish venture into estuaries during winter and then back out as summer approaches. Also, in the last few weeks the Georges is FULL of small transparent and large pink jelly fish, does this have any effect on fishing, apart from dragging my float around when one hits the line. Where do the blackfish go? Should I start driving out to Kernell to fish off the rocks during spring/summer? I was also thinking of driving out into botany bay to try my luck for blackies from some of the rock breakwalls, but I don't know the area. With regards to the Georges, should I start targeting a different species? I've heard Jewfish regularly travel in estuaries during early summer. Note: I'm always land based.. And mostly around CattleDuffers/Lambeth park Thanks in advance. Adam
  10. frenzyfol

    12 foot overhead rod for abu 6500, suggestions?

    Just out of curiosity what do you do if you get buried by a Jew. My tactics are to stop it as soon as I can and don't let it run, but sometimes they manages to find a hole. Have you ever got one out of a hole? I've let the spool run once but it never came out. Ill take a look at that blank.. Thanks.
  11. frenzyfol

    12 foot overhead rod for abu 6500, suggestions?

    I have a Penn prevail for when I'm targeting larger fish, its a great rod but way to heavy duty for the lighter species. Fishing for bream and tailor with the prevail is like using a broom stick, I prefer a slower action or you risk ripping the hooks out of the fish. Cast weights are going to be minimal. The most I would cast with this is a size 3 bean + 4 gang + pilchard. But typically I fish with single hook and a size 1-2 sinker. The length is an important factor. I often fish in rough conditions, from cliffs, and ledges where you need to get the fish up as early as possible because you are dragging it over rocks and cunjevoi. I also target drummer on low platforms and I prefer to be an extra step or two away from the wash if possible. I typically run a thinner 30lb or regular 25lb just for the abrasion resistance. I've lost more than a few fish, and sent baits flying of to New Zealand due to nicks in my line that I didn't pay attention to. I've been thinking of using 30lb backing braid via an FG knot just in case I hook up to something that tries to spool me. But to be honest 90% of the fish that are too big to stop with the 6500, break me off by going around a corner or down into a cave, in such cases line length isn't an issue. Cast distance has never been a factor, I get most of my fish in close. If I want distance Ill swap to my spin rod or my Prevail.
  12. frenzyfol

    12 foot overhead rod for abu 6500, suggestions?

    Thanks.. I've been doing some research on the side, including ringing around. This seems to be the only option out there.
  13. Hi guys, I'm looking to replace my absolutely battered fibreglass 12 foot overhead rod with something newer (lighter) and technologically updated. It needs to be at least 12 foot (3.6m) as I exclusively from the rocks, and often in rough conditions. I mostly catch Bream, Tailor, Drummer but occasionally hook up to Jewfish and kings. This rod is strictly for bait fishing in combination with my abu 6500 overhead reel which is usually spooled with 25lb to 30lb mono, I'm thinking something in the 10kg line class, carbon fibre (or whatever they use these days). Cost is not a huge factor. Suggestions?
  14. frenzyfol

    What will you miss from FR the most?

    So where is everyone going to go? Can I come?
  15. frenzyfol

    Would this be river weed?

    Hi everyone, long time lurker. Found in the Georges within mangroves, growing on sand. Would this be river weed? Suitable for blackfish? I know what cabbage and green weed look like, but I've heard of a third more elusive river weed. It's very thin. Diameter would be sub 1 mm. Growing on sand in a tidal zone (covered during big highs) I hope you can zoom in enough to see it.