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  1. My last trip up to Gladstone barra fishing, it was a tuff one. Out of desperation I dropped leader down from 80 to 30lb and the first bit me off on the strike, second wore through the flurocarbon leader before I could land it. These fish were in the 90cm bracket, so they weren't big fish by any means..... 50lb I find as a good balance but usually only fish 80lb as I want to land a new PB. We only fish very short leaders around 40-50cm long. The knot never goes through the guides as casting bulky knots causes line fatigue and will break off sooner or later no matter what knot you use. (Im an
  2. 3000 daiwa size or 4000 shimano sized reel, 30lb braid, 50-80lb leaders. FLT Transam 95mm 19gm brung in by Jackall bros. Squidge slick rigs in the big size. 4.8" Keitech's impact fat shad's. Rigged weedless for snags or weighted for deep current areas.
  3. Nah no jews. Had a few squid each in the well from over the other side of the harbour. Ours were on pink or orange Yamishita's in 2.5's over shallow kelp beds. A few flatties each was about it fo us. G
  4. NIce one Dan Good seeing you the other day, boats looking good dude!
  5. Yeah baby, Nomad first week of October to fish Bligh Reef. It will be Jeremy's first father son fishing trip, can't wait to see the little bugger stretched to the limit!

    1. brendong


      Gee's mate...might wants to strap him in when conected to a GT!!!

  6. GregL


    Careel Bay flats in Pittwater. If you can't catch em there your doing it wrong! Fish just inside of the moored boats on the edge of the weed beds. You can see hundreds of the buggers every drift while squidding. Oh make sure you have a squid jig rigged. Best squidding bay in Pitty as well:thumbup:
  7. Best thing to do is fridge it over night, dont freeze fish to be used as sashimi. The best bit is the bottom half of the fillet. From the king bones down usually has the highest fat content. The belly flaps are the best bit for sashimi! A good bit of bluefin belly flap sells for over $100/kg where the normal bluefin sashimi is $60/kg. Bonito are the most under rated sashimi and one of my favorites!
  8. I use the plait for my doubles in mono. Way less prone to line burn in the knot process and personally think easier to tie. Braid, I never use doubles. I think they weaken the braid so I just use an FG straight to leader. Personally If I had that burn in my double I would retie it. It couldn't be anywhere near original breaking strain of the line.
  9. No enough lube? Hate the burn, spit on it, it helps....
  10. Lol I first started with a Tokara and the GT79R as well! Perfect 2 to take away! I only moved on my Smiths a couple of weeks ago, haven't found a perfect replacment yet.... At the moment I'm using a Fisherman GT Game rated for 130lb and casts upto 220gm. I'm off to WA at the end of the month, can't wait for some GT action!
  11. Here is a sounder pic of Hairtails. The one under the 12.8 is eating my soft plastic that I had dangling over the side.
  12. NIce! Man I have bought a Ripple for a gift for someone, oneday I hope I get one in return! So what did you get? I have a few ripple blanks on order at the moment. Getting my son one for a Nomad trip Im organising for later in the year. Love my Ultimo's and my GT79R Greg
  13. My first Jewfish on plastics would have been my best. 6lb braid and alb leader fishing for bream in the lane cove river. NOt sure how big??
  14. Yeah Adam structure is the problem. We even start the petrol motor to chase or pull fish away from the tight structure on big fish and still get done over. Im just over loosing these fish and always left wondering just how big they are! It's almost time when the Jews move into the area we target so fingers crossed this winter I get a horse out of there. So far my 18 keg fish is the best we have landed out of the Hawkesbury but a month or so ago we found another nice area that shows massive promise. We even got done over on 50lb to the bottom! Greg
  15. Man I must be doing something wrong, I fish a heavy rod compared to all the other replys. I use a miller beast buster, 30lb braid, 50lb leader on a branzino 3000 reel and I still get smoked every now and then! I fish the hawkesbury and thats the mIn I will throw there. In the harbour I fish a Daiwa chilidog Stella 3000 with 11lb braid 20-30lb leader. Jews aren't leader shy! My 2 go to lures the tranny and the keitech paddle tails on either 5/8th 5/0 - 1oz 7/0s. The bites are a little tap, very bream like so strike as hard as you can on everything. I strike that hard I move the boat and m
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