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  1. Nickolas

    Newest Plastic Convertee

    great result mate!
  2. Nickolas

    Surprise Catch

    Would have been fun pulling him in
  3. Nickolas

    Good squid

    Nice squid would have been good for a jewie!
  4. Nickolas

    Sydney Blue Monday 9th

    Awesome fish fellas! Cant wait to get out there one day and experience a marlin, especially a blue
  5. Nickolas

    Sydney harbour kingfish 31/1/14

    Bragging to your mates that your fingers smell fishy...
  6. Nickolas

    Sydney harbour kingfish 31/1/14

    I was going for squid at the rose bay wharf but it was very slow as it was rising just after high tide but i caught a cuttlefish and threw it out with a taylor, it didnt live long had it out till it turned white and brought it in and started popping, and i have read it somewhere that they preferred cuttlefish? the bloke about 100m away from me caught a 60cm king I was just lost for words i didn't understand what I was doing wrong
  7. Nickolas

    Sydney harbour kingfish 31/1/14

    And having just read Mike2153's post now i know what i was doing wrong...didnt shoot the poppers at the marker (was throwing them toward shark island) and had the boat new to the kingy side of fishing only been at it for a week I just dont want to lag years before landing one like my Mulloway episodes LOL!
  8. Nickolas

    Sydney harbour kingfish 31/1/14

    Awesome mate! I was in Rose Bay area fished up next to shark island trying to land my first kingy but had no luck throwing out livies and poppers! Been chasing them 3 times in the last week Im just having a sh** fight trying to grab one!!!
  9. Nickolas

    Rainy morning on Pittwater

    Will do Arron! Just waiting to get a fish finder for my uncles boat, gotta be able to find live bait...
  10. Nickolas

    The fish of a lifetime!

    How good is that! Bet she's planning a Marlin charter after all that fun!
  11. Nickolas

    Unregistered Boat

    Looking at picking up a boat, its unregistered and doesnt have papers it was a project that is unfinished is it possible to register once restored?? Cheers, Nick.
  12. Nickolas

    Rainy morning on Pittwater

    Hope to head out that way in the next week targetting kings in pittwater and jews in the patonga region!
  13. Nickolas

    Botany bay 24-1-15

    Went on sunday morning was pretty good!
  14. Nickolas

    Marlin Sunday 25/1/15

    Great work guys!