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  1. Hi All, Heading down south to Batemans Bay, Bermagui and Eden in a few weeks and will be packing a couple of rods for my beloved Blackfishing. My homebase is Sydney and cleats are the go on our sandstone ledges. I'm hoping for advise on the best footware for down south . . . Will my volleys & cleats suit? Would neoprene booties with steel pins in the treads be better? I have those as well . . Or are plain volleys the go? cheers stu.
  2. mmmmmmm Yamba . . . . Enjoy Ryder!
  3. So the missus outgunned you 4 - 1 ? Excellent! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ‘
  4. Wondering if there are any experienced Rock Fishers among those involved with the meeting . . . If it saves a life it will have done some good. Randwick Council ran a bunch of Rockishing education sessions funded by the State Govt (I believe) and had Alex Bellisimo and from memory a rep from RFA (Malcolm Poole?) do presentations. Was worth attending.
  5. Last year we had a huge seal swim past while we were fishing near Woolwich. It was over 6’ long.
  6. Lots of our childhood was spent at my grandmothers at Fairlight and swimming/bodysurfing at Manly. Learnt at a fairly young age how to swim and be in the ocean. Agree that parents lead the way with learning ocean safety. My sons both have some surf knowledge, though not as much as I got taught.
  7. So did I Killer, so did I πŸ™‚ Where's the *shakes head in astonishment* icon . . . There was a kid in the surf at Coogee yesterday in something similar to one of those things . . . I was thinking to myself, I hope that kid can swim. Cos he'd have had the shock of his life if he was dumped out of the inflatable 'life ring' . . . . before his dad gets to him and finds him.
  8. Wow, just wow . . . I have no words. Lucky family right there.
  9. In my opinion 10 mins is a bare minimum to watch a ledge, especially one you’ve never fished before. You need long enough to see the pattern of swells coming through and as others said, how they react to coming over a ledge. My starting point is a question, is the ledge wet? If so, wait long enough to see why! The swell that came over the ledge in the footage seemed significant and the wet ledge told me it wasn’t the first wave to go over it. Also remember that as the tide changes, so will the amount of water coming over a ledge even if the swell stays the same. Which it mi
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