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  1. Burger

    A few snaps

    Great photos, as always JonD!
  2. Burger

    The Entrance mixed bag

    Good onya for taking out your mum!
  3. Burger

    Brisbane Water Luderick

    Great read Geoff
  4. Burger

    Winter Blackfish

    Nice work Ryder. Glad recovery from hernia's are progressing sufficiently to allow fishing!
  5. Burger

    Hawkesbury River Blackfish

    Your catch will be much improved with burley, so you'll probably still need weed
  6. Burger

    Hawkesbury River Blackfish

    Blackfish are definitely a year round prospect! Often people only fish for them in winter as a lot of other fish shut down somewhat in the colder weather.
  7. Burger

    Winter Wetsuit

    Thanks for that Jon. A mate bought some 'fleece' kayaking pants to try. I might wait out my decision and see how he goes . . .
  8. Burger

    Winter Wetsuit

    Thanks for all the feedback guys, much appreciated! 🤗
  9. Burger

    Winter Wetsuit

    Cheers for the advice GH!
  10. Burger

    Winter Wetsuit

    ta dirvin!
  11. Burger

    Winter Wetsuit

    Keep warm is the main criteria, thanks Noel
  12. Burger

    Winter Wetsuit

    Hi guys, I'm looking at getting a wetsuit for my Sydney Winter rockfishing and wondering if anyone can give me some recommendations... Would a 'springsuit' do the job? Should I get a 3, 4 or 5 mm? Should I get (just) pants, a farmer John or full suit? Not looking to spend a fortune, however would appreciate advice from anyone currently using a wetty. cheers, stu.
  13. Burger

    watsons bay blackfish

    Nice work Oli
  14. Burger

    Storm last night

    If lightning strike is immediately followed by thunder, sounds like storm cell was right on top of you!😱
  15. Burger

    Three hour bagout at Plan C location.

    Good to see multiple plans pay off! 😊