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  1. Makes me wonder if this would work for Luderick fishing . . . . .
  2. and the report that recommendation is based on is over 10 years old . . .
  3. Remember that if rockfishing in Randwick LGA you must wear an appropirate lifejacket or risk a $100 fine. ALWAYS wear appropriate clothing and cleats or equivalent.
  4. I think the medium's are what I started my missus on before I let her use the 'good' floats my dad made. Pretty sure she outfished me that day . . . . like waza said, just weight em right.
  5. Jamo, you can always 'plumb' the depth. Add an extra sinker eg barrel to your line using an o ring. This will cause your float to sink completely and show you the depth, then move your float up a 2-3 feet and it's a good depth to start. Remember to try different depths as well. cheers, stu.
  6. Burger

    Burrill lake

    Congrats on the Blackie PB!
  7. I have my floats pre balanced to a barrel sinker, only need 1 split shot if at all.
  8. Two at 48.? Holy Moly!!! 👍👍
  9. North Haven/Dunbogan is a great part of the world! Did you see anyone fishing for Blackfish?
  10. Burger

    A few snaps

    Great photos, as always JonD!
  11. Good onya for taking out your mum!