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  1. Burger

    Harbour Blackfish

    Nice haul Howsey, there's a few nice fat fish there!!
  2. Burger

    Big flatties

    Coupla great flatties lads! Top sunrise shot as well. cheers, stu.
  3. Burger

    South West Rocks family holiday

    Looks like a great spot Ashley! Nice read and well done on helping out the other dad!!
  4. Burger

    Swansea Blackfish

    Nice way to spend a quick hour!
  5. Burger

    3peat jews on the Cooks

    Good looking bunch of fish there!! Sounds (and looks) like you had a GREAT day out.
  6. Burger

    Watch fishing on TV or rug up and have ago.

    Good choice getting out and fishing! Nice report and catch too!!!
  7. Burger

    Goin fishin

    Father/son time on a boat called Eeyore, can't get any better than that!
  8. Burger

    Iron Cove 20/06/15

    Nice report and fish adamski!
  9. Burger

    Late Report - Tuggerah Lakes Long Weekend

    Nice to spend some time catching fish with your folks!
  10. Burger

    Free bait?

    Best make sure you log off properly Scratchie, lol or even on the couch . . . lol
  11. Burger

    Hawkesbury River - Dangar Island

    Danger Island and Little Wobby were a couple of my dad's favourite drifts in the Hawkesbury. You just brought back a whole bunch of nice memories! Thanks seasponge!
  12. Burger

    Harbour Luderick

    Thanks Ryder, I'm just getting back into fishing and wil be keeping track. cheers, stu.
  13. Burger

    Harbour Luderick

    Went for a fish over the weekend with a mate for about 5 hrs. Tried a variety of weed/cabbage/depths, however after dropping one at the net early on the fishing was quiet for a couple of hours. It seemed to be the tide and drift turning which got them started. All in all ended up with 8 between us, all between 30-38cm's and a nice day out in the sun fishing with a mate. cheers, stu.
  14. Burger

    Middle Harbour Luderick

    Nice haul Andy! Interesting mix of colours as Witha said.
  15. Burger

    Offshore kingfish mayhem

    Cracker outing boys!
  16. Burger

    How close is TOO CLOSE ?

    Unfortunately, like Bessel said commonsense isn't all that common any more . . . At the same time there's been a large increase in 'I don't give a fck about you' attitude. Well done on demonstrating 'civil' behaviour for your son. cheers, stu.
  17. Burger

    My first kingy!

    Greate work Ben! and nice write up too!!!!
  18. Burger

    Action packed weekend

    Some good fishing there! Well done!!
  19. Burger

    Sydney Saturday 30/5/15

    Sounds like a good days fishing. cheers, stu.
  20. Burger

    massive cooks luderick

    roflLooks like a few good miles on that reel HB! cheers, stu.
  21. Burger

    Sydney Sunday 24/5

    Nice looking bunch of fish boys!
  22. Burger

    great start too the morning.

    As others have said, glad that neither you nor anyone else was hurt! How did you go with the mgr today? stu.
  23. I'm looking at taking my two sons (10 & 14) up the Mid north coast for a week in the upcoming June/July school holidays with the plan being an introductory fishing holiday for them staying not tooo much of a drive north from Sydney. I am thinking Port Macquarie area and am after any recommendations for easy fishing, kid friendly caravan parks with some access to alternate activities. We haven't done much fishing together and I'm looking at mainly land based for bream, flathead and my personal favourite luderick. Might also hire a tinny for variety. Being their 'first time' I am thinking easier is better and am considering The Breakwall or Jordans at Port Macq or perhaps North Haven/Laurieton. I like the idea of The Breakwall with the fishing being 'right there'. Any thoughts, experiences or ideas will be most appreciated! cheers, stu.
  24. Thanks for the suggestions guys, we have been to shoal bay before so think we'll give Forster a go. Appreciate you all taking the time to reply. cheers, stu.
  25. Burger

    past two days blackfishing

    Couple of good outings hb!