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  1. Burger

    Sydney Harbour Fish Toxcins

    Interesting that the 'testing of Seafood' link points to the reults from 10 years ago.
  2. Burger

    Anzac Blackfish

    Nice to get a few on a beautiful day! Well done Underfisher.
  3. Burger

    Broken Bay and Hawkesbury overnighter

    Some awesome photos Meg and a 40cm blue nose would have topped off a couple of beaut days with a mate!
  4. Burger

    Easter Sunday Blackfish

    Had a morning out blackfishing with my mate fluffy and another mate John at Dawn Fraser pool. What a beautiful morning! The fish were very finicky, often just sitting on it not giving a proper down or stealing our bait. Fluffy got one where his float just went sideways and another were it was turning like a ballerina! John and I both got cut off by something that went like a train, so thinking maybe surgeons. Fluffy and I also each got taken to ground. One of my fish had a deformed gill plate, which looked kinda wierd. All in all a great day out with good mates, plenty of banter, fabulous weather and a few fish. Who could ask for more!
  5. Burger

    Easter Sunday Blackfish

    Thanks Steve, it was a really nice morning!
  6. Burger

    Easter Sunday Blackfish

    DeanMB, don't they look weird . . LA, 2 pretty rich buckets.
  7. Burger

    Easter Sunday Blackfish

    Thanks guys, it was fun!
  8. Burger

    Lower habour luderick - flying solo

    Nice mornings fishing Royce!
  9. Burger

    Port kembla Easter blackfish session

    Bloody keen going for a swim to get bait elf! Good to get a couple for the effort! I once had a pack of 4 kingpins follow my weed to just off a wall at Hunters Hill, initially I was hoping they'd hit it . . . . Then I thought hmmmm maybe not on blackie gear. Hooked a salmon once too in similar area. Think string weed must look like a small baitfish . . . . stu.
  10. Burger

    Ups and downs at Pyrmont

    A nice outing result on a pretty nice day for it !
  11. Burger

    Crabs and blackfish

    Doing well getting a few in water that clear! Would have liked to be a fly on the wall with the mad muddy loose in the boat!!! cheers, stu.
  12. Burger

    Wollongong Blackfish bag out plus flounder

    Good luck elf!
  13. Burger

    South Coast Luderick

    Nice report DLo! sounds like you had a great trip !
  14. Burger

    Pyrmont Luderick

    Feels good to get back into it after a 40year break doesn't it!
  15. Burger

    Blackfish off the stones, a top morning!

    Nice lot of fish guys!
  16. Burger

    Blackfish with 5 Stents

    Glad to hear you're on the mend, stapo. Not a bad way to spend some recovery time! cheers, stu.
  17. Burger

    Wollongong blackfish session

    Nice to work out the weed and get a few!
  18. Burger

    Frustrating - Blackfish Brains Trust HELP!

    If you waited so long that float was coming back up, it's probably long enough. I'm with Ryder on the small fish. I haven't caught or seen any 'Happy Moments' caught so can't comment on them. Though apparantly they are not much fun if they spike you.
  19. Burger

    Eastern Suburbs blackie sesh

    Baggin out in 1 1/2 hrs is a pretty nice arvo sess! As Ryder said, some good size blackies in there!
  20. Burger

    Frustrating - Blackfish Brains Trust HELP!

    How long did you wait on the 'good downs' ??? Sounds like you were doing everything pretty much right . . . Had a slow patch last year that went for about 6 weeks . . . at least you were getting downs to keep you interested! btw, I am by no means a guru . . . cheers, stu.
  21. Burger

    Old Mans Hat....NOT!!

    and better than working!
  22. Burger

    Craziest catch

    Mum caught a seagull years ago . . . it pounced on a lightly weighted prawn. They both got a bloody shock.
  23. Burger

    2 Days Blackfishing

    Great report OzzyBass! Do you use the forceps on your jacket for a hook disgorger? what a great idea!!! I find the string weed can be slimy when it's from fresh water, which I guesss it would be from a cliff seep . . . stu.
  24. Burger

    Bass fishing Blackfisho

    Welcome Ozzy! Not as many posts recently as there used to be, on my part that is due to family commitments getting in the way of fishing somewhat. However it's also due in part to a lack of success when I have dropped a float in the water! cheers, stu.
  25. Burger

    Bagged out at Peacock Pt

    I'll bet anything over 40cm's is exciting on a 2 wrap rod . . .