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  1. Burger

    Patonga, NSW

    Biggest flattie I ever caught was at the mouth of the creek, cast a mullet strip into the creek and let it float down with the flow . . .
  2. Burger

    Johns' Jetty 28/12/16

    Nice to have a quiet spot for a fish! Frustrating when your stopper moves . . . Some nice looking fish too!
  3. A nice way to kick off Boxing Day, with some good fishing!
  4. Burger

    Sharks in the Harbour

    And don't forget the Navy clearance diver who was attacked by a bull shark at Wolloomooloo a couple of years ago, losing a leg.
  5. Burger

    Sharks in the Harbour

    I remember back in the 70's, sharks used to bite the sculls of private school boys rowing on the Lane Cove river.
  6. Burger

    Blackfish/Rockfishing reel

    They are reels with a spindle (pin) through the centre of the reel! Google up Alvey blackfish reels and they will come up, I think LA is referring to the 475AE model. Have a look at Blackfish Anglers post, he has one of the Alvey models in his photo's I think one or more of the models can be turned sideways for easier casting, though apparantly that leads to line twist after a while.
  7. Burger

    Blackfish/Rockfishing reel

    What LA said . . I prefer a centrepin for rock fishing, I believe it is much easier to keep contact with your float in the surge. They are dead easy to cast, hardly took me any practice to get the basic hang of it. Just stop the reel spinning when the float hits the water!
  8. Burger

    Just went to try my new Blackfish Rod and Reel

    Getting a decent fish when not really trying is a pretty good way to test out a new setup! Shame you didn't have your mat to measure up a probable PB . . . .
  9. Burger

    Sydney Harbour DPI dietary advice

    Well, Table 1 in that report makes interesting reading . . . From a statistical anaylsis point of view they are some pretty small sample sizes and no std deviation results are listed. A sample size of 33 prawns?? and 7 flathead? Any statisticain worth his salt would laugh at figures like that! No details about where the fish were taken from that I could see either. Intererstingly, the fish showing higher figures like Sea Mullet, Silver Biddie and yellowtail scad I would imagine are eaten far less than say flathead or bream. That would skew the figure upwards. Not saying I would be disregarding the figures and be scoffing Seafood from west of the bridge, however in my opinion those analysis results are pretty damn bare.
  10. Burger

    PB luderick

    Well done on a PB!
  11. Burger

    Sydney ocean rocks blackfish spots?

    Used to fish Fairy Bower 30 years ago . . . . was a nice spot with a great drift!
  12. Burger

    Sydney ocean rocks blackfish spots?

    cheeky bugger!
  13. Burger

    Quick 3 hour fish.

    Nice start to the work Chrissy party!
  14. I can see this creating a false sense of security with inexperienced rock fishermen resulting in ppl fishing in dodgy conditions and ending up in the drink.
  15. Burger

    A few Blackfish from today 30/10/2016

    Pretty sure the DPI has a recommended amount to limit eating of fish taken west of the bridge. I wonder about the difference in Dioxin levels of fish that eat bottom dwelling/feeding crustaceans compared to primarily vegetarians like blackfish.
  16. Burger

    Blackie fishos - good net?

    Mine's a Wilson with a couple of hole drilled in it to go onto an extendable paint roller pole. Good for about 16' I think.
  17. Burger

    Only the one from today

    If fishing feels like work, you aren't doing it right!
  18. Burger

    Flathead at Bribie

    Welcome Yuna, Well done showing Mike how to catch a nice fish! ;-)
  19. Burger

    New weed put to the test

    Nice fish Ryder!!!
  20. I wonder how long it takes for a word with negative connotations in one area to be an acceptable nickname for a fish . . . 50years? 100 years? My dad used it, I use it, my kids don't cos they aren't really into fishing yet. I'm not even sure my 11yo knows the negative meaning of the word. I might have to check with him ont he weekend. I believe it is all about context and as stormy said, common sense. Unfortunately common sense isn't all that common any more.
  21. Burger

    First time luderick

    Well done Snapper81! yup, you'll be addicted like a bunch of us on here . . . . The Lord is right about cleaning the fish before you leave, best to remove the black lining from the gut cavity as well. Stay safe on the rocks!
  22. Burger

    Eastern Suburbs Luderick

    As usual you and trev got some good lookin fish! Hi chriseels2010, When these guys fish off the rocks they ALWAYS wear cleats and have safety gear. They also have been fishing the rocks for probably 30years and with that experience fish spots I wouldn't even consider.
  23. Burger

    More South Coast Blackfish

    Nice bag o fish GH! Not bad getting 3 before you started where you wanted to fish!