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  1. Good that you caught up with the boys Ryder. Banter is always a highlight with them 😉😀
  2. Sounds like you had a great day Killer! Love your cutting board 🙂
  3. Burger

    Bushfire Song

    Great work BG.
  4. Burger

    dogbox is back

    Fishing definitely helped recovery from my illness!
  5. Makes me wonder if this would work for Luderick fishing . . . . .
  6. and the report that recommendation is based on is over 10 years old . . .
  7. Remember that if rockfishing in Randwick LGA you must wear an appropirate lifejacket or risk a $100 fine. ALWAYS wear appropriate clothing and cleats or equivalent.
  8. I think the medium's are what I started my missus on before I let her use the 'good' floats my dad made. Pretty sure she outfished me that day . . . . like waza said, just weight em right.
  9. Jamo, you can always 'plumb' the depth. Add an extra sinker eg barrel to your line using an o ring. This will cause your float to sink completely and show you the depth, then move your float up a 2-3 feet and it's a good depth to start. Remember to try different depths as well. cheers, stu.
  10. Burger

    Burrill lake

    Congrats on the Blackie PB!
  11. I have my floats pre balanced to a barrel sinker, only need 1 split shot if at all.
  12. North Haven/Dunbogan is a great part of the world! Did you see anyone fishing for Blackfish?
  13. Burger

    A few snaps

    Great photos, as always JonD!
  14. Good onya for taking out your mum!
  15. Nice work Ryder. Glad recovery from hernia's are progressing sufficiently to allow fishing!
  16. Your catch will be much improved with burley, so you'll probably still need weed
  17. Blackfish are definitely a year round prospect! Often people only fish for them in winter as a lot of other fish shut down somewhat in the colder weather.
  18. Burger

    Winter Wetsuit

    Thanks for that Jon. A mate bought some 'fleece' kayaking pants to try. I might wait out my decision and see how he goes . . .