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  1. Burger

    Harbour Blackfish

    Sounds like you had a great morning! What was the problem with the floats???
  2. Burger

    Morning glory

    Great shots JonD! awesome colours.
  3. Burger

    Mowie off the rocks

    Not bad liking your own post
  4. Burger

    Bradleys Head to Chowder Head

    Great post waza! The Wonder-wobbler reference sure brings back memories.
  5. Burger

    Spit bridge black fish

    Great post waza!
  6. Burger

    Solid tailor

    That's a monster on 4lb and sml soft plastic! Not at all surprised she was jumping around!
  7. Burger

    Daughter no.2 caught 1 too

    Great shots JonD, lots of talent in your family!
  8. Burger

    The last few bass

    What he said!
  9. Burger

    A few from Sunday

    Amazing shots JonD, as always ??????
  10. Hi All, After some advice on what people use for shoes/boots for rockfishing away from Sydney Sandstone . . . I have my good old Dunlop Volleys with cleats for around here, however am lead to believe that up the coast on different types of rock these are actually a disadvantage. Taking a road trip up the coast shortly as far as Yamba, so looking to get some of the right gear. cheers, stu.
  11. Burger

    Rockfishing shoes for North of Sydney

    Thanks for the replies guys! Appreciate the info. cheers, stu.
  12. Burger


    Pretty sure there was a thread about growing your own. Have you done a search?
  13. Burger

    Balmain Blackfish

    Yes, weed is definitely the preferred bait.
  14. Burger

    Balmain Blackfish

    Papa, it's never the same from one day to the next. All part of the challenge! If the 'down' is slow, wait 3 or more seconds. Could need up to 10 secs (or more). If the float rockets down, tighten up straight away. Blackies have a soft mouth, so a big strike is not necessary as you can pull the hook. Hope this helps.
  15. Burger

    Balmain Blackfish

    papafish, everything you could ever wish to know is here . . . http://www.fishraider.com.au/Invision/topic/23679-best-ever-tips-for-blackie-fishing/
  16. Burger

    bloody weather

    Nice! I like her creativity!!
  17. Burger

    Not what we planned for

    Awesome work JonD and Georgia . . . . as always!
  18. Burger

    Wollongong Blackfish PB and tragedy

    Sounds like a good arvo session with the young fella, shame about your beloved Wilson.
  19. Burger

    Balmain Blackfish

    Good effort Ryder, shows he importance of adjusting depth through a session.
  20. Burger

    More dinosaurs

    Great shots as usual from your daughter! Not sure I'd be getting that close to a red belly though
  21. Burger

    Seagul down the hatch

    They sure have an eye for a good photo! Awesome as always Jon.
  22. Burger

    Big bass

    The smile say it all!
  23. Burger

    Silly fishing

    I was wondering what that koala was doing up a pine tree! damn sneaky them fisheries fellas!
  24. Burger

    Lake paddle

    Love your family's photography!
  25. The below is from NSW DPI - Recreational Fisheries newsletter Review Planned for Rock Fishing Lifejacket Trial Fines for rock fishers not wearing a lifejacket in the Randwick Local Government Area will now commence from 31 May 2018. The moratorium has been extended by the NSW Government to allow an independent assessment of the implementation of the Rock Fishing Safety Act 2016 (RFSA) to be undertaken. The NSW Government has commissioned an independent evaluation to review the data and feedback collected over the past 12 months in Randwick, and will include a multi-lingual survey of rock fishers in the community. The community can also make a submission to the evaluation. The past 12 months has allowed Randwick City Council and other agencies involved in the RFSA to trial a range of community engagement strategies, and to develop standard operating procedures and training materials. The evaluation will provide a basis for the Government to consider the potential further roll out of the RFSA to other NSW coastal communities and how that could best be implemented. During the extended moratorium the NSW Government will continue to promote safe rock fishing through additional rock fishing workshops, multi-lingual educational material, rock fishing safety campaigns and water safety messaging. Over summer, the NSW Government is rolling out new water safety advertising and the Old4New van will continue to visit popular rock fishing areas to offer discounted lifejackets. New pamphlets and stickers promoting safe rock fishing are also being designed and will be made available at various retailers including bait shops and petrol stations. The community has the opportunity to contribute to the evaluation on the RFSA via the Government’s "have your say" website: https://goo.gl/idyXdg Wearing a lifejacket and following simple water safety advice can help save your life. If you're rock fishing anywhere in NSW over the summer season be safe and wear a lifejacket. For more information, visit https://watersafety.nsw.gov.au