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  1. Rock&Beach

    Nice reddies off cronulla

    Great report mate and they are some good pannies to eat. I am sure they made some great meals. Cheers R&B
  2. Rock&Beach

    Bream fishing - ourimbah creek

    Awesome report mate well done. You and your mate are certainly learning the finest arts of bream fishing. Cheers R&B
  3. Rock&Beach

    Best session of the stones eva

    Thanks LuckyFil it was a great session. So a coconut rig is pretty simple, the main line onto a swivel then a weighted float on a section of leader about 3-400mm long, and then a ball sinker. The short piece of leader then goes onto another swivel, then another piece of leader about 2M long attached to a 3/0beak hook. You then put one of those small plastic squid jigs over the hook. The idea is the float acts as a struggling squid so you jerk it through the water slowly causing water to spray up. Hope that this helps
  4. Rock&Beach

    Best session of the stones eva

    Hey Raiders so has been a while since i have been able to get out but today was the day. It was also my last chance for a few months to have a good rock session so just had to go. So set the alarm for 4am and after a couple long weeks just kept hitting snooze. Finally crawled out of bed around 4.30 and straight into the car. I had packed everything the night before. Arrived at the spot around 6 and was fishing straight away. Had pre rigged everything and was using garfish and pilles so was nice and easy. Had a couple early hits while still dark and they turned out to be tailor. As the sun started to rise one of the other guys fishing started to get a few hits from bonito. I changed to metals and landed one nice bonito but the hits were sparse at best. I decided to try a coconut rig for the first time and then things went mental. For nearly an hour i was landing a fish for every 2 casts. My aim for the day had been kingies so as i had a good feed i changed back to garfish as we had seen something spooking them. I had about 20 casts for nothing so went back to the coconut rig and 2nd cast landed a kingie. Was undersize so he went back. Caught another 2 small rats so they went back as well. I started to pack up as i was done and one of the other guys said that the bonnies were back so had another crack and landed another heap so gave them our to everyone else. Was such a great day with lots of fish, fresh air and meeting new fishos. Amongst all that i also caught my first Mack Tuna. Anyway will convert the catch to some nice sashimi tonight and some meals over the next couple days Tight lines R&B
  5. Rock&Beach

    Newcastle Beach fishing

    That sounds like a cracker little session. Well done.
  6. Rock&Beach

    Fishing north stradbroke island

    Fantastic report mate. That's a cracker of a boat. Weather looks very favorable. Can i ask where are you based Brisbane or further south. Did you sashimi the yellowfin. Cheers R&B
  7. Rock&Beach

    Sydney Harbour Fishing with a complete newbie

    Well done mate. Glad we have another convert to our great sport. Can you let me know next time you are doing tempura flathead do i can drop around. I will bring the sushi. Cheers R&B
  8. Rock&Beach

    Quick report Wanda beach last night

    Yes i mostly run 6kg IGFA mono when beach fishing. Considering that most fish you catch are small that is the best way to go. Even with big salmon or tailor 6kg is heaps. With 6kg i have also caught some big rays and sharks just need to take your time and use the wash. I agree that i have never had a lot of luck with squid unless close to rocks or weedy areas. Best baits are fresh fish, tailor or salmon slabs, live or dead tommy rough or yakkas. I fish one heavier line at nights just in case, normally just at the back of the breakers. This is normally 30 lb with 40lb leader. Tight lines R&B
  9. Well done mate great looking snapper. That Thai snapper must have tasted great.
  10. Rock&Beach

    Brute bream from Davidson Park

    That's a nice looking bream very fat.
  11. Rock&Beach

    Newcastle - beach fishing

    Good feedback Dave. Great advice on the lighter leader. Tight lines, R&B
  12. Rock&Beach

    Brisbane Waters Trophy Flathead

    Great lizard there. My PB is no where near that.
  13. Rock&Beach

    Newcastle beaches report

    Great report Dave.
  14. Rock&Beach

    Cairns GT Fishing!!!!

    Super size GT mate. Sounds like a great trip. Well done on the wedding and enjoy the Maldives. Cheers R&B
  15. Rock&Beach

    Late report from W.A. - part 2

    Great report Yowie. If it males you feel better i have never done much good at Coral Bay. That back beach was a great spot to snorkel with plenty of Manta Rays around to watch. Sharks too. One of the bigger ever tailor i have ever seen was pulled out of that beach as well. Plenty of space between the fishing spots though in WA. Waiting for the next report Cheers R&B