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  1. Great work right thereand a lovely feed as well. 90cm king did that become sashimi yummmmo
  2. Get the saddle out that is a horse of a snapper. Well done Scratchie
  3. Super effort, that is a cracker of a kingie in the middle harbour.
  4. Hey mate high 5 and a first pump. on the Pb 75 and the others. Great session and yes we are greatful for your post. Stay safe Stay Healthy R&B
  5. Nice catch. Never get sick of catching these guys.
  6. Awesome report Jamo and so well written. I am so jealous. I can't get near the water at the moment.
  7. Yeah good to hear. Will just keep trying off the stones for the Bonnie's.
  8. Good on you Rummers. Keep up the good work. Cheers R&B
  9. Hey mate always admire fishos that cab catch squid. Me I am a donut. Enjoy the feed and the bait
  10. Sounds like a great trip. Good run of Jewish.
  11. Hey bad luck about the Kingy, better to be smoked than nothing. Where were you fishing, as never caught Bonnies this time of year in Sydney. Took my youngest out off the beach a couple weeks ago and nailed a good bag of salmon. Try them as sashimi they are great. Cheers R&B
  12. Thanks Scratchie. I nearly got washed in trying to lift it out. In the end I stuck my hand in its mouth to get it. Not a smart decision. But I have the fish 😁
  13. Like a few others me and boats did not used to mix well so I was landed based person and mostly beach until I found the courage to fish the rocks. My favorite was my first jew off the beach in reality only small at 14kg but so much fun and seeing that big silver side in the moonlight. I will never forget. Can't find the photos of it anymore such a pity. This 82cm snapper off the rocks is my best recent considering I was fishing for bream.
  14. Simple rules for fishing pack it in then pack it out. That also means the rubbish.
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