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  1. Rock&Beach

    Cairns GT Fishing!!!!

    Super size GT mate. Sounds like a great trip. Well done on the wedding and enjoy the Maldives. Cheers R&B
  2. Rock&Beach

    Late report from W.A. - part 2

    Great report Yowie. If it males you feel better i have never done much good at Coral Bay. That back beach was a great spot to snorkel with plenty of Manta Rays around to watch. Sharks too. One of the bigger ever tailor i have ever seen was pulled out of that beach as well. Plenty of space between the fishing spots though in WA. Waiting for the next report Cheers R&B
  3. Rock&Beach

    Squid at the Spit

    That's a great looking feed there mate. Myself never had any luck with squid. Oh yeah you have to try in the first place????Cheers R&B
  4. Rock&Beach


    Great pig right there. Well done. Cheers R&B
  5. Rock&Beach

    Weipa Report

    Great report mate some fine fishing had by the look of it. That queenie is a cracker. Cheers R&B
  6. Rock&Beach

    Maroubra Beach Salmon Action

    Hey Volitan nothing wrong with the Aussie Salmon for eating. I used to think the same but now that i prep it right and cook it properly it's great. Red Emporer it isn't but good eating. Cheers R&B
  7. Rock&Beach

    Sydney Winter Sun

    Yeah sorry blaxland they are whitebait. Old habits from living in WA we used to call them glassies. I use them on long shanked hooks. Cheers R&B
  8. Rock&Beach

    Sydney Winter Sun

    As we had a weekend off AFL this weekend thought i would take the opportunity to get a quick fish in. Headed to Palm Beach with No3 son. No 2 who is my normal fishing buddy gave me the cold shoulder. Anyway the weather was great and as we caught a couple salmon and a couple dart on a dropping tide (to lazy to get up early enjoyed the sleep in). Caught most on glassies. Nothing wanted to touch the pillies. That's all for now. Great afternoon. Thanks Jake for some good father-son time. Cheers R&B
  9. Rock&Beach

    Cracka Drummer session

    That sounds like a great session you had. Well done andenjoy the feed. Cheers R&B
  10. Rock&Beach

    Solo mission

    Hey Johnno great fishing. I have 3 boys and sometimes to keep the sanity you just have to go fishing. At least now they can fish a bit. Enjoy it while you can. Cheers R&B
  11. Rock&Beach

    ideal swell height for beach fishing

    Whoops. So if the waves ate hitting directly on the beach and not a sand bar further out then just in the wash at the back of wave. If the waves are breaking on the beach they are stirring up a of food so join in the party. Cheers R&B
  12. Rock&Beach

    Squid Avoca 15/06

    Love the photo. Well done. Cheers R&B
  13. Rock&Beach

    Sydney Harbour Fishing Sesh

    Great video mate. Sensational views and the light looked awesome. Cheers R&B
  14. Rock&Beach

    North Coast Warms Up

    Great report and sounds like you had a heap of fun. Well done on the first Wahoo. That mack looks very nice. Cheers R&B
  15. Rock&Beach

    First Bonnie for the season

    Hi Raiders a quick report. Went out of the stones yesterday arvo with the plan to chase bream in the wash. Took the small spin stick just in case and was throwing 25gm lures. Cast for about hald an hour for one good size bonnie. Was good fun on the lighter line. Took a couple good runs. Zippo on the bream though. Threw everything at them just heaps of bycatch which all went back. Was great to be out there though. Very relaxing. Cheers R&B