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  1. Mojo4fishin

    Chipping Norton

    are you running a paternoster rig with a float?
  2. Mojo4fishin

    Fishing long weekend

    it maybe but I'm itching to get out and fish...
  3. Mojo4fishin

    Fishing long weekend

    anyone that can help?
  4. Mojo4fishin

    Sea sickness

    My bad thought the comments didn't post as I was having internet issues yesterday. Thank you Admin for removing the repeat comments.
  5. Mojo4fishin

    Fishing long weekend

    Hey Raiders, with the long weekend around the corner who is going out for a fish? I'm thinking of hitting the botany bay this weekend but looking at the weather it isn't so great on Saturday ( the only day I have free ) arrhhh. question is what is uncomfortable wind /swell in the bay, I'm in a 5.75 tinny with the better half and she is the one that starts to panic if it get a bit rough on the water.. thinking of drifting for flatties and or other species when anchored, seen a report that the trevally is about and about? my other option is to go to Georges river launch from river road and fish near by holes etc.. however being a long weekend I'm sure the jet ski's will be out and about hooning. any other options you suggest? cheers have a great long weekend Mojo
  6. Mojo4fishin

    Sea sickness

    I went past a chemist last night to buy some sea sickness, but as I was speaking to the pharmacist he advised me/ asked me questions on the my needs etc I asked him about Avomine ( white packet with Green ) the pharmacist advised that this was a very drowsy medication and warned me prior use. I have googled and can also see the Avomine in different packets like the below and a blue packet this make me ask question to the fellow raider who use Avomine and one which is this true? does Avomine make you really drowsy? do you still take one the night before and one the morning of the trip? my other choice is the original travacalm which I assume is this below.
  7. Mojo4fishin

    More EP's - 2 Rivers, Same Weekend (Again)

    Nice Catch!! where was this? regards Mo
  8. Mojo4fishin

    Anyone suffer from hydrohidrosis?

    this is what I use...
  9. Mojo4fishin

    Anyone suffer from hydrohidrosis?

    Hi Fab, few questions how effective is this for you? you mentioned to do it once a week. I'm just a bit concerned doing it my myself, just don't want to zap my self... hehe
  10. Mojo4fishin

    Sea sickness

    It will be different for each person and a lot of testing what works for you is required. we have tried to a lot of the off the shelf meds but they didn't work for us. I have know got a prescription from the doc's which works well but I have to take them , one the night before and on in the morning, the retake every 3 hours ( Not the every 4 hours as advised ) as if I wait the 4 hours then I'm over the side making burley. I have also tried the 1300 sick, and found this to be effective, how ever since my last batch I have been out on the boat I'm normally good in the river or the bay, but once out the heads is my issue. few other things I have seen or read about is...but I haven't tried yet some chemist in Adelaide sells a gel that is used by Paul Worstling ( Ifish ) coke or soft drink before going on the boat as this will calm the gas in the stomach and will make you burp??
  11. Mojo4fishin

    Anyone suffer from hydrohidrosis?

    Fab, I know the feeling and its the worst when you have to meet someone, and shake hands. I haven't tried the botox treatment but I do hear it needs to be a ongoing treatment. mine was really bad yesterday from the heat and I'm dreading the warmer weather coming up. I use a roll on and I find it works, but like all treatments it has it's negatives , it give me really bad dry skin and then the skin cracks on my hands and feet. interested to know about the home made machine?
  12. Mojo4fishin

    Anyone suffer from hydrohidrosis?

    Hi Fab, PM Me
  13. Mojo4fishin

    Georges River

    Hey Nwatson, We was talking (with Dave) about you yesterday and how well you went fishing in the Georges river.. I was thinking about hitting the Georges tomorrow, but not sure now.. is there crazy people on Jetski's over the weekend in the Georges river?
  14. Mojo4fishin

    boat porn

    where in Fiji? did you get any photos?
  15. Mojo4fishin

    Which Reel Pflueger/ Shimano or Abu Garcia

    have a look at the Shimano Nasci 2500 ?