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  1. Well done mate!! Great report and glad u found them- like u always do!! Your a snapper magnet!
  2. @BerleygutsI don’t think that was the lure it was some sort of Berkeley top water, bent minnow style lure probably way too big for whiting but I was thinking a flattie might go it
  3. Awesome stuff well done I know what it feels like to lose a big one but don’t know what it’s like to redeem myself the same day!! good fishing
  4. Congratulations men! well deserved, good looking fish
  5. Hi mate note the pic low tide some good sand flats for yabbies here also keep in mind a full pilchard on jimmys beach light weighted might catch you a good flattie on the run in tide might have to put up with shovel nose shark and banjo sharks as bi catch but keep waiting- you never know Im pretty sure fishing from beach is ok of jimmys beach but by boat it’s not ok might be wrong but so many were fishing from beach day and night when I was there for 3 weeks
  6. Well as we have been doing for the last 13 years. Heading to the Port Stephens area to get away from Sydney- Hawksnest side of the bay Plan was- to spend time with family- and fish when I could Weather was great- and the big NE wind showed itself in the arvos I also had a lot of extended family to take out for a fish- which was good fun Anyway, long story short spent some time in the bay- some good bream in the myall river Squid on the surface targeting whiting in the Myall river- no whiting on surface A few trips to Broughton and got some good pan sized snapper biggest 50cm An amber jack at one stage Unfortunately lost the big Red- Hook bent and flattened- fishing too light a drag and leader - yes blame myself for that It began with a massive run from the fish wondering when it would stop- when it did, I was relieved but then a few heads shakes as I was gaining some ground and that sinking feeling of no more weight on the line- very disappointing as it was after so many hours of of casting Spent one night at Broughton anchored in the boat in coal shaft bay, escaping the NE one night Only to have the wind turn through the night to SW blowing straight in at about 30 knots Was very happy that the anchor held in the early morning We caught blue swimmers too in the myall river - best was putting traps in of a night and checking them at first light Nice surprise to have an octopus in one in the morning- great addition to the paella Trag were there too SE of Broughton in about 60m on the reef areas but lots of baracouta slicing and dicing the rigs- a bit frustrating losing many fish and rigs on way down and up The last night we were there, we fished Jimmy’s beach We had fished it a few times before only to catch the old common shovel nose and some good whiting- sometimes crowded with swimmers and fisherman Fishing with whole pilchard and a small running sinker I was teaching my daughter (6) to fish We had caught a few shovel nosed sharks and small tailor that night and on the last cast we had a good bite- it was just on dusk very low visibility She screamed “ it’s heavy dad!!” And I just said “don’t let go of the rod!” After a few minutes of drag screaming and reeling in and some splashing, I traced the line in with my hand as she kept winding near the shore, I was shocked to see a big flattie come up with the slight wash of the beach. Now it was leader vs wash and weight of the big girl vs the little girl. While my daughter was winding I eased the fish up with the wash and edged it up with my hands to dry ground I was so proud that she kept winding and didn’t dropped the rod in the sand - proud dad moment Will never forget this one on one moment with my little girl She said to me “ I had this funny feeling in my stomach I haven’t felt before” as she pulled the fish to shore I’m not sure if it was the rod pushing into her tummy or a little adrenalin running through her young blood It was the highlight of the holiday with some hard fishing amongst the crowds including me- part of the holidaying crowd I hope this is this is the beginning of her passion for fishing- expensive and time consuming as it may be!!!! She ended up with the biggest fish of the holiday!!And it was her first proper fish- My Flathead Queen- well thats what we call her now Thanks for reading
  7. Yeh Jeff! congrats on being a fisherman who.....teaches a man to fish thanks personally for generosity along with Berleyguts who took me on his boat not knowing me from a bar of soap you obviously love sharing and caring and no doubt your family is very blessed to have you and yes, I think you might actually know what your doing when it comes to fishing!! Thanks also for going above and beyond behind the scenes cheers mate
  8. Thanks for this idea in the past I would just keep bonito for bait but this inspired me to try it and yes it was great- added some other fresh veggies like corn and coriander I let the bonito fillets set in the fridge over night to make sure they were nice and firm for cutting into the smaller pieces didnt rinse the the lemon juice off and was still ok Also had some for sashimi
  9. Hi fellow Raiders Well what can I say? @Berleyguts and @Scratchie are two fine specimens of the sea Baz’s 4.49 outlaw Stacer got us to Broughton and back stress free Nice reliable and organised boat I’d never met Baz and Jeff in person so meeting them at the boat ramp just after 5am was a good experience in the dark As the the sunlight slowly revealed all of our handsome faces it wasn’t what was on the outside that counted but what was on the inside that mattered on the day @Scratchie was there to show us how to catch snapper on SP and he did it in flying colours And @Berleyguts provided a beautiful vessel and captaincy As mentioned conditions weren’t the greatest but we still managed to learn and gain some success in the early hours of the day Thanks again for the top day master captain Baz and Elite guide Jeff
  10. Thanks Blackfish for the ID yeh they look correct. Much appreciated
  11. Hi raiders fishing off Port Stephens out near Almark reef About 50kms offshore In around 160-200m water caught a good feed but a few first time fish that can’t ID Will try and attach pics the crimson red fish was about 40cm long and the pink yellow fish was about 50cm
  12. Thanks Looks like that’s the identity cheers!
  13. Hi guys and girls, Caught this bottom fishing off port stephens in about 100m of water. Anyone know the identity? These are all the pics I have White flesh and had a lot of bara trauma
  14. Friends of mine, took my boat out.... I had to work.... conditions were superb!!! Gloomy early morning but got better they had 24-25 degree water around the manly fads, bluer water than it has been. They didn't venture out past 70 fathoms caught some size dollies at the wider fad Small live yakkas got some but burleying up with pillies and using them worked too some bonito on the way back around the heads with divers