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  1. Well done to Jeff “Scratchie” and Fishraider for getting some recognition for their hard work in bringing fishos together Who would have thought that Jeff’s secret weapon all this time was a green singlet!! Something he didn’t share with me I listen to the ALF podcast and its very interesting and informative now it’s even more informative after scratchie’s interview!! Awesome
  2. Thanks everyone for your comments Must say at work this week just a little bit more spring in my step still taking it in and absorbing what happened Big thanks to my brother Andrew- the captain, who took us out and got us onto the fish
  3. Headed up with a mate from Sydney to my brothers place at Port Stephens to see if we could find some Yellowfin Tuna We tried to work out what days would be best and decided on Sunday Interesting start to the day with torrential showers first thing in the morning while we loaded boat We could have almost cancelled - and as we headed up the bay from soldiers point the rain kept coming Conditions outside the heads were a bit all over the place but we thought we’d push through and see if it improved We got about 10kms out and things did improve- rain was behind us now
  4. Awesome fish!! CONGRATULATIONS MATE! thanks for your detailed report
  5. Wow - that’s made my day seeing another cool specimen on the wall thanks for sharing - that looks awesome I was starting to think I was the only one! yes with all the zoom meetings it’s prime time to have one in the background!! Ha ha
  6. Hi raiders Just thought I would open up a subject that may appeal to the anglers and lovers of fish out there When I was a young lad my stepdad caught a striped marlin off the coast of Tasmania - St. Helen’s, around 130 kg (pic included) Yes thats me in the beautiful bright blue trackies I was on the boat and have never forgotten the experience - it made the local newspaper and after catching this fish of a lifetime for my stepdad - we sourced a mould of a striped marlin of similar size Having it up on the wall was always a memory of what could happen i
  7. Well done mate!! Great report and glad u found them- like u always do!! Your a snapper magnet!
  8. @BerleygutsI don’t think that was the lure it was some sort of Berkeley top water, bent minnow style lure probably way too big for whiting but I was thinking a flattie might go it
  9. Awesome stuff well done I know what it feels like to lose a big one but don’t know what it’s like to redeem myself the same day!! good fishing
  10. Congratulations men! well deserved, good looking fish
  11. Hi mate note the pic low tide some good sand flats for yabbies here also keep in mind a full pilchard on jimmys beach light weighted might catch you a good flattie on the run in tide might have to put up with shovel nose shark and banjo sharks as bi catch but keep waiting- you never know Im pretty sure fishing from beach is ok of jimmys beach but by boat it’s not ok might be wrong but so many were fishing from beach day and night when I was there for 3 weeks
  12. Well as we have been doing for the last 13 years. Heading to the Port Stephens area to get away from Sydney- Hawksnest side of the bay Plan was- to spend time with family- and fish when I could Weather was great- and the big NE wind showed itself in the arvos I also had a lot of extended family to take out for a fish- which was good fun Anyway, long story short spent some time in the bay- some good bream in the myall river Squid on the surface targeting whiting in the Myall river- no whiting on surface A few trips to Broughton and got some good pan si
  13. Yeh Jeff! congrats on being a fisherman who.....teaches a man to fish thanks personally for generosity along with Berleyguts who took me on his boat not knowing me from a bar of soap you obviously love sharing and caring and no doubt your family is very blessed to have you and yes, I think you might actually know what your doing when it comes to fishing!! Thanks also for going above and beyond behind the scenes cheers mate
  14. Thanks for this idea in the past I would just keep bonito for bait but this inspired me to try it and yes it was great- added some other fresh veggies like corn and coriander I let the bonito fillets set in the fridge over night to make sure they were nice and firm for cutting into the smaller pieces didnt rinse the the lemon juice off and was still ok Also had some for sashimi
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