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  1. If can travel north, I got a few hand size down at Balmoral last night and a few at Little Manly the night 3 nights before.
  2. Gday mate i just bought a combo today. 4000 sustain matched with a G Loomis GL2 10 to 20lb one piece rod 7'4". The rod set me back $250 but got a vip d/c of 10%. Not sure if i can mention the shop but if u msg me i can give u the details.
  3. Great work!!!!! Which charter was it? I'm been looking at doing one in the area. Cheers
  4. great stuff kenny havent had the chance to target the jews but sounds like fun pity about the drunks but hey the other location sure paid off
  5. was at forty baskets haha near where u live usually get squid there but i didnt think of that i guess there was too much wind so didnt expect them to be around neways cheers for that buddy
  6. It happened in early in the afternoon today but note taken for future reference
  7. g'day guys just purchased my 3 year license but i was wondering do i get a plastic card? also do i get info on the size and bag limit of fish? cheers
  8. went out today and threw a few sp's around however the frustrating thing was the plastics were getting chomped in half at the back just before the hook. This happened for the next 10 or so casts without a decent hook up does this happen often? i was thinking it was a tailor because i ended up running out of plastics and using hb's. Caught a few little tailors and pike. P.s sorry ray r for adding this to ur post. i thought it was along the same lines and for those that have only started using sp's (such as myself) it could help
  9. i find that the woolies bridge produces its fair share of flatties
  10. davec84


    ahh spewing missed it theres the whole series 5 on youtube.
  11. ahh good sutff buddy, im sorta like a sponge learning as much as possible. Looking forward to hearing from u in the posts
  12. just a question about the sp, is it a day thing or can it be used at night? cheers
  13. davec84

    O/h Help

    thanks guys my old man only used the abu 7000 off the rocks years ago but i guess ive only owned shimano gear so like blood knot said it is my first preference. Garry (fish33) how was the abu 7000? My old mans at a better place now so i sorta cant ask ^^ however to my memory it had a star drag with a line feeder... i have photos of him with a 110cm jew he caught off south curly with that reel so i guess its not too bad at all neways thanks for all that guys -dave
  14. davec84

    O/h Help

    hey guys ive been using baitcasters for a while now and have started to get to get into fishing off the rocks. have a few spin outfits for this but i wanted to also get an overhead one too. i was looking into the shimano tld series when i noticed that it didnt have a line guide. how does that work? cheers
  15. cheers guys ah no sentimental value just that i cant b bothered haha might just hold onto it for the rocks... cheers nyways