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  1. Has anyone tried those knockoff centrepin reels on eBay? They are the ones that look like the Alvey 475cp. I've seen some guys upgrade the bearings to make em run smoother. I've never used a centrepin but thought it night be a good intro to em without overcommiting. I currently use a regular spinning reel for all my blackfishing. Thanks
  2. You've got yourself a leatherjacket and a wrasse. Throw a plastic around at cliftons and you might nail a flatty over there.
  3. cong

    dead bait options

    Thanks guys, Sounds like I need to try salting out. I suppose you just cut the fillets off the fish and layer them in salt in a bucket for a while till all the brine comes to the surface? I read another method where you put the fish with the salt straight into the freezer but to me that would freeze the fish rather than salt it.
  4. Hi all, Normally off the beach I use the standard fare for bait (pilchards, squid, worms) but I've always wondered what other fish would make decent dead baits. I've heard that mullet, tailor, salmon, and yakka fillets work ok when fresh but how would they fare after a couple weeks in the freezer? Maybe salting would help? Fresh is always best but sometimes I just don't have time to catch bait before a session. Nowadays I can't go past a fishmonger without thinking what would make a decent bait. Just curious what anyone else has tried.
  5. cong

    Beach lure gear

    What combo did you finally settle on in the end? Too many choices out there
  6. I've been thinking the same thing with the salmon hopefully turning up in winter. Lure weight will depend on what the casting range is on your rod. Last thing you want is to snap your rod tip cos you overloaded it. I was thinking of picking up a daiwa seabass or seajigger to chuck some metals and light bait fishing. Getting tired of lugging a heavy rod with a massive reel around.
  7. Yep, that's a crimson banded wrasse but a female one. The males are a dark blue colour with yellow and red fins. If you catch the male and take it home, the biggest female changes sex to replace him.
  8. Looks good. Very similar to the lefty loop knot except for the way you lock it down. lefty knot uses more turns and you pass it back though the big loop instead of a half hitch.
  9. cong

    Catching Crabs

    How do you guys normally catch the red ones that live around rocks that you use for groper fishing? Wear a heavy glove and stuff your hand in (pray your fingers survive) or spear em out somehow?
  10. cong

    Crucis beach rods

    Unlucky dude with the rod breaking. I know what it feels like to have a rod snap on you. Yep its the surf 1028 I was looking at. What size reel do you have on yours? I was thinking of putting my old 4000 sedona on it but might be a but small.
  11. Has anyone got one of these to give some feedback on them? I was in the shop to get a feel of penn prevail and aerowave for light beach fishing and came across one of these. Seemed very nice and light at 10ft and rated 6-8kg. Also was a 12ft model but I find the extra length a bit cumbersome. All I know is that they are made by Lox and their lighter spin sticks are highly rated for plastics fishing. Not much else on the web about them. Thanks
  12. cong

    Beach Worms

    there are some big ones at narrabeen. I've only managed the normal size ones but an old guy worming next to me pulled one out as fat as my finger