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  1. Never fished it myself. Coalcliff would be a good close spot to u. Would have to fish it in the right conditions and the right rock equipment. Rock shoes , lifejacket etc.
  2. Hi, New to kayaking. Would be keen to tag along if there is a catchup.
  3. Those 40 gram knights seem to do the job well. Nice bit of fun there.
  4. Plenty of big bonito around at the moment. They seem to be bigger ones this season. A couple of bonitos from a few weeks ago
  5. Great write up there. Very informative.
  6. Peir 2 wharf in the city seems to go ok.
  7. It does look very fishy! Never fished it myself.
  8. Double uni knot works for me. But you cant have your knot run through the guides. Fg knot if you want ya knot to run thru your guides on your fishing rod. either suggestions in thread will work. Personal preference.
  9. I did have a fish last Sunday morning from 6pm - 10am on the spin gear for donuts on the northern beaches. Spun from the rocks. The last 2 sessions haven't had any luck on the Pelagics . That time of year with the transition of water i guess. The action looks like it is further north.
  10. Any particular area? South coast or North coast. Havnt heard of may reports lately.
  11. That's no good. Must have just missed out on pelagic season.
  12. Hi everyone, just wondering if anyone is still getting any pelagics still ? Usually fish off the rocks and landbase. Weather is getting colder not sure if there still hanging around? Preferred method casting metals.
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