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  1. smooth cruise

    Possible new bait Tarwhine record

    Thanks guys! That spot I fish always produces on the top of the tide, usually in the morning between 5-8am. Here's a good size whiting I got there as well from this same session, also another good bream at the same spot from a previous session. The whiting was on the run out tide after high. I have been fishing the Hacking since 2004 but not really with much success until I followed Yowie's advice: top of the tide, when it coincides with the early morning. Seriously, on some mornings it has been double hook up after double hook up. All on fresh live nippers pumped at Maianbar. I do berley up though with a mixture of chicken pellets soaked in salt water with tuna oil, seems to work a treat in the Hacking.
  2. Caught in Port Hacking on 15th November on a live nipper. Shimano Zodias 270UL rod with Stella 2500 reel, 5lb power pro braid. Top of the tide. At the same spot the next day at the same tide I also got a nice 42cm bream as well with a live nipper, no record but just a FYI that the Hacking can fish well early in the morning on the top of the tide.
  3. smooth cruise

    Port Hacking

    Hey all, I fished Port Hacking last week and managed some good bream. Got some whiting and flatties as well. I usually catch and release, but these 2 went home in the esky. Got 1 on Thursday and 1 on Friday, both on the first 1-2 hours of the run out just after high tide.