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  1. While its good the site is set to remain open. I will not be paying an annual fee to maintain my membership here, regardless of how modest the fee is. As someone with a background in building and maintaining web platforms similar to this, I cannot see any rational reason for the introduction of an annual fee. Goodluck to you, but I will not be continuing my membership.
  2. Watsons have stripes on the belly.
  3. amkr

    Bearing buddie cap

    my guess is I could replace my bearings monthly for a few years for the price of a set of those though.
  4. Good on you mate! I ran one of mine on Sunday too, it didn't get a hit but the one next to it landed a dolly. Whats your process for using the skin?
  5. amkr

    Sydney Sunday.

    People wait for the dollies not necessarily the kings.
  6. amkr

    Sydney Sunday.

    Got bad news for you, there's a cold current headed our way by the look of it. There is plenty of fish out there at the moment, lots of dollies being caught.
  7. Only one for us yesterday at Fad 21. Plenty of boats there but all catching baby kings.
  8. HAHAHAHA I was there waiting for these guys too. They had the trailer WAAYYY too deep, they were trying to float it onto a roller trailer. In the end the security guard told them to drive around and if it wasn't right, line up and try again. after 45 minutes they still had it on crooked.
  9. Saw a few rogue waves pushing in from the mol pt side. I think that's what stuffed them up. we drove past when we saw the hull floating and saw lots of jet skis.
  10. I've seen a decent amount caught? Botany wide was holding them a few weeks ago too.
  11. amkr


    The way out was a mess, had some white knuckles by the time we got through the heads. We saw a lot of boats turning around but we pushed on. Calmed a bit around 60 fathoms but still not what I'd call good conditions. We got them from 60-75cm.
  12. amkr


    All of the above. had a couple smack live yakkas. Most were on half pillies.
  13. amkr


    Yep, had dollies on Botany wide yesterday. the close fad was a graveyard though