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  1. All good arthur! When I went fishing in the states with my uncle.. the fish they caught... in all honestly, if i caught a log, I'd be more excited LOL!! We ended up deciding on somewhere around rose bay as my dad has had some good run ins with trevally and flatties there recently
  2. It's been a while since I've been out! I feel like I'm dying inside :'( Anyhow, my uncle is coming over from the states and I want to get him onto some fish here in syd. We've got a 5.5m tinnie to take out so I was thinking somewhere in the hacking, or in botany. Hows things in those systems? Anything around recently? From memory, last winter in the hacking was pretty damn quiet :'(
  3. I'm so sad!!! I hope we can work out something to keep all the raiders in touch. I would love to get something on Facebook started in order for everyone to keep in touch and share all this valuable information. When I first joined FR, I was just bored in class and googling fishing reports, this lead to me re-kindling my love for fishing. The countless hours I spent on this forum reading instead of actually studying kind of paid off... with me landing more fish but landing less marks hahaha... But with that being said, this site is a gold mine of information and I'm so sad that it's going!
  4. yup happened a few days after we pulled the bloke from the water, sharks are definitely there! Stay safe everyone
  5. awesome thank you! I'll be booking with them this arvo then You're the best!!
  6. I just rip up and down with the jigs and I have had luck with both an orange and a blue jig, so I'm not sure as to whether colours really do make a difference just yet. I've heard the storm gomoku jigs are pretty good but theyre a bit pricey for me, you can get knock offs for half the price The jigs I have, have a flutter motion, not sure what type of jigs there are out there LOL sorry! Still bit of a noob.
  7. Thanks so much guys, another question is my dad is okay with english probs a 6/10 LMAO not sure how he survived 20+ years in aus with it but just curious if the theory can be done in chinese? if anyone has any sort of insight there, I'll be booking one down hopefully this week
  8. Heyo! I've been using the micro jigs made by old site sponsor riggit, I dunno where he's gone and I can't find his jigs anymore :'( but they weren't too expensive and great for beginners! I'd search the other bay for jigs for waters up to 20m, I'm using anything up to 40g, atm the ones that have been catching fish are around the 30g mark
  9. Thanks wizza! Being in the kayak has helped me judge swell and weather now as its a one man gig! Super excited to get out and see how the boat goes! Thanks for the advice Thanks matt! I was actually looking at their course too! I'll have to book one in this week
  10. Thank neil, I agree completely with no fish is worth risking your life for especially after the rescue the other day. I will defs be getting a proper boat license so I'm looking at a few places to do it. I was looking for any previous raider experience with license providers Thanks fisholb, I'm in the bexley area so I get access to the georges and the hacking to practise. I'll need to get used to the boat first as I did with my yak. I probably wont be taking it out to the heads anytime soon and just practise inside the bay and deeper channels in the hacking Do you mind pm'ing w
  11. Cracker fish Guy!! It's my dream to hook up to a marlin in the kayak, I'll probs get towed out to sea but it'd be a good story ahaha
  12. So... Dad went out with a few mates and bought a boat, nothing special. Its an aluminium runabout with 75 horses on the back. I have a few questions: 1. Where is the best place for me and my dad to get a boat license? Fair price, good course and preferably can be done in a day. 2. What are the limits to the boat? I would like my dad to get out and have fun but be safe most importantly, I have faster reactions than him, I understand the ocean better than he does but I can't be out with him all the time. I told him to keep it in the bay because it was a runabout but if anyone can give
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