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  1. Hey Donna, Stevie and Mike, great result and look forward to the future of Fishraider. Congrats. Ric.
  2. Ric001

    Sand/Soda blasting

    Hi frank, both products work well, but you have to know the limitations that each have. Sand is great but is a little aggressive at times dependent on the media and supply pressure. Too close to the skin and you can heavily pit it yet to far and you may as well park it next to the beach on a windy day for the same result. Don't be tempted to reuse the media unless you have cleaned it well and consider that sand will get into everything and good ppe is required. Clean up is a pain. Soda has a lot of the same properties as sand but the clean up can be a bit easier as it can be hose down to get rid of the remaining media inside the structure. In both cases ppe is paramount. Masking down work areas and delicate wiring and fuel systems on the motor needs special attention. IM me and I can point in direction of some possible suppliers who would be able to give prices and coverage Cheers ric
  3. Thanks all. Big teeth, strong smell and oily skin. Definite throw back. Good fun catching them but not something I'd consider for eating. They were schooling around some bait fish causing them to boil the surface. Not sure what the bait were but I was surrounded by about 3 schools busting up the surface. Some small penguins chasing the school so the bait wasn't that big.
  4. Thanks all. Big teeth, strong smell and oily skin. Definite throw back. Good fun catching them but not something I'd consider for eating. They were schooling around some bait fish causing them to boil the surface.
  5. Went for a spin off corrimal last week and picked off a number of these chasing bait balls about 1-2 k off the beach in 25-30m. Good fun and no other boats about.
  6. Hey mate. I have a stacer 4.5 that I go out around 5 islands at pt Kembla and that is plenty on a good day as conditions can change so a quick run to port is good. I've been around boats since a kid and wouldn't take my 4.5 to the dads. 18ft in the old scale is great for outside work. Ric.
  7. You may want to consider the gcm. When the trailer/boat gear and fuels are all combined with the vehicle mass and all the gear and passengers then you can be way above the max rating for your car. If car is rated at 4t gcm, max tow is 1.5t that only leaves you 2.5t for the car including all fuels passengers and luggage. Rms and constabulary can put you on a mobile weighbridge and give you an unpleasant surprise. Ric.
  8. Ric001

    Windang lake

    I've been in the lake quite a bit and as Fab said the wind can make it really nasty. The channel needs you to keep a eye out as .5m and a bit of chop will see your prop hitting the bottom. Be safe and don't overload or go on extended runs from the caravan park. That is also a hazard in itself as the tidal flow there will see the channel markers lying down. The channel moves a fair bit after big rain periods so even the channel markers can be misleading. Cheers Ric.
  9. Ric001


    Hey Jeff, next you'll be asking to use their gear and bait and where the secret spots are. ? Dependent on when it is illtry make it this year. Ric.
  10. Hi Donna and Stewy. That is great news and I'm sure the commited members of this fantastic community will be pleased to support it going forward. Ric.
  11. Hey Jeff, happy to pitch in on a purchase if required.
  12. Donna and stewy. How big is the data file stored in raider. Dependent on size a static repository might be able to be organised.
  13. Nice days work. Great haul.
  14. Ric001

    Sea Anchors

    Hi cos. There is no set formula as to where to secure it to you boat. Wind, waves and current all play a factor as well as how your boat is set up. If you have Bimini at the back you may want the drogue up front in some situations but down the back once the wind changes in afternoon. The important part is that it can be an important piece of kit to prevent drift if motor has issues. Best advice is to try it In different locations on your boat one day to learn the effects it can have on handling and drift. its like lifejacket, jump overboard one day with it on to see how you get back on board (calm conditions with a mate in the boat). Cheers Ric