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  1. GreasePit

    Arrawarra beach mulloway

    Good on ya mate, nice fish. I kept my first metery and have thrown every other jew back since. Beautiful fish which hopefully i'll be able to teach my kids ones day how to target these ghosts. Cheers -Chris
  2. GreasePit

    Central coast kings

    Good stuff mate, Sounds like a fun sesh
  3. GreasePit

    Trouble casting

    I'd say your line rating would be the major reason for your lack of distance on the new combo. Downsize the rating on the new one to around 3-5lb mainline (i'm assuming you're using around 6-10lb on the 2-4kg outfit). Thinner diameter will make a big difference for you.
  4. GreasePit

    The estuary trifecta

    429 stacer nomad mate
  5. GreasePit

    The estuary trifecta

    1/2 oz Would usually use 1/4 or 3/8th but upsized so I could keep contact with the lure with all the wind about. Looks like we caught two siblings mate??
  6. GreasePit

    The estuary trifecta

    Yeah always that last minute cram to feed the addiction. I've actually got a waterproof digital camera lying around somewhere, might have to blow the dust off it. 100% The fish always seem to fire on the back end of it too, just my luck eh. Cheers mate, i'll check it out. The old humble Hawkesbury. Cheers Wellzy Yeah that might be the go, i'll see if i can find an app which maybe takes them every couple of seconds until stopped. Cheers mate Definitely second you on that last bit. Not a bad tip, might have to use the toe to nab the pics... fish held in one hand probably aren't worth a pic Cheers mate Cheers regan The hawkesbury mate.
  7. GreasePit

    Rod and reel advice

    With your price range, i'd go a 5000 Shimano Nasci. They're as good value for money as you can get out there at the moment. Super smooth with 11kg max drag strength, and if you look in the right place you can find them down from 200 to $130 and then you add an extra 15% off on top of that price.
  8. GreasePit

    The estuary trifecta

  9. GreasePit

    The estuary trifecta

    G'day raiders, Dusted up the last few days of my uni break with 3 trips over the course of a couple days targeting the 3 notable fish of the estuary. First day started off with some seriously windy conditions. After a fair few useless attempts, the wind played ball and dropped off half an hour after the tide change. Managed an 80cm jew in that small window. Caught on a 5 inch paddle tail. Second day, decided to whip out the snow gear and brave a rainy day of fishing (would much rather torrential rain than wind any day of the week). Managed a nice 70cm flathead. Caught on a 130mm soft vibe. After that bit of rain, the next day cleared up nicely. Went and had a flick around some structure for bream with some small blades. Best for the day went 35 odd cm. Love those blue lips on them in winter. Couple of days well spent, all fish were caught and released. I'll attach a video of the release of the jewy below. P.S. Does anyone have any tips for taking solo pictures of fish? (held in hand, not just on the brag mat) My methodology at the moment is to set my phone up on the perspex of my console, put it on video and hold the fish and move it around to make sure it gets in frame, only problem is the quality when i later take the screenshots. Cheers -Chris
  10. GreasePit

    Hawkesbury Flick

    I'll usually have three rods set up, each with different sized vibes. One with a 20g, one with a 33g and sometimes i'll use a small blade on the other or a 15g. You can work them so many ways mate... The only reason i have multiple ready is to suit the speed of the drift and the current. As im usually working the deeper sections of the river, ill pull up to the start of the drift and drop the vibe right at the boat, once it hits the bottom, just lift and SLOWLY drop it back down as you want to be in contact with the lure the whole time...Any ticks on the line, strike. If the drift is too fast and my 33g won't hit the bottom for longer than 1 or 2 lifts without me having to let out more line(given im not just drifting into deeper water), ill just move spots out of the current or the wind. In contrast, when the drift is too slow, ill get either the 20 or 15 gram out ( i find when casting the 33g, the action just isn't quite right, you want to feel the vibration through your rod tip) and cast in front of the drift, let it hit the bottom, gentle lift up, wind the slack and let it hit the bottom again. Repeat all the way till the boat. Don't go past the eBay vibes mate, they work just as well as some of the name brands. Cheers -Chris
  11. GreasePit

    toss of the coin

    Nice work on the cod rick, seems like they really like those neon coloured lures... and I can see you're quite fond of the cod given your shirt as well mate ?
  12. GreasePit

    Sydney Sunday.

    Not sure about offshore but in the estuaries i highly doubt its accurate. Big tides around new and a full moon, same amount of water needs to enter and exit. Interested to see if this has any merit elsewhere though. Cheers -Chris
  13. GreasePit

    Hawkesbury Flick

    Cheers mate Tried to do something other than the usual brag mat shot.
  14. GreasePit

    Hawkesbury Flick

    Cheers folks Was one of my better sessions and the best way to end the uni semster. It's a classix 2-4kg squid rod and a Sedona 2000. Nice and bendy in the tip for the vibes. Cheers -Chris
  15. GreasePit

    Hawkesbury Flick

    I was fishing mostly the run out tide so when i first arrived i stopped off and had a go with the little blade and picked up two little flatties (first photo) and a tiny bream. I would have targeted the flats more given if it was the run in tide. In saying that though, i pulled one of the 60's out from relatively shallow water of 2.5 meters. No discernible holes or features apart from being just around a point in which bait would be pushed over from a nearby bay.