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  1. Hi Raiders Is anyone aware of any public moorings around wisemans ferry / Laughtondale Any help would be appreciated Cheers
  2. Hi Raiders I will be heading to Wisemans Ferry this weekend for the first time in many years to hunt the illusive hawkesbury 'legal' Jew Does anybody have any particular advise for tackle, Light Gear/Heavy Gear?, bait (ive heard peeled prawns??) We are looking at spots such as the windsock, wires and dads corner from word of mouth are they any good I assume the current runs hard in this area Is squid or pillies just wasting time Any help is much appreciated Cheers
  3. Hey thanks guys we will be trying to find livies initially with the usual burley technique then finding a deep spot to anchor and throw so live bait aswell as fresh squid and prawns for jews and whatever else may come along the bottom of the river around little Jerusalem ... We run a constant burley trail of pillies burley mix bread and a splash of tuna oil we usually run 3 rods one 6-8lb one 10lb and one 20lb
  4. I will be heading to Cowan tomorrow arvo prob around lt Jerusalem bay what would I get in there you think
  5. Hey Raiders Does anyone have spots to catch live bait (yakkas, herring or squid) in the mid to late arvo around 2:30-5pm??
  6. Hey Tag117 where do you get the yakkas and herring from?? Also what size line do you guys use I run a 30lb main with 60lb mono I think that heaviness is not helping me either any suggestions
  7. Hey we catch mullet up near I think joe crafts bay little inlet there just mush up bread with bit of tuna oil chuck it out let it sit and wait about 10 minutes then just throw out hand lines with the smallest hook u can find with rolled up bread balls and do your best it's fun and frustrating at the same time but overall we usually get 6-8 minimum in 10-15 minutes then head to the deep water
  8. Not a stupid question we use live bait and squid bait ... We get live mullet at berowra but yeh no luck at this stage not sure if we are just wrong spot or wrong technique or wrong everything
  9. Hi raiders I am new to night fishing for Jews in the Hawkesbury, Fished the Hawkesbury all my life and have only now endeavoured to target the mighty Jewfish…. I have been out numerous times at night around Bar point and near dangar island and have only seen 1 70cm Jewie, I have had heaps of runs but I assume these are sharks.. plus plenty of eels Is there any help out there for where to go in the Hawkesbury at night … I keep hearing about Cowan creek but the lack of tide worries me when I want to anchor and sit the night out with a few beers and not drift all night Any help would be great
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