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  1. Had a poor run this winter at my regular haunts. Thinking of giving the Cooks a Jam tomorrow, maybe walk down from Steel Park to Tempe flicking hardbodies/blades/softies. Does anyone do this? Is it worth a shot? Any pointers would be much appreciated! (heart not set on cooks either, if anyone can point me to a good walk thats producing at the mo)
  2. I agree with swordfisherman. The 5 turn surgeons for light line. I use to use the albright when I lived in abu dhabi... but we were using heavier braid and leader
  3. Bundeena is a pretty spot to flick a few plastics. Theres a spot west of the campsite by a footbridge thats pretty special
  4. Awesome catch in thr inner city! Is it cool to fish off the marinas or do you have to be stealth?
  5. G'day Raiders, Yesterday arvo I headed down to Dolls point for a flick. I had never been there before, only spied it on google maps. Seemed like a good spot to have a prospect. Curiously, when I arrived I found the wharf and the groyne completely land locked by sand. It was dead low tide, but still, had all the sand been moved by the recent storm? Pretty impressive landscaping if thats is the case. At low tide, you are standing at the edge of a drop off. Theres a good amount of water movement too, swirling around into the pockets scoured out of the sand bank. Looking forward to hitting this spot in the warmer months. Fishing was pretty tough, working my way through a variety of plastics, blades and sinking stick minnows, whilst covering a hundred or so meters. Persistence paid off and I managed to pick up a nice fat trevally on the Ecogear Zx. Also got a good flatty on my favourite soft, The Zman crusteaz. I left feeling like I had scored above par. Quick question. I was fishing 5lb leader. In recent times I have only been busted off twice. Although, 5lb easily handles the majority of my catch, the two that got away were also the biggest. As it turned dark, I was chucking a 5" jerk shad into a gutter, and thought, what if I hook a jew?! I would have a very low chance. How do people feel about fishing light. Maximizing their haul but minimising their odds of landing those rare bigger fish? Cheers
  6. Those numb rays are invisible. Completely buried in the sand. Got a small shock because i had rubber shoes on... Wouldn't like to step on one barefoot. Lol groyne!
  7. Thanks for the replies, defo take heed in the future. Was so determined to fish on through the weather, and even more so after the first few hook ups. Had such a full on work week felt i needed the therapy! Funny thing about kurnell and electricity, the last time I fished there i stood on a numb ray hah
  8. G'day Raiders, Went for a fish last Saturday at my favorite spot in Kurnell. Arrived around 4pm just as the storm hit. I must have been on the edge of it, because It was actually quite pleasant. Wind was mild, rain was falling steady but softly, double rainbows... etc, etc. From my groyne, I had a kick ass view of the storm rolling over Sydney to the North. Thunder and lightening, very exciting. I was flicking a few lures rounds, when I started to get electric shocks from my rod. At first I figured that the graphite had somehow picked up some static from rubbing on the car seat, or my jersey, but the shocks kept coming steady. Some were quite painful. I figured It must have had something to do with the weather because there was electricity in the air. You could smell it! Anyway. Has anyone else experienced this.... and is it dangerous to be holding a fishing rod when there is crazy lightening? Besides the awesome nature on display, managed to land 6 flatties on the Z-man Crusteaz before it got dark. Pretty awesome little sesh. Chur
  9. I had a fish yesterday, cracker day till the storm rolled in. Barometer was 1006. Managed two legal flatties on soft plastics. Zero fight in them. Water felt cold on my legs. Overheard an old fisho explaining barometer to his buddy (what are the chances). He said that when the air pressure is high, the water has a higher capacity to hold oxygen, therefore energizing the fish. Sounds like a cool theory.
  10. G'day, What mobile apps are people using for their fishing forecast. I have willy weather, not sure if theres a better one. Temp, tide, wind, barometer? Can anyone give tips on how to read a barometer. I hear fishoes talking about a high barometer being good. But what is high and what is lo?
  11. Thanks for the tips, will definitely be sliding my feet from now on. Have to say, I'm a convert to the Zman softies. They are so tough, ur hardly ever replacing them, and they don't come in a moist packet that dribbles stink juice everywhere. Jazzed up with dab of T-Gel garlic sauce, and ur looking good!
  12. G'day, First post after sneaking around FR for the past few months. I'm still pretty new to fishing in Sydney (immigrant), so it feels like every trip is a new adventure. Fishing for me usually starts with a Google earth reccy to find some fun looking estuary, then touching base with FR to see if there are any tips/reports on that location. I've enjoyed the stories/characters in the FR community, so thought it was time to spin a yarn myself. On Wednesday I took a day off work. My buddy who has been here visiting from the UK was heading home the following day, so it was our farewell hang. We had been on 3 prior fishing sessions and he was yet to land a fish; so this was the priority. We headed down to Bona Point Reserve for the last of the run out tide. We waded the flats to the drop, clearly defined by the deep blue line where the current was sliding out into Botany bay. Repetitious nonsensical banter commensed as we put on our best Guesty accents "you gotta be fishin the edge maaate!", and all variations of such "edge" related phrases. When we got there it was about waist deep. The first thing we saw was a shark fin, knifing through the water... take two steps back. Felt slightly anxious as we were a good 30m from the beach and had just also witnessed an enormous ray, glide past behind us on the flat. *later in the day we spoke to a dog walker who told us how he didn't throw his stick in too far as there were bull sharks in the area :s We flicked a few softies around and had relative success, landing 3 decent flatties amongst a bunch of other fair. Also missed a big girl that jumped up and had a smash/splash on the last few turns of my retrieve. I jumped a little as it caught me a offguard, and a big brown reptilios head is a bit scary. Pretty funny. I tried a few different plastics, and had success with all, however the most dangerous by far was the Zman Crusteaz in Motor oil. That little crabby guy seemed to be the balls. Most importantly, it delivered my buddy his first, second and third fish! The best part about it was watching the penny drop for him on the retrieve. Slowing it down, feeling the connection with the hook, putting little twitches in, and seeing the fruits of his own technique translating into strikes! A couple of other points. My buddy stood on a numb-ray, as funny as it was watching a big strong lad squeal and bolt towards shore, the thing was impossible to see. I waded to where he had been to see what it was, couldnt see the guy untill I disturbed it enough for it to shake off the sand and flutter off. In lieu of this experience. Has anyone got tips on how to wade the flats safely? is it worth taking a wading pole to prod infront of your feet? I am pretty carefull wading, I watch where I step, and stomp my feet as I go, but would like to avoid standing on anything nasty if I can. Another thing. Briefly chucked on a small popper, atomic k9 60mm or something like that. Tried to tempt a whiting into a strike as I saw a few rooting around. Has anyone had success with surface lures on these flats? Or, if anyone could recommend some flats in sydney I am, pretty keen to give it a popper go....get it?