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  1. Always a great day on the harbour when you're hooking up!! Nice work.
  2. Loads must be covered to secure and contain all materials within the vehicle and trailer. https://www.rms.nsw.gov.au/roads/safety-rules/demerits-offences/uncovered-loads.html
  3. G'day Scratchie, Would love to come along if there's room. Cheers Pete
  4. cheers mate...I'm probs not the best person to ask about bream in the hawkesbury but would suggest off the racks.
  5. Kingies and flatties out of Pittwater/Hawkesbury
  6. Hi all Spent the weekend flicking metal lures in Pittwater and ended up with this little fellow on the treble? Does anyone have any thoughts on species? Cheers Pete
  7. Great report ET (sorry FHL). Noticed you didn't have any issues with seasickness. Any tips/gratuitous plugs?
  8. Great work guys very nice!!! Thanks for all your hard work to get the new site up and running.
  9. Thanks Hooked Up...no dorys for us I think the kings smashed them all!! Cheers Jon. I went with three complete strangers and had an awesome time so how good it would be with the kids tagging along. I'd love to go back with my two sons to experience the fury of the kings! Hey Donna. Yeah it's an easy 15-20 minute walk to the wharf area. If you're looking for somewhere great to eat and don't mind a quick uber trip, try Woodpecker Hill in Parnell. It's only 2.5kms from skytower and is definitely worth the trip. Probs a good idea to book ahead as it can get busy there. Yeah mate get yours
  10. Hey raiders Just finished putting together a vid of our recent trip to NZ. A bit more of the tourist stuff in the first link but managed to slip in something for the raiders. We were based in Auckland and took a trip to the Coromandel Coast, where we saw some of the local landmarks and amazing marine life!!! Hope you enjoy the vids and thanks for watching. "Touristy" stuff Gettin' railed by kings Cheers Pete
  11. Since the winter season started, I've had several unsuccessful trips squidding around the harbour. Tried several spots but no luck. I've been outside the prime time dawn/dusk so this may explain why they've been hard to find.
  12. Thanks Fab great read. Also worth mentioning the importance of the safety chain in the event of de-coupling. I was only recently told (during trailer rego check) that all trailers must have load rated D shackles connecting the safety chain to the tow bar. They are recognised by the bright yellow pins and have the load rating stamped on the side of the shackle. Make sure the load rating high covers the boat AND trailer. I have a 2 tonne for my 580 breeze and dual axle trailer.
  13. Well done recurve on a great day out with your son. I took my eldest out today and he caught all the fish (as usual!!).
  14. you may also want to take along a vandal proof tap key in case they're removed the tap handle. They're available at most hardware stores.
  15. mate that is heart breaking news. Continue to fight and never give up.
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