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  1. To be honest mate, probably fine once or twice but would not recommend it at all, thats why the fishing is good west of the bridge because a majority of people C and R. There are a lot of dioxins in the water west of the bridge. You should read this: http://www.foodauthority.nsw.gov.au/foodsafetyandyou/special-care-foods/sydney-harbour-seafood
  2. Hi, i was just wondering if any people who have or have had a 445f can reccomend me what power is best for a bow mounted electric motor on the 445f. Will mainly be used in relatively calm waters around the Harbour however may also use the anchor features quite a bit when it's windy or strong current. cheers
  3. Hi, Thanks for the reply! I'm not really looking to much at crabbing but more just flicking SP's for some flatties and whiting, so mainly looking at staying inside. Dont have huge range as I'm just using the standard red fuel tanks and with a 70 2s its not fuel efficient. Cheers
  4. I have seen kings swimming off the rocky point in the middle of balmoral while catching yakkas. If you have a big enough rod I'd try fishing off there.
  5. Hi, I'm going up to Tin Can Bay for 2 weeks at the start of feb for the first time and I'm towing the boat up so I can get in some fishing. Just wondering if anybodys ever fish areas around tin can bay and can give me some pointers on areas to try. Hope to just be flicking some soft plastics. Thanks, Will
  6. Hi, Me and @nickb111 are terrible at fishing the harbour, so if you are still creating new stickers could we get one for the boat so other raiders can come and give us some tips when we cant catch any fish. Cheers
  7. Hi, I was wondering if anybody had recommendations on who to use to get some work done on my fibreglass boat. Looking at trying to get a cast deck built in. Can go anywhere in the Sydney region. Please only PM me suggestions. Thanks a lot for any help!! Will
  8. Nice fish mate, did you put the squid down with a sinker or let it float down? Cheers
  9. Great. Will let you know how I go.
  10. Ok thanks a lot Fabian. So I'll conect positive to switch board, negative to negative busbar and also the ground wire to the negative busbar? Also both positive/negative wires from sounder have fuses. Cheers
  11. Hey Mate, sorry this is my first time wiring so sorry I'm a little confused. The wiring in my boat is really all over the place making it a little difficult. I have one battery for my boat that is for cranking + all electronics. This is situated to the back of the boat, and it has a positive and negative wire running up into the console. These wires are quite a heavy gauge and the positive and negative wires are separately connected to a little device similar to a busbar but they only have one tiedown/nut down (I'll call them a tiedown/nut down busbar) spot for the wires. So all my electronics, nav lights etc have their postive wire connected to the single tiedown/nut down positive busbar and their negative wire connected to the single tiedown/nut down positive busbar, with the thick wires also connecting to these, running back to the battery. There is also a 6 switch fuse switchpanel which some devices are connected too. So my sounder has its negative and positive wires which I will just connect to the postive/negative tiedown/nut down busbar's and also another wire which I will connect to the switchpanel. But the sounder also has a specific wire coming from a separate port at the back of it that needs to be grounded. However since this is a small fibreglass boat I dont think I have a ground, thus I'm wondering how it should be done. Sorry for the long post, but any help would be appreciated. Cheers.
  12. Hi, When installing a fish finder, is it important to ground the power cables for the sounder? Its a 628 going on a smallish boat, with closest electronics being a VHF radio. Thanks
  13. Mate I had this issue with my last boat that had a 40 lightning XR, its fuel. The fuel line was old and had a lot of gunk in it. Just bought a new one for $20 and it ran perfectly.
  14. will_l

    Sounders under 1k

    I had a look at the s2009, but cheapeast I could find (world wide) was roughly 1250. Had a look at all the other usual a bit more closely and still think 628 is the best, especially at the price I found... An Australian store: $930 (incl shipping) for 628 + p66 tranny... Might pull the plug on this.
  15. will_l

    Sounders under 1k

    Hi Jon, Yes P66 is Furuno. There is still around a $250 price difference between the U.S and Aus on this unit, with most Aus stores selling around 1280 mark and the from the U.S + postage, it can be had for $935. As much as I'd like to go locally the price difference can't really but justified. Cheers. *Edit* You know Australian prices are horrid when you can get a 628 from New Zealand for around $900. I might look at getting one from New Zealand