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  1. Gee there's a lot of Raiders in the MacArthur area. Be interesting to find out how many.
  2. Yeah about time Fab. If you Google Windang bridge roadworks you can read all about it.
  3. Hi Raiders. Just got back from a weekend trip at Windang. There were a few of those information signs around the one's on trailers that light up about road works on the bridge between certain hours. Asked my mate who lives there about it and the council with money from the Baird government are widening the footpath to be a cycle way also. They will also enclose it like the freeway over passes. It will take around 7 months to complete. Last night around 9pm the bridge was full of yellow flashing lights. By next summer no more idiots jumping or fishing from the bridge.
  4. Hey Scratchie do you play darts also?
  5. I am currently restoring an old victa toe cutter lawnmower. I've stripped it back to bare metal using a really good and cheap paint stripper. Apply it and scrape or hose it off. I'll PM you details of brand and where to buy.
  6. Who needs a new mail box?
  7. Yep. That's a long tom. Interesting colour!
  8. Great looking boat. Love the Retro look.
  9. Make yourself a plan. Take it for a drive to get it hot and bring it home. Turn it off and if it doesn't start call the NRMA. Most of them guys are pretty cluey. He might not be able to fix it but he will tell you what's wrong with it. That way if you need to take it to Toyota they won't be able to tell you a load of crap. I done the same thing when my CEL light came on. Called them and they told me it was an O2 sensor. It's somewhere to start and free if you are a member. As i said most of the guys are pretty smart
  10. Years ago when I was a kid my father use to cut off the bottom of a tennis ball to cover the tow ball. Ahh the memories.
  11. Fleabay has over 50 Johnson repair manuals. Surely one of them is what your after. Hope it all goes well.
  12. Hi guys.I'm goin to book a place to stay at lake illawarra for my son's 21st. Late February. Need some advice from you prawn whisperers what dates around late Feb early March woul be good for prawning.Thanks in advance.
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