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  1. Father Frank

    Beach jewies (last two wkends)

    What a great moment, Father and son accomplishing ever fishermen's dream catch. And you guys together is the one thing I really miss, Fishing with your dad. Hope he's watching from above.
  2. Father Frank

    New spot = Solid Jew

    What a great read Dan. I have never come across a fishing novel in Dymocks, should think about writing one. Apart from that, the challenge of reading the conditions and then being rewarded with what you expected would make many fishos like myself envious of these great skills. Well done mate.
  3. Hi Aaron With gearbox off power head and engaging either gear you should be able to rotate driveshaft or prop shaft and see the other shaft turning freely. Ratios between input to output bevel gears are close, so you would not have that much of resistance between the two shafts. Have the shim washers gone back in correctly, something has gone together tight. Good luck.