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  1. Smasher

    Boat storage- prevent theft

    There's an online shop that has GPS tracking kits for about $100 bucks. You then put in an Aldi sim card ($10). I don't own one so can't comment either way, but may be worth looking into.
  2. Smasher

    Hairtail hairtail hairtail

    Nice report! Can't wait to get out there. Question: Where did you find red glowsticks? I've been looking all over for them.
  3. Smasher

    Pittwater stingray - OUCH

    Ouch. A friend of mine got bitten on the toe at the Lilli Pilli sandbar last summer. Me as I'm walking around in waist deep water with anchor and chain in hand looking to secure the boat for the day: "Guys, just be careful there's lots of little stingrays around" Said friend 5 minutes after getting in: "Ooww oowww I've been bitten by something" Lucky I have a portable gas stove and a few kitchen things on board and we were able to heat up some water in a pot and treat her bleeding toe. As for pain killers, well she said it got better after the second or third glass of wine. She went to the doctor the next for a tetanus shot.
  4. Smasher

    Bait fish trap to catch yakkas on the boat

    I cut sabikis in half. Two for the price of one!
  5. Smasher

    Parsley bay boat ramp

    Does anyone know if there's a tap available here for engine & trailer flushing? Cheers
  6. Smasher

    Who sharpens their hooks

    I do the old run it over the thumbnail test. ie: If it scratches and digs in it's sharp, if it's slides over it's blunt & goes in the bin. I've never thought of re-sharpening them before!
  7. Smasher

    Portable multipurpose esky

    Nice. Do you have a plan for pumping fresh water in/out or will you be bailing with a bucket?
  8. Smasher

    Fishing at Parsley Bay?

    Around the moorings is a good spot for squid. Other than that I've only ever caught rubbish like bream & undersized snapper.
  9. Smasher

    Different type of Hooks

    What’s the opinion on offset vs straight circle hooks? I’ve never been able to figure out which to use when.
  10. Smasher

    Bought a boat

    Too right, tinnies are gold. I wish I had enough room for one as well. For those days that you just want a quick fish - launch by yourself, zip up a river, pull it up by hand onto a sandbar when you want to stop. Quick rinse with a hose on the way out and you're done and dusted. Though I'd probably find myself never using the big boat.
  11. Smasher

    HDS Carbon

    Mate if you dont get an answer. Ring or email Lowrance techical support. They were fantastic at answering my queries
  12. Smasher

    Boating disasters, your best or worst!

    Tragic story in Moruya this weekend. Crossing a notoriously difficult bar on a run out tide in a 2m swell is a recipe for disaster. Sadly a 13 year old girl was killed.
  13. Smasher

    Lures at night

    Use whatever has bits that glow
  14. Smasher

    Earthworms as saltwater bait

    I've caught flatty's in the Hawkesbury on earthworms.
  15. Smasher


    On a 1m swell, 1m seas, crusing at around 18-20 kts it takes me about 30-40mins to get to the Botany Wide FAD from the harbour, which is 17/18km off from Malabar so a bit further south from the heads. That's in a 5.8m with 135hp. Obviously in rougher seas or bigger swells I'll go slower. Looking at the forecast I would'nt go anywhere near that far offshore this weekend, if at all.