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  1. Smasher

    botany bay 20/01/2019

    Nice haul! Do you eat slimeys or are they for bait?
  2. Smasher

    Shoalhaven River - powered boat restrictions?

    RMS maps are always the definitive answer It says no entering feeder creeks caution of shallow water.
  3. Smasher

    Boat Swamped at Broughton Island

    That seems to me to be a pretty small boat to be heading 14km offshore, is it not?
  4. Smasher

    Marina fuel price

    Filled up with 95 petrol at Kuringai motor yacht club at church point the other day, $1.91 /L
  5. Smasher

    Boat Fuel Discussion - What Do You Use and Why?

    I have a Mercruiser 3.0 (135hp) and I find the engine diesels if I run anything less than 98 ULP. That is when I turn the engine off and it keeps running rough for a few seconds until it conks out. It also does it if I go from cruise speed to idle to off too quickly. If I idle it for 5-10 seconds its fine. My mechanic says this is normal but I’m not so sure...
  6. Smasher

    Lowrance elite ti9

    I have this exact same unit. It might seem a bit daunting at first, but it's not overly complicated once its setup. Have you tried watching a few youtube videos? eg: This 5 part Series: More settings: Grab a pen & paper, a beer, and get through these. If you've still got any questions afterwards, let us know. Otherwise I've called the Lowrance technical support number before with a question and they were great too.
  7. Smasher


    As I posted elsewhere, I’m not against marine parks per say, but believe that lockouts are not the answer. Ive seen proposed compromises such as: * Banning taking certain species during their spawning times of year * Stricter size and bag limits including maximum size limits (big fish produce more offspring) * Increase fishing license fees to fund better enforcement of laws by fisheries * Banning anchoring in sea grass beds and reefs and other sensitive habitats And others that i believe would be far better placed at keeping anglers onside and have the resources better managed through reasonable regulation. I hope that cooler heads prevail and a comfortable medium ground is settled on otherwise as mentioned this issue isn’t going to go away.
  8. Smasher

    West Reef fun

    Red rock cod = poor mans lobster. Theres a nugget of flesh on them that is really sweet and delicious. Not exactly enough to make a meal, but worth taking one or two home for a tasty snack.
  9. Its been many, many years since I've been there but from what I recall the nearby creek is barely an ankle deep stream. You might be able to catch a yabbie in one of the ponds. But I'm pretty sure traps are illegal to set.
  10. Smasher

    Boat storage- prevent theft

    There's an online shop that has GPS tracking kits for about $100 bucks. You then put in an Aldi sim card ($10). I don't own one so can't comment either way, but may be worth looking into.
  11. Smasher

    Hairtail hairtail hairtail

    Nice report! Can't wait to get out there. Question: Where did you find red glowsticks? I've been looking all over for them.
  12. Smasher

    Pittwater stingray - OUCH

    Ouch. A friend of mine got bitten on the toe at the Lilli Pilli sandbar last summer. Me as I'm walking around in waist deep water with anchor and chain in hand looking to secure the boat for the day: "Guys, just be careful there's lots of little stingrays around" Said friend 5 minutes after getting in: "Ooww oowww I've been bitten by something" Lucky I have a portable gas stove and a few kitchen things on board and we were able to heat up some water in a pot and treat her bleeding toe. As for pain killers, well she said it got better after the second or third glass of wine. She went to the doctor the next for a tetanus shot.
  13. Smasher

    Bait fish trap to catch yakkas on the boat

    I cut sabikis in half. Two for the price of one!
  14. Smasher

    Parsley bay boat ramp

    Does anyone know if there's a tap available here for engine & trailer flushing? Cheers
  15. Smasher

    Who sharpens their hooks

    I do the old run it over the thumbnail test. ie: If it scratches and digs in it's sharp, if it's slides over it's blunt & goes in the bin. I've never thought of re-sharpening them before!