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  1. Thank you Donna, (old school).
  2. CampAnd Comp2019[7478].pdf
  3. Thank You guys ,might give it a bash this weekend weather permitting,Hi Donna, from gwandy fishos.
  4. Hi Guys any reports of hairies being caught yet in the Hawkesbury or is the water still a bit warm, Cheers Laurie.
  5. I must apologise very inconsiderate of me.
  6. After a very cold ,long and bloody windy night 6 boats 12 people not a single fish was caught ,tailor hairie or anything else all up a very poor performance, Cheers Laurie.
  7. Good on ya Stewie did you leave a few down there for us in a couple of weeks.Cheers Laurie
  8. Same old crew Donna Jacko (captain rats) Allan (fishy fingers) Mat (moonhead) ruthy and myself ,sometimes i think i am too old for this s##it but keep going back for more. hope to see afew of the raiders down there.Cheers Laurie.
  9. Hi fellow fishraiders its about that time of the year to go chase the crome beasties again ,Gwandalan fishing club will venture to the holy creek jerusalem on the 7th july to chase the critters again , if anybody is silly enough as us feel free to come and join us for a bit of madness and fun. Cheers Laurie.
  10. Hi guys the annual carp fishing comp is on again at st albans this weekend (friday ,sat ,sun) looks like being a good event usually is. Cheers Laurie.
  11. Gwandalan fishing club going to have a hairtail night next sat night down jerusalem bay, any other keen (or silly) anglers who would like to join us are more than welcome.Cheers Laurie.
  12. Hi Zoran i have plenty of lead either in ingot form 2 to 3 kgs per ingot or have got sinkers of all shapes large snapper leads down to small ball sinkers for 20 cents per oz ,will sell ingots for $10 per kg or sinkers seperately. Cheers Laurie.(ps i live on central coast at Gwandalan) ph0414339421 Laurie
  13. Somebody mention hairtail OK
  14. I would like to thank everyone involved in the hairtail social especially Donna and Stuwie Great Weekend from the guys and gals from Gwandy Fishing Club WELL DONE . ps thanks for that photo of the offenders with that banana ,the old story you can run but you cant hide .Cheers Laurie.
  15. Will be fishing in Lake Mac on sunday in pirtek challenge ,Cheers Laurie
  16. Thanks to all concerned a truly enjoyable evening and night followed by a great brekkie , from the guys ,and girl from Gwandalan.Cheers Laurie,mat ,ruth and allan.
  17. Cathedral rock is between the rail bridge and the road bridge at Brooklyn it is approximately 1 km south of road bridge on the northern end of Long Island google marks 33.32,31.07 Cheers Laurie
  18. Team Karma will be attending ,See you up there Cheers Laurie.
  19. Theres always room for one more ,Lock me in please guys ,and girls Team Karma .
  20. Hi guys ,Penrhyn Esturary Botany Bay has been closed to all finfish and shellfish for a period of 5 years just recently . Cheers Laurie.
  21. Not any way as good as my pink net,eh stuwie?