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  1. Hey Raiders Have a week booked in Hawks Nest over Easter. Probably going to drag the boat up and any help with the following questions would be great 1. Is either Hawks Nest or Tea Gardens ramps suitable for launching a 6m boat 2. How far/long is the run out to the ocean from either ramp 3. Any tips on locations to catch live bait 4. General area to target snapper around Broughton Island Cheers
  2. Apologies for the silly question. When it is said snapper season is nearly here. What is snapper season on the nsw coast ? Cheers
  3. Thanks Jeff Boat is alloy. If you head out from crookhaven do you have any tips on locations to get live bait? Cheers
  4. Thanks a lot for the advice What is the parking like at various ramps on a holiday weekend ?
  5. Thanks guys Would the ramp at Crookhaven heads be OK, will be heading out the Banks if the weather is OK. Was looking at options in JB in case the weather was not so good and to save the drive. The only ramp I have used in the area was the West St ramp at Greenwell Point, but that was some time ago Cheers
  6. Hey Raiders Heading down to Jervis Bay for the Easter weekend and was hoping to get some advice on suitable boat ramps for a 6m boat. Will be staying at Callala Beach and the ramp at Callala Bay would be the closet, however I have heard this can get very shallow at times and is better for small boats. Any advise on the best ramps in the area would be greatly appreciated Cheers
  7. Fish Raiders Been trying various spots in broken bay over the last 12 months with my sons and have had little success. We always manage to catch something which the boys love but very rarely anything worth keeping. I have a 5m boat and any tips on location, baits, techniques to start to catch some keepers would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  8. Was more worried about what looks to be like a stress line or something !!!!. This photo might show it better.
  9. bakes1978

    Is this normal

    Fishraiders I am new to boating so you help would be appreciated. When I was cleaning my boat today after a trip out I noticed that it looks like the plate that the outboard mounts to seems to have a line around it like it is moving. Sorry if this is a dumb question, I have attached a photo of what I mean. Thanks
  10. Fishraiders Taking the young fella out in pittwatter tomorrow and would love to catch a kingie with him. Any tips on where to try would be greatly appreciated Cheers
  11. Managed 2 nice mowong and a few tailor. Will be going out again tomorrow to hopefully try for a king in pittwater. Any advice on area's to try would would be appreciated. Cheers
  12. Fishraiders First solo trip on Saturday. Went to long reef first up and got smoked twice early. I am guessing kingies. Launched from pittwatter so stopped in for a bottom bash on the way back and landed 2 nice mowong. Great day out and cant wait for next weekend.
  13. Fishraiders Have a trip planned for this Saturday. Weather looks like it will be good and I plan on launching at rowland reserve and heading out to broken bay. I would really appreciate any tips on spots, baits that have been doing ok. Fairly new to fishing in this area and any info would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  14. Would someone be able to let me know what species this is. Caught a heap of them at west reef yesterday.