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  1. Pauafritta

    Port Stephens winter reds- whose interested?

    I would be keen to join and meet a few raiders and have a few laughs
  2. Pauafritta

    Holiday in Forster - Mahi Mahi and Kingfish

    The live bait tank was plumbed in at the quintrex factory. The pickup is very low on the stern. I had assumed it didn't pump as forward momentum would create an air pocket at the intake.
  3. Pauafritta

    Holiday in Forster - Mahi Mahi and Kingfish

    Good tips. Next time I wont overload the tank as it is fairly small.
  4. We are regular visitors to Forster and were recently up there for 2 weeks. The weather was not the best with large swells and annoying wind as a result from the Cyclone in Queensland. We did however manage to get some fishing in and a number of “firsts”. With bad weather we were confined to the lake so I took my 4 year old out to look for dolphins. I had just purchased 2 crab traps on special a day earlier and we dropped them further up the lake while we went Dolphin hunting. Having found and followed the dolphins for a while he soon got bored and we dropped a line over. He caught 2 small flathead in 10 minutes and we were done for the day. They were his first ever fish and he was super excited to get 2 fish to Dads 0. We went back to check the crab traps which were only in the water for 2 hours so expectations were low. We were very surprised to find our first ever Blue Swimmer Crab and a large Bream. We let the Bream go and kept the crab for dinner. I had a few goes at throwing lures off the breakwall and managed to get my first breakwall Kingie. Without a net or gaff I was very lucky to land it. I think it was a legal fish but wasn’t totally sure as I had left the brag mat on the boat, so it was released back to grow a bit. With 1 day to go the weather had improved I took the opportunity to head out past the bar. I stopped to pick up some livies and every time I put 3 hooks down I would pull up 3 slimies. With 15 livies on board I headed off for my solo mission out to the FAD 16km offshore. It was a bit bumpy in my 5m bowrider but it felt safe. After a long slow trip I arrived at the FAD to find 1 other boat and discovered half of my live baits had perished. I assume due to the fact the water stops pumping if the boat is moving. I quickly setup up a live bait and within 30 seconds was taken by a good size Mahi Mahi, which was the first ever off my boat. It was great fun, even on my heavier 50lb setup. I used all the livebaits and had landed 3 legal Mahi Mahi, with the biggest at 82cm. I released a number of smaller fish as well. I even put some of the dead baits down and these were smashed off the surface by the smaller Mahi Mahi. With the livebaits all gone and having created a burly trail with my breakfast in the swell I headed home. If I wasn’t so sick I would have stayed to throw a few lures, but was happy with the fish I had in the boat and was back at the ramp about 9am. Even though there was not a lot of fishing done it was great to get a few.
  5. Pauafritta

    Used boat advice-Bowrider

    I have a quintrex bowrider 510 with an etec 90. Great for the family and have also had it at the fad off Forster. It's small enough to launch by myself and great for the wife and kids. Also towed biscuits off the back. It's very dry unless you get a strong cross wind but that hasn't happened often as I just adjust the trim and angle.
  6. Pauafritta

    Fiji fishing

    Awesome! I'm heading to Denarau in May and keen to get out for action like this
  7. Pauafritta

    Port Stephens- Huge flatty!!!

    Well done! Nice flattie
  8. Pauafritta

    Boat storage- prevent theft

    Has anyone on here used one of the GPS trackers. I have been reading reviews on fleabay and Hamazon and there are a lot of bad reviews. In particular was after one with a self contained battery and no monthly contract. Will then put a cheap prepaid Sim in.
  9. Pauafritta

    SBT charter from Sydney

    Does anyone have a recommendation on a charter for SBT out of Sydney? Or if anyone takes there own boat I would happily pay for fuel and would be satisfied been the deck hand and watch you pull one in.
  10. Pauafritta

    Port Stephens- Mixed bag

    Nice haul there. I would still be tempted to throw a lure at busting tuna so well done sticking to your plan.
  11. Pauafritta

    Long weekend at Forster

    What a fantastic weekend! We plan on heading to Forster a lot more so this is great encouragement.
  12. Pauafritta

    All rounder boat

    I have a Quintrex bowrider which i think is great all round . Its 5m, light and I drive it on the trailer and just lean over the front to hook it on. It's great with the family in the bay and get offshore when it's not too rough.
  13. Pauafritta

    Fishing in Orange NSW

    I will be going to Orange for Easter and want to know if anyone would suggest a good guide or charter ( not flyfishing) for one of the dams or rivers. I plan to leave my boat at home so am hoping there are good options for a Murray cod or other fish with a guide or from shore.
  14. Pauafritta

    Dyed bait

    I have seen a few shops selling worms dyed bright red recently
  15. Just watched the news story on TV on this. They said the pollution is caused by firemen training at the airport and the foam going into the water.