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  1. Pauafritta

    Boat storage- prevent theft

    Has anyone on here used one of the GPS trackers. I have been reading reviews on fleabay and Hamazon and there are a lot of bad reviews. In particular was after one with a self contained battery and no monthly contract. Will then put a cheap prepaid Sim in.
  2. Pauafritta

    SBT charter from Sydney

    Does anyone have a recommendation on a charter for SBT out of Sydney? Or if anyone takes there own boat I would happily pay for fuel and would be satisfied been the deck hand and watch you pull one in.
  3. Pauafritta

    Port Stephens- Mixed bag

    Nice haul there. I would still be tempted to throw a lure at busting tuna so well done sticking to your plan.
  4. Pauafritta

    Long weekend at Forster

    What a fantastic weekend! We plan on heading to Forster a lot more so this is great encouragement.
  5. Pauafritta

    All rounder boat

    I have a Quintrex bowrider which i think is great all round . Its 5m, light and I drive it on the trailer and just lean over the front to hook it on. It's great with the family in the bay and get offshore when it's not too rough.
  6. Pauafritta

    Fishing in Orange NSW

    I will be going to Orange for Easter and want to know if anyone would suggest a good guide or charter ( not flyfishing) for one of the dams or rivers. I plan to leave my boat at home so am hoping there are good options for a Murray cod or other fish with a guide or from shore.
  7. Pauafritta

    Dyed bait

    I have seen a few shops selling worms dyed bright red recently
  8. Just watched the news story on TV on this. They said the pollution is caused by firemen training at the airport and the foam going into the water.
  9. Pauafritta

    Battery charging question

    Thanks for the tips. I have got the battery out of the boat and will leave it on the charger and see what it does. The MX 5.0 does have a setting for bigger batteries so it should work.
  10. Pauafritta

    Battery charging question

    The battery is only a year old and would have only been flat a week
  11. Pauafritta

    Battery charging question

    I have left my battery switched on and it is completely flat. I can switch to the secondary battery and start the boat as this should be fully charged. I park my boat on the street and getting the flat battery out to charge it is extremely difficult and I'm not sure the MX5 motorbike battery charger would do the job. So, if i took the boat on the water, using the secondary battery to start it, will running the motor charge up the flat battery? or do i just need to suck it up, buy a new charger and extract the battery from the boat?
  12. Pauafritta

    Fishing goal this summer

    2 goals for me. Catch a kingfish on my new downrigger and make it out to the FAD.
  13. Pauafritta

    Canon unitroll downrigger help needed

    Thanks for the advice. Braid has been ordered and wire stripped.
  14. The wire on my downrigger has jumped off and jammed the spool. According to online videos the only way to get the spool off is to strip the spool but I cannot as it is jammed and I cannot move it. Any suggestions on how to fix it it anyone that can do this in sydney?
  15. Pauafritta

    Botany Kings

    Nice! How deep were you and how far off the bottom were you trolling?