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  1. perch

    Plastic fishing carp

    I was using a scent that come from a packet of starlos squidgies and a very slow retrieve and moving the rod tip as if I was using sugar pen for whiting
  2. perch

    Plastic fishing carp

    Yeah they sure do
  3. perch

    Plastic fishing carp

    Are the mirror carp very common and are they frin inbreeding of something or are they there own type of carp
  4. perch

    Plastic fishing carp

    Yeah I’ve caught a few mirror carp in the hunter river but not to many this is my first in the creek tho there was a pair of them and I saw the mirror and went for it
  5. Hey guys so headed down to my local creek this morning in search for some carp on plastics which was a success landing about 6 carp and an eel on zmans 2 inch grub in blood worm but they tended to dodge them if you had no scent on the plastic also had many takes and they’d spit the lure pretty quick here’s some pics of the carp I landed
  6. perch

    Carp on plastic

    Yeah I’ll give that a try thanks
  7. perch

    Carp on plastic

    Yeah I know the only reason I run it is the system I fish has lots of snags and I’m often fishing off high banks making landing them hard heres the pics
  8. perch

    Carp on plastic

    2 inch grubs I meant and yeah I think I’ll have to do that
  9. perch

    Carp on plastic

    Hey rick I tried compressing them but they still wouldn’t upload and ive gotten some 2 grubs so I’m hoping that will do the trick and also do you think they would be shy of line because I ran 4 and 6 pound and was getting smoked to often so I’m now running 15 pound leader
  10. perch

    Carp on plastic

    Sorry guys it’s not letting me upload them
  11. perch

    Carp on plastic

    Hey guys been fishing my local creek a fair bit recently and have been sight fishing carp in shallow water with quite abit of success in using unweighted baits but a while back the fish were on spawn and where hitting plastics intended for bass so today I went down targeting them on plastics and sight casted it and had them hit it but quickly spit it out and they would only hit it when I had scent on I was wondering if anyone would have any suggestions to why they are spitting the plastic heres a couple I’ve caught in the past
  12. perch

    North arm cove

    Hey guys heading up to north arm cover for the weekend and will be taking the boat was just wondering whats on offer to catch and also what baits to use and if livies are there any particular spots
  13. perch


    Thanks we do have a boat so would it be better to tie of to one of the pylons up from the bridge and run baits towards the bridge
  14. perch


    Hey guys been wanting to catch a kingy for a while now and was wondering where a good place to fish for them mainly land based and what bait/lures to run I’ve seen videos of them catching them a swansea bridge and have wondered if there a reliable fish to target in that area
  15. perch

    The entrance

    Heaps of small ones but there was a fair amount of decent ones