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  1. Hi Raiders Does anyone have any suggestions where I can store a trailered Quintrex 5m runabout on northern beaches? I have it on the street in manly but the street is becoming very busy and the neighbors are complaining, plus the council is cracking down on boats parked on the street for long periods. I have obtained quotes for frenchs forest storage but it is quite expensive... Anyone have a house I could park it at in return for some sort of payment (beer, wine, fish?) lol or any other ideas? Cheers
  2. Good catch al What baits were u having luck on?
  3. Why bother keeping these, way better fish to eat in the Sea then these poor buggers
  4. Nice, how deep were you getting the trag?
  5. Beaver

    Sydney Today

    Yeah first time I've seen maritime outside the heads safety checking. We were lucky my flares had nearly expired. They chased after us at 40kmh to stop us for a check! We were at 12 lost 5 jigs, every boat was losing jigs jackets everywhere...
  6. I think it means they are NOT proposing to increase duskys min length to 40 as it may lead to more people keeping females. Overall quite good, proposal of a 50cm size reduction for mahi mahi is good for us sydney folk as 99% of the fish on the close fads are under 60cm anyway, it will allow us to legally keep deep hooked fish if they're over 50 instead of throwing them back practically dead 2 bag limit for kings a bit tough, often in winter I can only get out once a month so keeping a few to last for a feed is good. Perhaps 3 might be better
  7. Thanks for the info Huey. Ive got a F100 yamaha 04 model, it's always had those brass wingnut connectors as far as I remember after buying it second hand. I have always tried to ensure they stay tight and check them regularly. The mechanic has never said anything to me about them. I might go and try find myself some of those nylock nuts you reccomend and switch them over just to be safe. cheers
  8. What do you reccomend to use instead of wingnuts to connect leads to terminals?
  9. Got a nice one in manly land based about 2 or so years ago around February. First report of them this year i believe, well done
  10. Nice big pig. Especially for this time of the year. Sounds like you had a great time.
  11. Yeah was a good day out with a mixed bag of fish depsite a few early showers. that rat king was a rogue, fought harder than many 70cm kings I've caught before, definitely punching way above its size...
  12. Hi mate, it's a legal requirement and they can fine you I think. Not sure how they would catch you, and don't know anyone that's been fined, but they can if they want to
  13. You can still call them and they will respond, it's just best practice and a requirement technically to have done the course
  14. Definitely go the VHF, even for inshore fishing. I had a 27 meg and couldn't even contact marine rescue properly in Sydney Harbour. VHF is so much clearer, and the range is excellent. They're only a tiny bit more expensive too. And yes, you have to do a radio course to use the VHF
  15. Great first king. My first king many years ago was about 58cm How big was the live pike approximately?