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  1. Adsy91

    Chasing Flathead with Daiwa Double Clutch

    Slightly off topic but my summer holiday mission is to get a metrey on a swimbait on the shallows. Those new zerek live mullet look like a good place to start. Will post reports when i get out there ?
  2. Adsy91

    Check out this chopper!

    Some big girls getting around there lately, this is the secons Ive seen caught in lake mac in 3 weeks. Proper "bluefish" size hay!
  3. Adsy91

    FIrst time Baitcaster

    Great work Mark! Trying something new has akways kept my passion for fishing alive. I believe i wrote up a very similar report about a year ago when I was doing the same thing. Absolutely love them now...gotta get into this fly fishing business now and give that a crack ? The american bass fisho's on youtube are nuts about baitcasters and in turn have some great instructional vids online too. Thanks for the report mate ? Ads
  4. Adsy91

    Sydney Harbour surface action

    Not just you mate, my house-mate runs a charter in Terrigal and has had to cancel 9 of his last charters and has had 3 doughnuts when he did go out...the water has only just dropped in temp so maybe some late season love will show up. We have resorted to rock hopping for blackies and grouper on the fly....the grouper have yet to be landed ?
  5. Adsy91

    Strange catch - last Sunday

    Ive caught big bull sea mullet that swallowed the back end of a sugapen once....went bananas too haha I actually watched the lure work past it before the mullet turned and completely launched itself at it and sure enough tried to eat the thing...I was very surprised
  6. Adsy91

    NT Trip - Finniss River

    Awesome trip mate, the grass is always greener on the other side! I would have to agree about the Barra fight, Ive caught up to a metre long barra on 1-3kg bream rods with 8lb line and other than the first run I just had to be careful with their weight. Question for you though, they don't look like the king threadfin Im used to (forgive my ignorance), what sort of threadies are they? Oh and the Salmon are on at the Swansea channel, not many around off the beaches this season though ?
  7. Adsy91

    Light plastics

    Awesome mate, one of the harder species to master on plastics. That issue you are having with the wind and seeing the bites will come with practise but maybe try an incredibly slow wind with the techniques you are already using if it's blowing at your face, the idea being you are only winding in tiny bits of slack line at a time so you can see bites more easily but not so fast that you affect the action of the lure on the sink. I do this when I keep getting bites but miss the hook ups and it always helps land a few of them ?
  8. Adsy91

    Terrigal kayaking

    Ive found the haven in winter has less squid but way bigger, Summer you could catch over a hundred in there but they would all fit in the palm of your hand. Summer I use em whole for bait, winter a feed and the heads for bait ?
  9. Adsy91

    Lures vs bait scenario results

    Dont get me wrong I gave caught some great fish including some barra up north I just find i miss a lot of chances with them personally
  10. Adsy91

    Terrigal kayaking

    Nice report mate, might have to come with you for a few drifts over summer, too cautious to head out there alone without a rudder or foot pedals, Some nice pics too ?
  11. Adsy91

    My first Australian salmon

    Well done mate, massively under rated sport fish in my opinion I generally run a single circle hook off the beach and let them take it for at least 5-10 seconds before a steady pull (not a jerk) and they hook need to distinguish the bites then ?
  12. Adsy91

    Lures vs bait scenario results

    ? you know me too well mate haha I should be a rep for them! Been going on for 3 years now haha For a good reason though ?
  13. Adsy91

    Lures vs bait scenario results

    Terrible hook up rate on the zerek live shrimp, save yourself some cash and get some ecoodas instead, not weedless but they actually catch fish ?
  14. Adsy91

    Wombral Beach

    Could be your jews big sister mate, caught bronzies off there that didnt fight that hard but my matw got his 36kg jew at Wamberal this time last year ?
  15. Adsy91

    Unexpected bicatch

    That's one solid Trev mate well done ? Massively under rated sport fish in my opinion, they go like the clappers