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  1. flatheadluke

    Snapper off the rocks

    Back in the 80’s and 90’s that spot was the go to for Marlin fishing. The highest part of the ledge is called ‘big mugs’ and its great for jumping off for a swim in summer (you have to time the sets as bottom can be shallow). Lots of kelp beds around that spot, not much sand. Lots of rock cod and bakers over the kelp beds but good fish on the edges. You need to get to the edge of the reef where the sand is to avoid the garbage. I’d suggest a 10 foot+ rod with 10 - 20lbs line with a 1/0 suicide hook on a SALTED half pillie (secured with half hitch) running sinker rig on the run out. Wind to your back or no wind a must. Maybe size 1 or 2 ball sinker. Make sure the leader is lighter than the main line and be prepared to lose some rigs while you are working out where the reef isn’t! Just a thought. Good luck!
  2. flatheadluke

    tough going but fun all the same

    Why is reef fishing harder on a full moon scratchie? Is that to do with the tides? Doesn’t seem to be stopping you catching big red brutes
  3. flatheadluke

    tough going but fun all the same

    Put in at first light this morning. I made a pact with myself: no bait, I have to catch it. so of course the yakkas weren’t taking the sabiki. In desperation I broke out the squid jig - managed to find a spot and collect 4. Traded one for two yakkas with @kiwicraig then went out to west reef and got thrashed about and caught countless undersized snapper, flathead and spikies. Kept one flathead. Tried on the way back at rip bridge for zeros. Thanks for reading. Luke
  4. flatheadluke

    Bait bucket board from Dinga

    check it out - got delivered yesterday.
  5. flatheadluke

    Bate Bay flatties

    Nice catch Yowie 👍
  6. flatheadluke

    Port Stephens- Pre fish

    Nice fish scratchie and I hope the party poopers caught zilch
  7. flatheadluke

    Winter Fishing Tips

    Aside from what everyone else has said winter is awesome for an open boat as you don’t get too hot in the sun. I also like not having to deal with mossies and flies.
  8. flatheadluke

    Lake Macquarie Flathead drought breaker

    Nice report Josh well done. You and the fish have the same facial expression
  9. flatheadluke


    Welcome (back) to the forum Col. I fish the same body of water as you and look forward to the reports. On a side note that’s an awesome choice of gear there!!! Have you christened it yet? If so how does it fish?
  10. flatheadluke

    Braid connections

    Sometimes you want a larger reel with a spool too large. Eg I have a bream reel that takes 300 metres of braid. A bream won’t strip 300 metres of braid so mono backing saves me the cost of too much expensive braid.
  11. flatheadluke

    Braid connections

    If you’ve still got a good amount of braid left I’d remove it, add more mono backing then top shot your salvaged braid. A variable speed drill, a self tapping screw and a coke bottle makes this job easy
  12. flatheadluke

    Bellambi Reds

    Nice bag of fish there Sam well done. How was the current out there?
  13. flatheadluke

    Port Hacking - crabs

    Yum yum 😛
  14. flatheadluke

    Fishing after all this rain

    Sounds like a good plan A and plan B to me you just need to choose the waterway. ‘Why not the closest one’ is the immediate question that springs to mind
  15. flatheadluke

    Snapper off the rocks

    You can get snapper from both Terrigal and Avoca. If you snorkel around both parts you’ll see them in amongst the kelp beds. There are narrow holes amongst the rocks and kelp that have a sandy bottom, they seem to like these spots and i reckon they hunt by scent and ambush as opposed to great sight and speed. Around near terrigal point near lord Ashley wreck you’ll see snapper traps set by the pro’s marked with a white buoy. In 2017 my friend caught a 6kg snapper from the rocks as bycatch when fishing for tailor terrigal point this year throwing towards the surf club you’ll catch all sorts of species. Ive seen/caught, mulloway, blackfish, wobbegong, squid, trevally, flathead, bream, tailor, salmon you name it. Never a snapper though. It’s a busy spot but still fishes well and importantly is safe. You can burley if you like but its not needed. A paternoster rig works. Good luck!