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  1. flatheadluke

    Poor start

    We’ve all done it Jon. If it makes you feel better I bought an expensive suit last month whilst in the US which I thought was a bargain. I get home and model it to the wife and she started laughing at me. The pants felt snug at the store but at home when wearing shoes my ankles were exposed 🤦‍♂️
  2. Congratulations on the new toy Jon. I though you were getting an ocean cylinder? If the RIB was so good then why did you buy the Haines?
  3. Central coast council has 1600 staff. Second only to the city of sydney council. 180 people work in IT. The council employ more full time IT staff than Qantas. Our rates as being effectively stolen to the detriment of our lakes, roads and infrastructure. There’s $80mil a year in savings that could be used to fix the entrance lagoon issue and so many others.
  4. If you’re washing them properly and they’re still rusting then moisture is the culprit. A small bit of inox helps but I’d rather a small bit of rust then the possibility of a scent that deters a bite. Chances are I’ll lose the lure to a snag/bust off before the rust becomes too major anyway!
  5. I thought so 👍 nice catch BTW, the crab top left is a beautie
  6. Is that snapper on the bottom legal size?
  7. Thanks a lot I checked out the garden clinic site - really helpful.
  8. All sorts Noel. What the name of the site you use? Thanks mate.
  9. First thing we should all be doing is minimising water usage https://www.yourhome.gov.au/water/reducing-water-demand Second is to have an alternate water supply, as others have mentioned rainwater tanks, bore water or using a car wash that uses alternative water supplies not town water. Third is to opt for a trailer that is easier maintenance. The newer telwater trailers are aluminium with some gal, the wheel guards are plastic and use bearing buddies. That way less water is required to clean.
  10. flatheadluke

    My Tinny

    Makes sense. The older, larger tinnies i’d definitely opt for a console for the reasons you mentioned. A smaller tinny with the new hulls and side decks it think a tiller is better as you maximise space which is important especially for sub 14 foot boats. Here is a pic of how I have organised my tiller set up - works for me
  11. flatheadluke

    My Tinny

    Why do you regret tiller steer? I’m a big fan personally
  12. +1 i spend big on braided line though - my 6lb daiwa X8 grand cost more than my rod.