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  1. flatheadluke

    Where are the pelagics?

    Season 17/18 I caught well over 100 bonito and 30 kings and this season I’m on zero for both
  2. flatheadluke

    Fluoro straight through - Bream

    I like braid as the lower diameter casts better and creates less drag in current. Important for how I fish for bream but mono is fine for bait
  3. flatheadluke

    Dual electric outboards

    I’d guess 4 knots with one (walking pace) and 8 knots with two. Cant say I’ve seen a dual electric set up, it sounds pretty awesome. the electrics are a lot quieter but do still spook the fish, can i ask why not look at a double kayak instead?
  4. flatheadluke

    Port Hacking Friday 8/02/19

    Great report thanks for sharing. It sounds like that legal king you caught had been caught a few times before!
  5. flatheadluke


    Excellent initiative
  6. flatheadluke

    Whats your dream boat

    Youre entitled to be disappointed. You’d feel worse if he took your deposit then went into receivership. I’m sure he would have taken your order for a new boat if he could have.
  7. flatheadluke

    Whats your dream boat

    Do you realise that dealer might not have been in a financial position to order in more stock? Could be cash flow problems, on credit hold with the supplier, any number of reasons.
  8. flatheadluke

    Whats your dream boat

  9. flatheadluke

    Need some help. Sick of catching small fish

    Antonio Banderas said it well: “the source of frustration is expectation”. We do live in a highly urbanised location with a raft of commercial, recreational and environmental pressures on stocks. Throw into the mix forums like this and magazines/tv shows that highlight trophy species being caught seemingly at will and I can understand your expectation to land a monster, especially after trying for so long. Greater Sydney still offers anglers the chance to land big fish, but it’s becoming increasingly expensive and difficult. So you have to ask yourself how badly you want to catch a large fish and how much you’re willing to invest? Is it worth reassessing your goal? I’ve given up targeting Jew, kings and large tuna. Put simply the cost of equipment, fuel, time etc doesn’t match up with the reward in my opinion. If it were the 80’s when you could catch Jew, legal kings and big bluefin tuna more easily it would be a different story but those days are long gone. I’m happy to just catch the odd bream, flathead or crab with my kids and spend more time gardening and growing food. But that’s me and each to their own. good luck with reaching your fishing goals, I think you’re on the right track seeking out a mentor, I hope you find one that can help.
  10. flatheadluke

    After-work Rose Bay session

    Sometimes the fish feed on small bait smaller than the size of a 5 cent piece (called eyes). Fly rod is the best way to mimic eyes as the line has weight enough to cast.
  11. flatheadluke

    Sydney Harbour Fishing with a complete newbie

    Nice report and I also dont like the taste of commercially caught and sold seafood
  12. flatheadluke

    Umina Beach fish

    Now that you mention it the fish does match the sand really well.
  13. flatheadluke

    Umina Beach fish

    Went for a stroll this morning first light and cast around a lure. Caught a flathead and half dozen dart (all released). Plenty of whitebait around.
  14. flatheadluke

    What would you buy for 45k?

    Where are you storing it? Is it a garage? Sounds like space is an issue. If you want to go offshore and have a small amount of space I’d be looking at a heavy hull (fibreglass, 5mm plate or a polycraft) as opposed to a thinner and lighter aluminium hull. The other option might be to store your boat in a dry dock in Sydney harbour then you can get a larger boat (and don’t need a trailer).
  15. flatheadluke

    Info on how to reduce wind knots

    If it were me I’d get on a boat somewhere there is current and no boat traffic and slowly let all the line out and leave it for 10 minutes to untwist. Then I’d spoil it up nice and tight (but not too tight) with the drag tightened right up. as others have stated winding against the drag could be causing the issue. Also if you’re casting across a strong breeze (instead of against or with) using a heavy lure you might twist the line after about 10 casts. You can also try attaching a swivel (either straight to the lure or to connect the leader) to reduce twist. also what is tasline? A good quality braid like daiwa j braid wil resist line twists a lot better than cheaper types. good luck with it mate! Cheers, luke.