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  1. PB luderick - not an easy fish to land from the stones in swell
  2. All my tackle is cheap, except braid, hooks and split rings.
  3. You can catch them now but probably not in big numbers. Water too brown. Never know though if you find some good water this weekend you could get lucky. If you’re fishing the mouth of the Hawkesbury then the better water will be the leeward side of the ocean current. IE if its uphill then south. When it clears up ill be targeting them. Suggest trying a slow troll a metal close in to the rocks, be careful though. When you hit a patch anchor up and cast for them. When they’re on you can bag out pretty quickly. Awesome sashimi next day if left in an ice slurry as soon as you capture them. Don’t worry about bleeding them. They’re a species that vary greatly year to year. They might show up in plague proportions this December, or almost none at all until March 2021. Sometimes they’ll be pretty small one year then monsters the next.
  4. Thanks Dieter. Getting 5 polycarbonate roof panels home was worse. I had to use an oky strap to tie the front of the panels down just above the bonnet lashed through the driver and passenger windows. Flimsy bloody things fly up at speed. 80% of my view was obscured and I had to enter from the back doors. Lucky it was 9pm on a Thursday night.
  5. Wow thanks GH that’s such a compliment- means a lot. Boy it’s fun construction, but at 38 the body was pretty stiff and sore the next few days - I think it’s a young mans game? I wanted to paint it white but the boss said she wanted natural colour so I stained it using a water based product called ultra deck. I’ve only done one coat so far and haven’t had the time yet to sand it. Here is what it looked like unstained.
  6. Thanks Bolts. It’s over engineered a bit touch on treated pine wood she’ll stay upright. 1000mm trenches with 25kg of concrete in each for the posts (which were sealed with bitumen paint). Beams attached with 8 x 120mm m12 bolts. Each rafter attached with 4 galvanised brackets secured with 60mm gal screws plus additional 50mm gal nails. Battens secured with 100mm gal screws and polycarbonate roof secured with over 100 x 80mm coach screws. The timber itself is engineered timber for extra strength. If a cyclone hits I expect the house might be gone but the gazebo won’t!
  7. Had a crack at building a gazebo over the weekend. I’m a white collar worker and definitely no carpenter. Built it after watching a kiwi YouTube video. Believe it or not the entire roof structure fitted on my roof racks! It was a nervous drive home from Bunnings.
  8. You always find something. Last time i found a metal reel component, an 8Oz sinker, size 7 ball sinker and a couple of small hooks. No damage done to the hull but the tackle was well rusted. I am careful with tackle its passengers who aren’t so careful. Always amazes me how people can damage/lose your stuff and not have the courtesy to own up and tell you.
  9. Yep that open floor is a pain in the neck
  10. For the areas you have mentioned I reckon the Quintrex Busta or similar is a better hull. At the 420 and 440 size I looked at the renegades and the gunwhales are below my knees which in my mind is easy to trip over and into the drink. The busta has the foam in the seats (not the floor) so the gunwhales are higher. box head/barrenjoey headland can get pretty sloppy when the weather turns. if you’re really set on the renegade the 460 is heaps safer- gunwhales are a good height.
  11. 2 x 120Ah will be plenty for an 80lbs leccy. You can use a 12v charger for a 24v set up just charge them in series (positive to battery A, negative to battery B). Just make sure they are the same battery and same level or charge (voltmeter helps). 12amp+ charger will be fine.
  12. Tried to kick over the outboard this morning to wash it out. It’s an electric start 2 stroke tiller. Stopped working. The pull start worked. I’m thinking a fuse somewhere??? Any help appreciated
  13. Nice fish Dieter hard to get a legal king from the stones 👍
  14. flatheadluke

    Poor start

    We’ve all done it Jon. If it makes you feel better I bought an expensive suit last month whilst in the US which I thought was a bargain. I get home and model it to the wife and she started laughing at me. The pants felt snug at the store but at home when wearing shoes my ankles were exposed 🤦‍♂️
  15. Congratulations on the new toy Jon. I though you were getting an ocean cylinder? If the RIB was so good then why did you buy the Haines?