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  1. 💯 percent agree Frank. But I’ve stopped telling people, lead a horse to water kind of thing
  2. Drop bag limit to two and drop legal size to 60cms IMO. Personally I’d still release sub 65cm fish but I’ve seen too many rock fishos keeping undersized rats.
  3. Central coast dam at 50% capacity and wont go to level 2 in the short term. Another rainwater tank fan - the plants (particularly indoor) do much better compared to mains water.
  4. Nice report. Didn’t know it got 10 metres deep around Saratoga- I thought it was mainly 3 metres.
  5. Very nice Frank you will use that step a lot. The other use to no one has yet mentioned is as a sh$t step when nature calls just make sure no one is looking
  6. Welcome to the site Rod. I can see you’ve been here since last year and finally made a post. There have been plenty of boats on BW of late but no reports on Fishraider.
  7. Those manual inflatable life jackets are crap! Aside from Probably not keeping your face above water if unconscious they expire. The new foam 100 models are much better
  8. Looks awesome mate well done. So much better than bare, uneven aluminium! did you waterproof the ply? Not a major issue if you didn’t just means you will need to replace after a couple of seasons.
  9. I reckon you’ll be able to get away with one good 100 amp hour battery. I have a 54lbs thrust leccy on same size boat and keep it charged with a multi staged charger. Used the leccy all day and not depleted more than 25% of charge. if it doesn’t work you can always wire in a second running battery later on.
  10. This might help. My tinny is 14 foot and I have a 30hp 2 stroke. I carry quite a bit of gear too. 22 lites of fuel and I had about 2 litres left. I had two crew on board and seas and wind were rough. 30% throttle most of the time (8 knots) except in the bay where about 80% throttle (16 knots)
  11. My son and I headed out this morning. Great morning on the water wind wasn’t as bad as forecast and water was 22 degrees (too hot). we fished bait and the target were crab and bream. No luck on the crabs but we got two bream and a whiting. Also released 4 squire and an undersized whiting. thanks for reading. luke
  12. Anywhere there is a soft sandy bottom and shallow water - should be easy to find using google and a bit of walking about. Look for small sandy peaks and mangrove crab and yabby holes. Flat hard sand is mostly lifeless. The trick is to set the trap in shallow water (< 50 com deep). Good luck.
  13. Depends a lot on the bait that’s around at the time and where you’re fishing. Small mullet and whitebait i like a 3.75mm translucent lure on a 1/8 jig head worked all over the water column. Prawns a wriggler type plastic on a 1/16 or 1/24th suspended. Whiting a 5 to 7 inch shad on a 1/4 to 1/2 jig head along the bottom (depends on current).