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  1. flatheadluke

    Blues on the chew

    I’ve heard lots of stories about mates that caught all sorts of things. This is not a report
  2. flatheadluke

    Quintrex 420 renegade SC

    It’s a bit conspiracy theory but I think they’re built to have some faults. Keeps you going back to the dealer emptying your wallet. Case in point: galvanised steel bolts. Why the heck wouldn’t you use 316 stainless it’s not like we pay peanuts for a trailer
  3. flatheadluke

    Quintrex 420 renegade SC

    Good video Josh. had the same issue with my telwater trailer lights - it’s the same model as yours. They went in 2 weeks, then in 6 months then in 13 months. Dealer replaced then free of charge first two times, the third time I went to supercreep and replaced with a properly waterproof pair of lights (not faux waterproof). that is BS about lights having a 6 month warranty, EVERY electrical product sold in Australia has a 12 month warranty. The dealer ripped you off as he couldn’t be bothered to fill in the paperwork required by telwater.
  4. flatheadluke

    Heading out near Terrigal in a Tinny

    The red can fishes well for live bait and squid early morning
  5. flatheadluke

    Heading out near Terrigal in a Tinny

    I’ve launched from terrigal with exact same set up. You could do it safely this sat morning. The ramp is a two man operation - surge is quite strong. I’ve fish as far north as entrance bommies, as far south as little beach and about 2 nautical miles east of ramp. Terrigal haven and surrounds are classified as open water so you will need safety gear as such. Plenty of fish right in and around the haven to skillion you won’t need to go far initially. Good luck. Luke
  6. flatheadluke

    Tailor Hookup Rate Help

    You can also try attaching an assist hook to the front of lure which will hook the fish if it strikes from the side.
  7. flatheadluke

    Alternative to the FG knot for light rigs?

    I like uni to uni, for lightline 12 turns on the braid side, 4 on the mono. For a beginnner its a winner as they’re easy to tie correctly and low margin for error.
  8. flatheadluke

    First bonito of the year

    West Reefs Peaks JA
  9. flatheadluke

    First bonito of the year

    West Reef Peaks Dieter. Did you get out yourself on the weekend?
  10. flatheadluke

    First bonito of the year

    Headed out this morning at 6am from blackwall. Ive been working that hard I could have just floated around booker bay and taken photos of seagulls and that would have been awesome. The boy was dirty he couldn’t come but in my little tinny he gets sick when I poke my nose out the front. first stop was the live bait station and filled the tank with yakkas (no slimies). then I headed to the peak and found a few marks an anchored up, fishing bait and lures. Then I decided to do a very slow troll. I marked up a huge bait ball near the surface and you could see some big fish herding it around from underneath. My 8000 reel folds over and with 60lbs braid and 100lbs leader(live yakka) it’s a skull drag to the surface. My first Bonnie of the season and 4kgs. As quick as the bait came it was gone, so just the one fish. i tried my hand at jew at the rip on the way home and caught a wobbegong (released). hope you all had a good weekend fishing. Cheers, Luke
  11. flatheadluke


    As stupid as she is, at least she listens to anglers. Vote one nation and pauline pantsdown! The least sh@t choice
  12. flatheadluke


    Thanks for sharing @zmk1962. Last year the libs tried to lock me out of my fishing spots. This year they’re trying to blow it up!
  13. flatheadluke


    Canavan convinced fed libs and Scomo to give a Perth mining company over a million bucks of taxpayer funds to conduct seismic testing that will kill doilies, tuna, all sorts off offshore species from box head to Norah head https://www.asx.com.au/asxpdf/20190131/pdf/4428x3sbkypgk3.pdf
  14. flatheadluke


    Also anyone who lives on the central coast who votes liberal should be ready for an oil rig smack bang off Terrigal Haven thanks to our QLD minister for industry, Matt canavan
  15. flatheadluke


    Im voting for Jon Snow: King of the North