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  1. flatheadluke

    Electric motor

    You can mount it on the port or starboard side aft of the rail near the cleat. You won’t need to cut the rail that way. I’d reinforce the 2mm plate that would hold the leccy to ensure the bolts don’t rip trough in swell/at speed
  2. flatheadluke


    So if a pro catches a 45cm Jew in an estuary near a beach do you really think it will get released?
  3. flatheadluke


    This is an outrage - not the 1 per person limit but the rule change for the pros. Nothing infuriates me more than to see undersized mulloway on ice at the supermarket- what a joke. I fear this will make matters worse - people might just break the rules altogether unfortunately.
  4. flatheadluke

    My diy removable live bait tank

    I really like that controller box, variable speed and on off is a stroke of genius. And keeping the bilge out of the water is smart, mine is currently submerged and I’m scared to use it in shallow water because of noise.
  5. flatheadluke

    Fish smoker - what to buy?

    Does he have a bbq already? You night be able to get a smoker set for it. otherwise would he prefer gas or charcoal/wood? Gas is easier but some men (like me) prefer ‘wasting time’ building a fire as part of the experience and arguably you get better flavour with charcoal/wood.
  6. Won’t affect the pros they’ll catch just as many 45 to 70cm mulloway. Read the release carefully ‘abolish the 10 possession limit). And replaced with what? 5? Trawlers see fisheries officers a mile away (if ever) they’ll just dump the extra catch. sorry but no politician is going to harm commercial interests in this country.
  7. flatheadluke

    E-Tec or 4 Stroke Motor

    😂 how did you go with the snapper on the weekend Sam? That noisy etec of yours didn’t scare them all away did it?🤪
  8. flatheadluke

    E-Tec or 4 Stroke Motor

    Ford’s are better than Holden’s
  9. flatheadluke

    Which fish is this ?,Off Beach. (Salmon/Kahawai)

    i personally like a Weber kettle
  10. flatheadluke

    First kingy on lure

    Well done 👍
  11. flatheadluke

    Your Scientific Fish Names

    Northern bluefin tuna ‘extinctus damnbabyboomerus’
  12. flatheadluke

    E-Tec or 4 Stroke Motor

    I reckon 4 stroke as they’re quieter
  13. flatheadluke

    Snapper....at the top or the bottom

    I like the smile on the first fish eating the bait
  14. flatheadluke

    Snapper....at the top or the bottom

    I’m more like this i think
  15. flatheadluke

    Which fish is this ?,Off Beach. (Salmon/Kahawai)

    Tailor are beautiful eating smoked