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  1. It’s like you’re asking us for advice on how to use an angle grinder to trim your fingernails and you’re not interested in discussing nail clippers
  2. You’re taking a big unnecessary risk. Such a major change will have a major impact on performance and handling, Maybe completely wreck the boat and make it worth less than what it’s worth now. Look at the number of ribs in your boat, it’s engineered to support a certain amount of weight.throw and additional 80kgs on the bow don’t be surprised if you crack the hull in swell. Also if it does capsize there is the chance it won’t float. sell it and buy a new cuddy cabin there are heaps on the market now.
  3. Thank you Zoran for a fantastic post. I learnt a lot from it. Torque is something I never really considered, particularly even torque. i love it when someone looks beyond branding and relies on primary research and data to find the best value product that meets requirements. Your post highlights how much power buyers have these days. Out of interest did you assess reliability and lifespan as a requirement? I have heard anecdotally other motors (chiefly the Yamaha) have an advantage in this area. Or is that marketing fluff?
  4. Thanks Dieter, i found a double brick retaining wall filled with concrete to tackle. My sledgehammer is only 8lbs I thought about upsizing you 14lbs but was worried about breaking nearby windows. its all out of my system now!
  5. Well done Josh. One of the best fish on the plate you’re in for a treat
  6. Thanks GH. It’s sad but true. I would have preferred a timber shed built buy a local tradie but the price of timber is ridiculous at the moment. I ordered the shed just in time, but because of COVID 19 it took 6 weeks to ship and the cost has gone up 30% since I bought it.
  7. Me too, though I have taught myself and upped my construction skill level from ‘useless’ to ‘mediocre’
  8. I had a lot of fun knocking down old shed
  9. I hear you. It’s a big job. Number of hours assembly probably 36+. You have to take your time and you need the right tools. You need two+ people a few times, particularly final assembly.
  10. When we moved into our house it lacks a garage and the existing old shed barely fit the lawnmower. So from April this year I started work on it. I am happy to report except for the power and lighting (coming this Friday) its now finished. very happy to have a place to store, protect and maintain my fishing and boating gear.
  11. Thanks for sharing the recipe. Have you tried brisket in the slow cooker?
  12. Nice work Jon showing the young bloke the ropes. some nice little waves in the background if the fish weren’t biting the surfboard could have been an option.
  13. Looks the goods. Tinned tomatoes, fresh garlic, butter or ghee is the basis for many amazing dishes. You can add all types of meats, vegetables and spices to it. You can make an awesome curry by adding cumin, green cardamom, chilli, coriander and lemon juice.
  14. Paul Worsteling - Host of IFISH with Tackleworld I looked at the course. Looks like 12 months of study to learn how to live off grid.