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  1. I got out again today on my tinnie caught a mixed bag
  2. Headed out early this morning with the FIL and BIL - I got picked up in their new boat. We filled the live bait tank then poked our nose out the front of broken bay. Like a frightened turtle we quickly retreated back into the safety of the Hawkesbury River. We missed the tide change and fished Flint and Steel and Juno for three good sized tailor. Sorry no photos of the fish. A great trip and I look forward to more trips further offshore when conditions are better. The last time they caught five dollies.
  3. Can you get your hands on a kayak? Second hand you should be able to get one cheap. Then you can fish the deeper water and go for the bigger fish.
  4. Hi Steve, I'll leave you with this final thought: BPM Energy have no chance of winning this fight. They have wasted $25mil so far - they should quit before the losses pile up even further. Anyone investing with them will at the very least have a loss to offset against their tax return. We will get the entire east coast community in our corner. Fishing Clubs, Surf clubs, Bowling Clubs, sand castle building clubs you name it. This will be a single issue at the next state and federal election much like work choices were. The PM and Premier will come in and squash this (either current Li
  5. Fossil fuels are not the only way to power farms and homes, both here and in the developing world. There are many viable and renewal alternatives that can, not only can meet this need, help alleviate the many real problems the developing world face as a consequence of man made climate change: flood, fire and drought. For example, the East African drought of 2011 killed between 50,000 to 260,000 people. Battery storage and technology can enable this to be dispatchable as is the case in South Australia. The price continues to come down and its undeniably the future. No one is suggesting we
  6. @Steve-o I am going to put the emotive language and rude and insulting words to one side and acknowledge the valid point you do raise - we all do consume fossil fuels. Many Australians do earn a livelihood from oil, coal and gas exploration and production. We cant just suddenly take that from them. But we do need to progressively move away from that for the sake of future generations. We are in a climate emergency, no one can deny that the stats and anecdotes are overwhelming and irrefutable. Fortunately there are alternative sources of energy which I need not spell out here and as
  7. MP Zali Steggal (Warringah)opposes it so does Emma McBride member for Dobell (Wyong). if you live on the northern beaches you need lobby liberal state MP Rob Stokes - he has been silent on the issue. https://www.robstokes.com.au/contact-0
  8. Here is a statement from MP Lucy Wicks - federal member for Robertson (my local electorate). She will be opposing an extension of PEP 11. https://mailchi.mp/ba29b3f54dcb/update-on-pep-11?e=b1143ebd75 I will be writing to our state member as well - though she is in opposition.
  9. That’s pretty poor to happen on an expensive reel like that. Should not happen - I’d complain to Shimano and ask for a full credit towards a new Shimano reel that hasn’t got the same crappy components.
  10. Two of the old boys from terrigal taught me the dark art of blackfishing. Including types of blackfish weed/cabbage, luderick/drummer spots, drying, storing and rigging different types of black fish weed and cabbage etc. Between them they have 100 years and 4 generations experience black fishing - they both fit the definition of expert. One of the black fishing guys that passed a few years back had a rod that had been passed onto him by one of the pioneers of the sport - I remember him telling me it was over 100 years old.
  11. I must admit I didn’t plan on getting a large supply of luderick weed when building this pond but it’s a great by product! All it comprises is an old concrete laundry tub the neighbours were throwing out. To this I added a couple of lillies, rainwater (no chlorine as this burns fish and frogs gills), small fish from aquarium and some tadpoles I picked up at narara. The frogs have spawned and its well populated with tadpoles and frogs and the fish have spawned and there’s a healthy population of them too. It’s half in the ground (stops wild temperature variations) and north facing so
  12. Good post Bob. As I’ve gotten older I’ve gotten wiser/softer. These days I wear crocs as well. One of the big stores had a sale on and I scored a pair for $50. They have neoprene on the top and a Velcro strap to lock in the shoe. Great for wading through muddy shallows that have mangrove spikes and oysters etc. On another apparel related post there is some really great outdoor wear these days which makes fishing much more comfortable. Wick away shirts and the new water resistant pants and jackets that are also breathable are excellent. Stops you getting sunburnt or wet/cold.
  13. Some clever fishing there fellas and a great result - well done 👍
  14. Interesting technique. You’re much braver than me - a big snapper like that swimming off with a live bait, I’d be too scared of getting a finger (or hand) caught up in the braid to tighten the drag while line is peeing off in free spool. But hey it works!
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