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  1. flatheadluke

    Solo botany king fest

    71 fish for the trawlers nets today you can always head over to the fish markets and buy one
  2. flatheadluke

    Humane ways to dispatch fish

    I use some alligator clips on the gills then connect the circuit breaker on my 12 volt battery to give the fish a charge
  3. flatheadluke


    You know there’s 10 teaspoons of sugar in one of those cans Rick? Did you also know 7/10 Aussie men are overweight or obese? Switch to low carb beer or cider mate I want another 40 years of your snapper reports not 20
  4. flatheadluke

    Who remembers the good old 80's

    Highlight was skiing for the first time in 87 staying at the lodge at smiggins with my brother and my single mum. We were flat broke and I don’t know how she paid for it on a teachers salary, but basically she dropped us at the smiggins chairlift with all the gear and a lift ticket at 9am, i was 6 and my brother was 9 and she said ‘meet me back here at 4pm’. Our gear was not waterproof and our skis/boots didn’t fit but we had a blast. We taught ourselves how to ski and even made it to Perisher front valley mid station for a hot chocolate. If you did that these days you’d be arrested!
  5. Education would be a much more effective approach but that wouldn’t raise any revenue would it?
  6. flatheadluke

    Trolling for Kings

    I’ve never caught a king (even a rat) trolling lures. Garfish and squid works for me.
  7. flatheadluke

    Starting Beach Fishing

    Plastics and lures off the beach can be a lot of fun so long as you stay mobile and cover ground. And I disagree braid not being suitable for beach. In fact I think its most important to use on the beach. The low diameter is critical to cast you bait long distances and hit the back gutter when the front gutter is either full of kelp or only whiting/ dart etc. Also important to have low diameter line when a swell is on or so is the wind. You probably had line twist issues using only one swivel, if you have two swivels, one above the leader and one attached to a star or grapnel sinker you shouldn’t get line twist unless you have the drag too light and end up winding against the drag when retrieving your bait or catch.
  8. flatheadluke

    Fishing goal this summer

    Alright fellow raiders summer has started for season 18/19. What goals have we all got this season? last season I set the bar pretty low by wanting what is an abundant estuary species (crabs). I’m going for broke this year: a 1 metre+ king AND a 1 metre+ Jew. Obviously not in the same session (though that would be nice) but before May 2019. I believe I’ll do it, I’ve seen it happen in my head.
  9. flatheadluke

    Brisbane waters bream flathead sorry no fotos

    Thanks Sam. I should have taken a picture. I recall a lot of white spots but yeah might have been another species
  10. flatheadluke

    Gummy Shark before work

    That looks like sensational fish and chips ?
  11. After yet another big work/commute week the boy came in early this morning and wanted to go crabbing. His sister (who I’ve barely seen) was up for it as well - the wife not keen so she stayed home. after breakfast and preparations we put the boat in about 8:30am in woy woy. An absolute glorious morning I really didn’t care whether we caught anything or not. we motored to our yabby spot and both kids had a blast splashing about - we got only 6 yabbies which was fine as the target species was blue swimmer crabs. pulled up at the first spot and set out two hand reels and the boys rod with a rigged yabby. He struggled a bit casting and got fouled with weed a few times so I had a turn. I cast and drifted into a nice bit of structure and something sucked in the bait and I set the hook. On 6lbs and amongst the snags a good battle saw me narrowly win and get him into the chilly bin. A yellowfin bream and a healthy 29cms. we headed to the next spot as I really wanted a crab. This time the boy monopolised the rod and after I baited it he casted it out and let it drift before engaging the bail arm. He came up tight and a hefty battle ensued, with me holding him as to not be pulled from the boat. After a bit of winding against the drag and some solid runs a 42cm blue spot flathead comes into the net. we made one more move and our 6th and last yabby got taken VERY strongly but I was too slow to set the hook as I was distracted by a nearby boat behaving strangely. on the way back we had a swim and with the Mercury rising we were happy to be home in time for our seafood lunch. Thanks for reading.
  12. flatheadluke

    What do you guys do on your days off?

    Another gardener (novice) and carpenter (very novice)
  13. flatheadluke

    Barrycuda v Broken Bay

    Nice write up Antony sounds like a top day out and you learnt a few new tricks as well. Any closer to knowing what boat you want to upgrade to? Seems like a bigger fibreglass rig as opposed to a tinny might be more your style.
  14. flatheadluke

    Back to Broken Bay Basics

    Well done Craig great catch.
  15. flatheadluke

    The role of a man

    Look at cigarettes, cars any sort of new technology or product when first introduced. No controls or safety until after people are harmed. Computer games and social media are no different, the local schools now and health professionals are doing a great job of better educating parents about ‘screens’ and why their use needs to be limited. The state government are looking to ban phones and tablets for primary school kids and that law can’t come quick enough in my view. At our house we don’t let’s kids access screens until 4:30pm and then once dinner is on the table they’re switched off.