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  1. Daiwa J braid X8. It’s expensive but worth every cent and then some.
  2. Congratulations! i love this report for a few reasons: * level of difficulty: extreme * quality of catch: excellent * success after lots of setbacks * a plan B catch * environmental impact: very low * sustainable fishing. congratulations again on an excellent catch and report 👍
  3. In any event @DerekD I hope you can sort out the boat launching problem because we’re no closer to solving Australia’s sustainable economic development problem 🤣 that will teach you to open a thread inviting a whinge about Sydney 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😉
  4. I think I can explain things a bit better. RIGHT NOW about 3 million people aged 65+ (Retirement age) About 12 million people aged 15 to 64 (working age) so a ratio of working age to retireamber age of 1/4 projected 20 years time about 10 million people retirement age About 20 million working age so a working age to retirement age of 1/2 what do you think would happen right now if we halved the number of people working and paying taxes? Could we still afford pensions and free healthcare?
  5. At the moment we have about 3 million people aged 65+. In 20 years that will approximately TRIPLE to 9 million. so unless you want economic collapse we have two options: *bring in 200,000 younger working people each year *sharply reduce welfare for those 65+ Overcrowded cities and underemployment are big problems but you can tackle these by encouraging people to move to regional areas. And the slack labour market you can blame the unions - 18 year old apprentices on $100k to work in a factory at Holden no wonder the jobs moved offshore. https://www.ausstats.abs.gov.au/aussta
  6. And it still does - bloody awesome cattle 😋 though it’s dwarfed by what natural resources we have. 80% of the worlds uranium is in Australia for example. our migration policy is not perfect but it is worlds best. Unlike the US and Europe for a long time we have had good screening of new arrivals to ensure overall new Australians as a whole contribute a lot more to the economy than they take out. And frankly we aren’t having enough babies so we need them. I really hope we pick up some of the young, smart hard working types from Hong Kong.
  7. Australia will never go the route of Argentina- even if we had a complete idiot running the country for one simple reason: if in doubt, dig it out.
  8. definitely no shortage of problems with Sydney but boy I love Sydney harbour, the northern beaches, the eastern suburbs and the inner west. And the food - seriously the best in the world IMO
  9. I lived there many years - Chatswood, north Sydney, lavender bay, Paddington, Cremorne, neutral bay, Darlinghurst, Kensington, Bondi. why do you ask?
  10. Sydney is a fantastic place - if you can afford it. You need a dry dock space.
  11. Because I don’t want to get divorced
  12. I used the fish cleaning table at Woy Woy on Sunday. Never again will I use it. i was surrounded by 20 aggressive pelicans. Bloody things try sneaking up behind you, beside you within snapping distance. Previously I’ve lost a whole fish to a pelican who snapped it off the table while standing behind me. has anyone else had this issue? i can think of a few solutions: 1. Stop feeding them at fisherman’s Wharf 2. fence off the table with a 1.5 metre fence im going to start using a picnic table on the way home which is a shame because it will make the table quite smel
  13. Congratulations on catching three awesome fish!!! Beautiful looking rig and some very nice looking rods.
  14. It’s like you’re asking us for advice on how to use an angle grinder to trim your fingernails and you’re not interested in discussing nail clippers
  15. You’re taking a big unnecessary risk. Such a major change will have a major impact on performance and handling, Maybe completely wreck the boat and make it worth less than what it’s worth now. Look at the number of ribs in your boat, it’s engineered to support a certain amount of weight.throw and additional 80kgs on the bow don’t be surprised if you crack the hull in swell. Also if it does capsize there is the chance it won’t float. sell it and buy a new cuddy cabin there are heaps on the market now.
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