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  1. But I might put a 50amp circuit breaker on top of the battery just in case wiring wears between the battery and the switch panel. I’d prefer it if the boat didn’t catch fire 🔥 thanks @zmk1962
  2. Thanks @zmk1962 the picture isn’t great but there are 2 x 15amp fuses indicated by those funny rectangles that look like fuel pumps with a hook on the left of them.
  3. Thanks Zoran, I used split tubing to protect from interference and UV
  4. Thanks for the information guys. just wired my first 4 way switch panel - much happier with it. I didn’t earth to a terminal block or bus bar - just went straight back to the battery. Could this cause issues?
  5. Hey Rick, how is the sweepfire? What model do you have? I just got the 2500 from the orange serpent for $30.
  6. Awesome job mate well done. Looks like you have a few good potential sections for rod locker storage, i will be adding one to my boat when the floor needs replacing. Rods currently have a habit of getting in the way.
  7. 40cm+ bream what a trophy!!! Fish of a lifetime it will be some time before you beat that. Congratulations
  8. Congratulations on the PB Tyrone beautiful looking fish. Hooked up to a couple of good fish and landed one - not really cursed IMO
  9. Thanks Zoran, I’ve not seen that skit but I have seen other Arj routines he’s hilarious. I remember the one about how when he sees a bit of poo on a toilet bowl he’s too lazy to scrub it off but he does wee on it to loosen it up for the next guy 🤣 i tried using my bream rod and smaller lures but they weren’t going for it - maybe a larger lure would have worked but the amount of time wasted rigging I think I was too slow
  10. Got out for a few hours this morning targeting crabs and bream. Couldn’t find crabs anywhere - found a couple of bream. Encountered some surface feeding fish and forgot my spinning rod 😡
  11. Looks really nice well done mate. Do you plan on standing on the new floors? If so depending on weight you might pull the rivets through and the Shelley’s no more nails off the transom. Most floor frames are fixed to a rib with vertical supports. You wont need staples for the marine carpet, Good adhesive applied correctly will permanently fix the carpet to the ply. You then don’t need to worry about zinc staples corroding or worse still falling out and reacting with your hull.
  12. Thanks for sharing Giffo. Must say I’ve struggled with drifting yabbies over flats. I’ll try the motor in gear method.
  13. Head out first light with one of my best mates and his brother in law from Canada. My boat is normally a two man boat but I heard Declan’s brother in law (Mike) had never been fishing and had never driven a boat. i thought i should help him tick those two things off the bucket list. The forecast was for 1 metre swell and 8 knot winds early, but as my vessel is 14 foot I advised Declan to tell Mike to take travel calm and be aware if he gets sick he’s stuck on the boat until we are ready to return. As we are putting the boat in the water I also learnt that Declan recently saved Mike’s life from drowning while trying to swim across a river, so I made extra precautions by logging on with marine rescue and performing a safety sermon about where the fire extinguisher, Epirb etc were located to help calm the nerves. First stop was the live bait station and after explaining to mike how to flick the bail arm open and wind the reel I was stoked to see him catch his first yakka. It was a horse and we released it as we weren’t targeting sharks. As we motor past box head it becomes apparent the forecast was wrong. There was a strong secondary southerly swell and wind was more like 15 knots, and coupled with a run out tide conditions where washing machine like. I was also sounding warmer water in the estuary plus some good marks, i should have turned us around but decided to press on to the 50 metre mark. It was slow going, wet and rough, i made the call it would be too dangerous to head that wide out so we fished a few nearer marks. I hurled (twice) we caught a few undesirable reef species and undersized fish and kelp only 1 snapper. The guys made the call to head in about 9:30am and on the way back in a safe spot with no boat traffic I hooked Mike up the kill switch and let him steer the tiller for a couple of hundred metres (he was stoked). The boys said they had a great time and gave me a ribbing for being the one to throw up. Even Declan who sails yachts said for the first time ever he felt a bit green but Mike had absolutely no trouble at all (what a charger). Sorry no photos of the fish. Thanks for reading.
  14. Wasted my youth on gaming (console and arcade). Nintendo PlayStation Xbox owned them all. 6 months into relationship with now wife she threw my Xbox out. Haven’t played since. That was 10 years ago. a lot more knowledge these days about the negative effects on gaming. Main one is it affects your ability to focus in an academic environment. Pages in a book and a blackboard/whiteboard not enough stimuli to keep a gamer interested (lacks the sounds and images of a game). My son would be a gaming addict like me and I want him to get good grades (unlike me).
  15. Correct - not long now mate Opening night 💥