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  1. One of my dad's like lessons imparted to me: You will get lots of advice supposedly 'straight from the horses mouth'. Your job is to determine if that advice really is from the horses mouth or instead from the horses arse.
  2. Everything in moderation, including moderation.
  3. +1. You can never have a shaft that’s too long.
  4. Monday to Thursday I like the Bundaberg diet ginger beers - a 10 pack sets you back $15 from woolies ($1.50 per beer). Not too sweet and low sugar. Friday to Sunday I’m really enjoying the Zytho pale ales. $55 a slab of tinnies from BWS - they’re brewed in Goulburn and amazing.
  5. Agreed. They stop making them with wide gunwhales and unpainted hull which is a shame.
  6. Thanks Hucho. Here she is. Stacer. What’s your rig?
  7. Had a crack yesterday morning. Thought I’d run the gauntlet of rain and managed to stay dry. Fish weren’t really biting only caught a couple of 28cm snapper, a legal bream and undersized whiting. I marked the fish - a few big bait balls and some larger schoolies but didn’t have the right bait. Thanks for reading.
  8. never happened to me. good call but. soon as i hear a clap of thunder or a flash of lightning i call it quits.
  9. Had a minn kota 54lbs ipilot for 5 years, absolutely punished it and its still going. The record a track function is a pain in the neck but. When it comes time to upgrade i'm getting the XI5 cos it integrates with my lowrance sounder and I can uploand tracks directly on the sounder which the motorguide will follow. Or I might see if minn kota will do a deal with a hummingbird sounder as they integrate with minn kota then sell the lowrance second hand.
  10. A few suggestions * Fish Lips * White Swallow * In The Glass * Cockpit
  11. I wonder how it would be policed? If fisheries ask you to wind in a line and there’s a live squid with a hook in it who’s to say it wasn’t ‘freshly caught’? And keeping squid in a live bait tank doesn’t mean they won’t be eaten. The problem with clamping down too much is people will just say ‘stuff it I’m not following any of the rules’
  12. Started early morning brissy waters in between the rain last weekend. Flicked the vibes up around koolewong marina and scored a few flathead and a bream.
  13. This is an attempt by a micro party to get publicity. They want a page 3 article in major newspapers and a debate on q&a. The worst thing we can do is give it any oxygen. Quietly write to your local state member voicing your opposition to this amendment.
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