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  1. Captain Spanner

    12ft Rod for Rock Fishing ?

    I would highly recommend holding each of them in a shop, preferably with the same model reel as yours (or your reel attached). Get the shop person to load the rod up so you can feel the action and how much it hurts you when they fully load it up.
  2. Captain Spanner

    12ft Rod for Rock Fishing ?

    I have two Crucis travel rods. The 71047 and the 7244 models which are like 5-8kg and 2-4kg or somewhere near there. The quality is good and some have guides like k guides and some don't. Regardless of that, i would get an Aerowave Graphite. The three piece is so much easier to store and transport and the action is not effected at all. There has been quite a few similar questions to this over the years (such as below link) so do a search on here.
  3. Captain Spanner

    12ft Rod for Rock Fishing ?

    The two piece models will either be the old graphite series or the Composite Series (range under the Graphite Series). The graphite ones will probably be lighter and have a more aggressive (faster) taper, they may be more brittle but i don't have an issue with this as i don't use mine as a hockey stick on the rocks. The other major difference is that the graphite ones have K Series Guides which i think is a massive plus. They tangle alot less when casting and whatever they are made of is very corrosion resistant. We have one of the older series composites and love it. It is great for smaller to medium strip baits, is light in the hand and can handle big fish without hurting the angler.
  4. Captain Spanner

    Should I be worried with this?

    i agree it looks like filler/adhesive to join two molds. On another matter from your photos, you may want to seal up the hole where the wiring loom goes into the hull/transom with something flexible and removable like clear silicon. I would avoid sikaflex for this application as it will set too hard and too strong to be removed if you need to work on/replace/updgrade/move anything in that hole. We just use marine grade clear silicon. We used to get alot of water splash in that hole once the rubber gasket came out. You do not have a rubber gasket either.
  5. Captain Spanner

    12ft Rod for Rock Fishing ?

    I second that. Just pick the model to suit your application. I have the three piece 13 foot heavy model and it is still light in the hand, casts big or small baits/weights easily and has heaps of grunt. If you don't need to throw big heavy baits then one of the lighter/smaller models would probably be more versatile for you. The 11 or 12 footer would be fine.
  6. Captain Spanner

    Made the most of the weekend

    Nice one. It would be interesting to know what that remora came off.
  7. Captain Spanner

    Trolling a slapstick for kings

    They don't like to travel very quickly and will often spin and misbehave if you go too fast with them on a jig head. They seem to go best with a small nose cone style sinker on an offset worm hook (like a weedless rig). The sinker is really just to help it track straight and protect the nose of the plastic from being slid off the hook by the water pressure. Rigged properly they should survive up to about 3-4kts speed so can be run in conjunction with bibbed minnows or stickbaits/poppers or chromies. I run it behind the other lures in a shotgun like position and when one of the other lures gets hit and you stop to fight the fish the sluggo/slapstix will slowly sink down through the school and often get grabbed by one of the other fish. This is why you have as smaller cone sinker as possible so that it doesn't plummet to the bottom away from the fish and to get snagged. You can fish them without the nose cone sinker but they won't troll as well any faster than 1-2kts. You can also do this slow trolling livebaits or downrigging.
  8. Captain Spanner

    Garmin vs Lowrance vs Raymarine vs Furuno etc

    Rick I think it is time you upgraded. Message me when you are selling one of your HDS 5's.
  9. Captain Spanner

    Beach worming sydney

    You generally get beach worms at surf beaches. There would be different types of worms living in amongst the nippers, maybe tube worms or squirt worms or similar but less likely to be beach worms.
  10. Captain Spanner

    Beach worming sydney

    Try Wanda although i'm not sure how dizzy they will be after this weather and surf. I don't think there will be any in the Bay as mentioned above. I
  11. Captain Spanner

    Squidding in the rain

    Arrows don't mind the water a little bit dirty so you also get them further up the river. I've caught them at Captain Cook Bridge. But i have found that the green eye squid like it very clean
  12. Captain Spanner

    Squidding in the rain

    I think that they are primarily sight hunters and that you catch more squid when the water is cleaner/clearer. It is generally dirtier after rain so less active squid. I also agree they don't like fresh mixed in so try the bottom of deeper holes where the salt will be.
  13. Captain Spanner

    Anyone know this hardbody?

    I've been tempted to get some for a while but haven't yet. If you google them you will find some suppliers. I think they use light colours in the day and dark colours at night and in dirty water because a dark colour casts a better silhouette. The Killalure Jewie 150mm are popular too but i think the Croakers are more in fashion the last few years. They are definitely in alot of north coast photos. Good luck out there. Especially if you are able to get out after this rain. I would get a couple in case you cast one or two off with leader knot trouble. I find my leader knots can always pick a favourite lure and know when to catch on a cast.
  14. Captain Spanner

    Anyone know this hardbody?

    Is it a Croaker?
  15. Captain Spanner

    Loose Dividers

    I can't find the Jinkai stuff anywhere online, just have a look in the shop in the game fishing section next time you go. If you type "Bonze Zap Seal" into google you will find the Bonze Zap Seal Zinc Anode Tape which is exactly the same i assume. It is normally used on game lure hooks. You put a strip on the hook.