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  1. Captain Spanner

    Winter Wetsuit

    Check your PMs
  2. Captain Spanner

    Easy reel annual servicing

    Over the years i have had a number of reels go to shimano for warranty things and have sent many reels to them for service/repair. I have never had anything but great experiences with their service and customer service and it is extremely unlikely i will buy any other brand reel again (except Alvey but that's not the same). I have always been honest with them and never been refused warranty or even questioned over anything. I have TLDs and little aerocasts and that are 25 years old and stradics that are 15 years old that are still great. Sometimes i send them in for a service and sometimes i look up the schematic, write down the part numbers and then ring them up and they post them out, they often put them in the mail that afternoon. The last time i got reel serviced there (March) i dropped them in at about lunchtime and they rang me at 11am the next day and told me they were ready for pickup.
  3. Captain Spanner

    Why do American fisher-people strike so hard?

    I think this (line stretch) is also part of it. I think when we all use to fish mono right through, a big part of the big strike to set the hook is to max out the stretch in the line as quickly as possible to apply the pressure to drive the hook in. This is not as necessary with braid as the distance the line stretches before it hits the limit and tranfers to the hook is signigicanlty less as you only have about 2-4m of flurocarbon stretching and not 15m to possibly 100m of line (beach and boat fishing).
  4. Captain Spanner

    Why do American fisher-people strike so hard?

    The bream guys might use light lines in many situations, but they still go as hard and fast as they can on the fish. The original post and comparison was always about their technique, never about their line. You would have seen the old guys surf blackfish across the surface over the years, they just have a long rod and hold the fishes head above the water so it can't dive and swim. usually on light line too, you've probably done it yourself. Similar situation for squid if you can get them up on the top so they can't get a grip. I agree most of the motivation for the US Bass guys carry on in their videos is theatre but it is not the only reason for their technique. They often need heavy lines to cope with the pressure from the weed and also abrasion on the timber.
  5. Captain Spanner

    Why do American fisher-people strike so hard?

    I've heard that they have very hard mouths so that's why they fish with fast stiff rods, to set the hook. I would imagine that fishing in lakes with that much weed and timber you would need to have the thing come in a straight line to the boat as fast as possible because any sideways swimming will instantly collect heaps of weed on the line and find timber. I think the American fashion of Bigger, Faster, Better is also be involved in the equation and makes it exciting. Our bream tournament guys go pretty hard and fast to keep the fish's head pointing towards the boat from the hookset too. This would not be a coincidence seeing the fashion in the bream tournament scene is mostly derived from the US Bass scene. If the aim is to get the fish in the boat and not have fun taking your time and playing it then i think their method is the most efficient for it's purpose. We do a similar thing downrigging for kings in shallow water with gnarly structure. Heavy braid, heavy drag and drive the boat as fast as you can towards safe water. We don't strike but, we just wind the handle with the rod held at 45degrees to set the hook if required.
  6. Captain Spanner

    Alvey Repairs

    If you put some photos up here there are probably a few guys that can help. Alveys don't have many parts to them and are pretty simple in concept.. If that fails there is a pretty keen Alvey Facebook page. I'm pretty sure you can still get spare parts mailed to you from Alvey if any bits need replacing.
  7. Captain Spanner

    Reel/Rod Reviews

    What rods and reels are you thinking about? Chances are that someone on here has owned or used them.
  8. Captain Spanner

    Shimano Stradic 4000 corrosion

    While it is not covered under warranty for a number of reasons including that you opened it, I would think that if you sent it into Shimano they could service/repair it and get it back to life. You will probably pay a service fee ($30 per spinning reel?) plus parts which are not normally that much unless you are buying a replacement spool. Since you already have the thing in 1000 pieces and seem that way inclined you could probably look up all of the part numbers of the dead bits from the schematic diagram and try to fix it yourself. I do this if i have several reels with small things to replace (eg line rollers, washers, simple stuff in older reels). They normally post the stuff out pretty quickly. Just call them and have the part numbers ready.
  9. Captain Spanner

    Boat Seat shock absorbers

    They look great. Can you please PM me details of what/where/how much and if you had to fit new pedestal bases or if you can use existing ones. Can you just buy the shock pole and fit your own seats or do you have to get the whole package? Also, what is the height like? Adjustable? Thanks
  10. Captain Spanner

    Botany Bay jackets revenge

    Over the years we have used strips of white plastic shopping bag, cut little pieces of rag (sometimes with a spray of egimax or dash of tuna oil) and often cut up pieces of dead Gulp lures. I used to use paternoster style rigs made of wire with small long shank hooks. I would use at least a 6oz sinker so it would sink fast and the jackets would get hooked by the sinker as they tried to eat the bait on it's way down. So as soon as you knew your bait had gone through the school you'd close the bail or engage the reel and start winding up with fish already on. You can also put a hook right on the sinker.
  11. Captain Spanner

    Navionics Reload

    I'm not sure if the marks are stored in an account or on the device. I would think you would have to set up an account to have them stored on that and then your marks become public. I wouldn't be surprised if when you backed up your phone it stored the data within the apps to the backup on your computer and if you restored your old phone backup from the computer onto your new phone, if the marks at the time of the last backup were restored onto the phone. Similar to your contacts list and other stuff. This might not be the case or it might depend on your model phone and your settings but it would be worth a shot
  12. Captain Spanner

    Frozen bait around lower North Shore

    Are you wanting to buy it after hours tonight or is this for future planning? I buy the frozen bait i want from the bait shop and keep it in my freezer at home. I keep it in big snaplock bags those Sistema Clip Seal containers to manage smell and a little bit drying out. To avoid prawn heads and fins poking holes in plastic bags. Then when i go fishing i take what i need for the session in a little clip lock container that i can put in the esky without worrying about a prawn head/pilchard tail spiking a hole in a plastic bag and bait juicing everything in my esky.
  13. Captain Spanner

    Boat Harbour Beach Kurnell

    I can't remember the times, but what are you wanting to fish for? There aren't many gutters there for general beach fishing because of the Merries Reefs. You will still get bream and whiting but you'd probably be better at green hills where there is more wave action. Fishing off the rock ledge at the front is a bit tricky too as the shallow kelp goes out for a bit and the waves wash straight onto the ledge and it is also not a real fishy bottom in front. Boat Harbour itself might have schools of fish pass through but it's relatively featureless. For beach fishing you are probably better off where there is more wave action at green hills, for rock fishing you are probably better off on the frontline out towards point potter, cape solander area or around kurnell. If your priority is a nice protected place where you can fish near the car and go for a drive along the sand then boat harbour would be good for this
  14. Captain Spanner

    Marlin jumps in boat

    I heard it was a random free jumper. I think they were on their way home. I've been hit by mullet and flying fish before but this is next level.
  15. Captain Spanner

    Casting with a Drone

    I haven't but there are Facebook pages dedicated to this. It's big in the States for shark fishing off the beach. There are specialised components for it.