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  1. I honestly have no idea what im doing to even start to pull the motor apart. He did say he thinks a head gasket and reckoned they dont make gaskets for that old motor anymore & wouldn't be able to get one. there is a fuel filter on the side which looks really clean with no water in the fuel, also the other cylinders are firing fine he took the caps off the soarkplugs one by one checking them while running & only the bottom one made no difference yet it was getting plenty of spark. he even put a new plug in just to make sure
  2. Yeah its definitely a l8ve & learn situation & will definitely be having a mechanic check done before repowering the boat, funny enough though the mechanic did check compression while i was there & each cylinder was over 120 psi & looking good
  3. Yeah i gave him a call for a chat letting him know what ive found with the boat and he didnt want to hear about it just making excuses and pretty much said its my problem. I told him I wanted my money back or even the cost of a replacement 2nd hand moter he just laughed it of and said yeah thats not gonna happen
  4. Alright guys i have an update, I took the boat into the shop today & end result is i need a new motor πŸ˜“ the bottom cylinder has water getting inside so wont fire & its only running on 3 cylinders with the mechanic said it's almost impossible to get parts for. so i brought quite an experience anchor it seems.... thanks for all the help & advice not sure what im going to do now though unfortunately πŸ˜₯
  5. I'll clean it all down & give her a good run today and see how it goes. What is a good starting procedure as I am obviously doing it wrong, should i only be squeezing the bulb after trying to kick it over a few times if needed? or should i not be using throttle? etc. this is my first boat so still many more novice mistakes to make I guess haha thanks for all the advice guys
  6. Its oil injected so it has its own oil reservoir and mixes it itself (yes i did mean the warm up lever) sorry. no the kill switch was on Zoran, also i touched nothing when i got home & the motor started after leaving it a few hours but with alot of smoke. I have no idea what oil is in the motor either Frank but i will clean it all down tomorrow & see what happens. thanks for the replies guys
  7. I opened the fuel vents on both tanks, lowered the motor all the way down, squeezed the bulb around 4 or 5 times till it was hard then pushed the choke lever all the way up on the controller & gave it a kick. i also tryed with the lever all the way down also. Does all that oil come from flooding the motor?
  8. Hi guys, I picked up this boat a couple of days ago & the motor seemed ok the guy showed me it running so I thought it was fine. Today I took her down to the ramp at port kembla & put her in the water to test her out, i sat there for about an hr cranking her over on & off but it would crank & crank with no indication she wanted to start at all (no splutter nothing). I draged her back home again & noticed alot of oil down the inside of the motor but have no idea where its coming from. I did let it sit for a few hrs & went to try kick it over & she started 1st cl
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