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  1. James Quillan

    The day before the super storm

    on pillies as bait
  2. James Quillan

    What do you like about fishraider?

    I love fishraider because of the friendly and experienced anglers willing to help, countless tips and many forums
  3. James Quillan

    Help with Pilchards

    Thanks, just used woolies rock salt and has worked very well, thanks everyone for the tips
  4. James Quillan

    Narrabeen Lakes

    hey Brendan. im new to this site but know a bit to do with Narrabeen, as it's my local fishing spot. I normally fish the rivermouth for some great chances with bream and flatty's. Other places worth trying are the woolies bridge and Pipeclay point. p.s going to pipeclay tomorrow heres a map of woolies bridge... i caught my first flathead along wellington street, so maybe give that a go good luck, James Quillan
  5. James Quillan

    Narrabeen flathead fishing tips

    sure, thanks so much for the info, wetting a line tomorrow near the caravan park so i will give it a go
  6. James Quillan

    The day before the super storm

    Hey raiders, I know this is outdated but i would love to write my very first report on a fish i caught in the week of the superstorm! 2 days before the storm, the surf at narrabeen was massive, and ruled out the narabeen lakes river mouth due to the sheer amount of water moving out to sea. After attempting to fish near the Lakeside caravan park, i moved to the Woolies bridge. after 3 casts, i felt some force on the end of the line. Thinking it was a snag, i pulled my rod up to try to get a better angle, then BANG!! fish on!! luckily the hook didn't pull and I had my first flatty,at 38cm. Thanks for reading, James Quillan
  7. schools finally broken up, time to fish!!!!!!

  8. James Quillan

    Allow Me To Introduce Myself

    thanks, i'm more than happy to gain knowledge from people more experienced than me to make me a better angler
  9. James Quillan

    Help with Pilchards

    Thanks Aaron, have a variety of options regarding pilchard preservation and will experiment with all of them to see what works best for me
  10. James Quillan

    Help with Pilchards

    sure, can you just get them at local fishing shops?
  11. James Quillan

    Help with Pilchards

    Thanks heaps swordfisherman, will do. Cant wait to wet a line during the holidays!!!!
  12. James Quillan

    Allow Me To Introduce Myself

    Hi guys, i'm 13 living on the Northern Beaches of sydney. I love everything fishing, if the tv is on, im watching a fishing show much to my sisters disgust . i joined fishraider last night and i love it. I normally fish the Narrabeen lakes for flatty's. last month i was treated to my first flathead, and i was thrilled as it was legal, off to the dinner plate he went!! my pb's are flathead: 40cm Bream:30cm whiting: 38cm long tong:50cm i am always open to suggestions on where to fish and would love some tips from the more experienced anglers on the site thanks, James Quillan
  13. James Quillan

    Help with Pilchards

    Hey guys, a couple of days ago i went fishing and used frozen pilchards as my bait, and they went well for probably the first hour. After that hour they went really soft and i couldnt even really place them on the hook. I was wondering if anyone had any techniques for preserving the pilchards to keep them from softening up? Thanks, James Quillan
  14. James Quillan

    Narrabeen flathead fishing tips

    Hi guys, im 13 living on the Northern beaches of sydney, and i have been fishing Narrabeen lake since i was 3. I would love to develop my flathead fishing in the area so perhaps you could help me? i would love some pointers on some spots, best tides, lures etc., thanks for the help, James