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  1. Great pics Jon as always. Looks like some good fish among them. Enjoyed the report, top read!
  2. Unreal. Must have been some blistering runs. Did you assume kingy? Great report.
  3. That's a bloody ripper mate, well done. I love blackfishing but have never caught a drummer. Tried a couple of times but no luck as of yet. Which are the safer ledges around Sydney Harbour? Nice work on the release.
  4. Hey mate didn't check in last week how did you go? I threw some baits out a few nights back for zilch. Used to smash the area quite often with livies for kings, salmon and occasional jew so it's worth it if you can get in there during the day. Think it has been a bit quiet lately though.
  5. Some fat boys starting to show up! Good stuff.
  6. Top action on the fly mate! Also like the haiku.
  7. Cracking snip snap mate. Well done.
  8. I used to fish the rock wall around Chiswick for blackies. We had some good consistency there and would see the kings shoot through on occasion (once witnessed a bloke simply net a 70cm king as the school jetted past - probably not legal but the kings are sefinitely there!). Cheers for the tips mate, will be sure to check out a few of the places mentioned in this post. Tight lines bud!
  9. Hello raiders! I've been seeing some reports lately of some big juicy winter whiting being caught off the beaches and am determined to give it a red hot crack. Trouble is in my 3 years of fishing - from trevs to blackies to kings and jews - I have never had much luck or any kind of consistency with whiting. Any areas or general tips on targeting these guys? I'm not great with finding gutters but willing to put some time in. Also have a nice long noodley rod for the beach paired with an Alvey. Thanks in advance!
  10. Ripper fish considering the weather as of late! Well done. Interesting to see you on the Alvey there.
  11. Awesome. What was the leader?
  12. Bad luck on the flatties. I've also found it easy to lead them even on very light leader. Nice pic of the cornets. So this is different to a long tom? I've had a chase on plastics at the Lake from something that looked like a long tom.