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  1. fishin4life

    Birthday boy

    awesome stuff. get him to try Nile compounding ET Tablets, the only thing that works for me
  2. fishin4life

    The hunt for a beakie continues

    they got fin off syd today
  3. fishin4life

    The hunt for a beakie continues

    we've done 8 trips since mid jan for 0's off sydney
  4. fishin4life

    Dollie off Sydney

    good fish, where was this off?
  5. fishin4life

    Slow day off Sydney 2/1/16

    are they going off at PS???
  6. fishin4life

    New Year's Day

    good work guys how many fathoms were u in when u hooked up???
  7. fishin4life

    Sydney today and tomorrow....

    at least your getting out there
  8. fishin4life

    Blue eye

    good work... where at??
  9. fishin4life

    Pictures speak 1000's of words

    nice work on the blue. pity it died, otherwise great work. still dreaming about catching my first marlin, hopefully this season