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  1. Its starting to take shape inside the boat. Next step fibreglassing the frames in place. https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=E671A7949CC6F90B!163089&authkey=!AMv6_J9oci7vWww&ithint=folder%2Cjpg I wont be done by this Hairtail season but hoping to have it completed by the next!
  2. Thanks for the suggestions guys, ill take a look at those options. I can definitely see what you mean about how difficult they are to find, i check every day and they are so hard to come by at the right price. Currently thinking the boat will be finished towards the end of this year. Id like to push that forward of course but i need to take into account my dads time as well as my own. Were getting there.
  3. Im looking for a 90HP Outboard to purchase for the boat im building with my dad. We have been looking at Long Shaft. Also been looking at both 2 Stroke and 4 stroke. Preferred Manufacturers in no particular order (open to recommendations): Mercury, Suzuki, Honda and Yamaha Ideally like everyone, my dad an I would like to find a new outboard for the boat, however due to the prices of the newest models we suspect that brand new is going to be too expensive for us. Does anyone know of anyone that might sell New Old Stock? if they still exist. Id still be happy with an older model that has not been used yet, or alternatively any other recommendations even for used outboards from reliable suppliers. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Hey everyone, just thought id pop in and give a quick update, work is progressing nicely on the boat, we now have the boat flipped around the right way up and have started the process of working on the inside of the boat. Exciting times ahead but still a lot more to go. The link to my Onedrive should still be available to view, all the newest photos are in there. I still need to get a chance to upload the video of us flipping the boat. https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=E671A7949CC6F90B!163089&authkey=!AMv6_J9oci7vWww&ithint=folder%2Cjpg
  5. I believe the seats themselves are from a 1999 Caribbean Belmont. (they may have appeared on other year models also) I actually purchase 2 sets from Gumtree One set are in really good condition and will be used as the driver and passenger seat up front. The second set were purchased with the possibility of using them to create a bench seat across the back of the boat but still maintain the correct colour scheme. They arent in as good condition but since the colour matches and they dont come up too often i decided to purchase them.
  6. It has Been good so far, so much to try and learn from my dad whilst working on the boat. It's definitely hard work though so it will really be appreciated when its done. Funny you should mention the graphic wrap Ryder I was looking at the sponsor section today and I was curious about it. I will probably enquire about it soon. Thanks for the recommendation. Sent from my C6903 using Tapatalk
  7. Just wanted to say my thanks as well for all the effort that went into organising this event. I was out there with my dad and brothers on the Grand Banks 36. Although we did not catch a hairtail this year we still enjoyed ourselves. The barn yard noises definitely was funny mid way through the night. We will be back again next year (may even try again another weekend very shortly) See you all next time Regards Danny Sent from my C6903 using Tapatalk
  8. Hi All I hope this is the right place to post this, seems appropriate from what i can see. My Names Danny, I attended the Hairtail Social with my Dad and brothers on the weekend (We were the ones in the Grand Banks 36ft sitting in between all of you on the night). Ive already introduced myself to Stewie and Donna when i signed up for the forum so i thought id drop in and say Hi and share a project that i am currently working on with my Dad. The project started at the end of 2013 and is still a work in progress We are building a 17ft Runabout. Heres a quick image of what i think it will look like when its completed. And heres many more of the current build progress. https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=E671A7949CC6F90B!163089&authkey=!AMv6_J9oci7vWww&ithint=folder%2cjpg Lately ive been sanding away trying to get everything smooth and ready for a paint job. Its extremely time consuming and i cant wait to put the sander down and paint the boat. If anyone has any tips and pointers for dad and myself for the future of the project i would love to hear your feedback. Once again, happy to be here, and looking forward to meeting more of you soon. (Hopefully in a finished boat ....one day)