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    I have recently studied through an online course for a SROCP license and wanted to sit the exam. I am consistantly getting over 95% in the online trial exams on the AMC site. After sending emails to the only 2 invigilators in my town and waiting 2 weeks for a reply from one of them he informed me I could enroll in the VMR course that he runs. No course planed at the moment but I could put my name down. I replied again telling him I had done an online course and only needed to complete the exam. I have waited 4 weeks now and received no reply. I guess if I don't want to pay for his course that he is not interested in letting me sit the exam. The other guy seems to not exist anymore. Are the administrators of this system serious about people getting a marine radio license, as I am at a loss now as to how I should go about getting tested. The whole system seems to be a joke to me as I am now left with no options to be legally licensed. I live in a major coastal Qld town, not a small backwater, and am stunned that this could be so difficult. Why is this testing left to back yard operators and not an official government department that can be accessed by all, at anytime with ease. My 2 options, as I see it, is to travel hundreds of kilometres to be tested elsewhere, if I can find someone who will let me do the test, or join the countless boaties that do not give a flying hoot about a license and operate it anyway. Option 2 looks the goods.