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  1. Thanks for the replies guys! I was thinking The Basin? Was wanting to chase some flatty, bream, maybe a jewie if lucky? lol My mate got a spot in the campgrounds
  2. Hi All, Hope everyone has been well. I have not really had much time to post in ages but have kept up to date with some exciting posts from other members. :) I have in 10 years not once taken time of in Christmas and always worked through the shut down. In my current role, I have decided to take 4 days off in the Christmas week. In saying that, I have never been camping, and would like to experience a "friendly/beginner" camping experience with the ability to be able to fish! All night...all day...who knows... I live in Sydney, NSW. Any locations anyone can recommend where throwing in a line while camping might not completely be a waste of time? Thanks Regards, Jay
  3. Hi Steve, nice pictures and glad you and your father had fun! Mate, I was wanting to get into beach fishing, and I was wanting to try out Manly or Coogee. However, still working on my cast and the ability to identify gutters. Would you be able to share some tips in these areas mentioned above? I usually fish estuaries. And I have been inactive for couple of years, so this is my first post after 2 years. Cheers mate.
  4. Hey All! Hope everyone is well and catching some fish! Unfortunately, I have not been on the forums or cast a line in over 7 months due to new work responsibilities. However, I have finally stabilized my work a "bit" (don't want to jinx it) and would love to get back to the waters! To prove my committment all over again, I have decided to go some place I have never fished before, but have only heard stories! I would like to go to the Central Coast, preferably near the entrance. I have NEVER fished these waters and will be interested in land fishing! Is there any places to try? I will be using bait and lures...preferably chasing flathead, bream and the lucky jew if it has missed me as much as I have missed it! I will be most likely driving down the coming Friday, 13/04/2017 and more than happy to have company! Hopefully, I am back for good this time! Thanks All!
  5. I had the same question. But come to think of it...the amount of concentration used when fishing is pretty high. I get tired when land based fishing. Keeping an eye on the rod..surroundings..water...a lot of things for your brain to take in as uour eyes observe. I think thats the main cause of getting wasted after a big day fishing.
  6. That is so messed up man! Sorry to hear this. Been out a boat a couple times and already have seen the amount of idiots zooming through the wrong channels and speed. Question my mate Mick all the time on whether they should be doing it...so when I get a boat I know right from wrong! Glad you are okay now.
  7. Well done guys! And good report! Nice boat by the way!
  8. Well done dude!! Told ya so Your dad's one us beast tho !
  9. I agree Ric. But cant wait to get this car paid off lol
  10. haha I would today if I could. Had a discussion with the family. I think ill pay of my car first in 6 months or so, and instead of buying a tinny as the original plan was, I might go for a decent runabout ooo dayum! Something a bit more stable and family friendly. I like fishing with mates, so would give them a chance to chill with me as well
  11. Hey All, Hope everyones having a great weekend! Because I surely did! I got my boat licence (theory) done on Thursday and Mick was kind enough to take me out to do my log book and practical! So 5am Saturday morning we headed out on the Georges, Mick started showing me from the get go on how to lower boats into the water, how to secure them and etc. He got me driving from the get go, and suddenly just goes "we going out to Botany Bay" (I was like wtf for a bit lol). But somehow I managed to get it to Botany...safe...alive. The wind picked up a bit and...VERY embarrassed to say this...I was kind of feeling light headed out of no where... this is my 2nd time on a boat, and first time we did not go as far. So we decided to go back to a bit calmer waters. So while being in a passenger seat for a bit trying to pull through, I noticed birds diving into the water...and PROUD to say...that my sickness...what sickness?!? Mick follows the bust up...first cast...he is on to a legal tailor...I got one (nothing to fancy lol), we chased the bust up around a bit, and ended up with 4 legal tailor (caught by Mick). I dropped 2, and had to re-rig 3 times with big tailors smashing my 8lb leader into shreds, causing me to lose a couple of SP and a slug. Pretty disappointed as it took me a while to re-rig with the excitement around. After that, we drifted around Botany again to try for some flathead and bream...as the Georges was completely dead...while drifting, Mick's on! And on light gear, we thought it was a BIG flathead...but then when it took line again, I was kinda thinking Jew... But we were like no where close to any tide change, and this was middle of the day... still debating... Next minute.. a FLASH OF SILVER...and yep...Mick lands his FIRST JEW ON A VIBE LURE! Bycatch jew eh...only if that happened always when I chase Flatty or Bream? Yeah ill keep dreaming. Just as I was about to drive further up the river, I hooked onto a small flathead and that was it from my end. He let me drive up the river again, and allowed me to put the boat on the trailer. All in all, was an amazing day. Don't really care if I caught a jew or not, but happy a friend did! Well done Mick and thanks again for letting me do donuts on your boat (I joke I joke). All released besides 3 Tailor.
  12. Some great advice guys! I PASSED THE BOAT LICENSE with a perfecr score. 30 questions in 13 minutes! Cheers for that! Also..kind of paranoid with kayaks as the chances of capsizing are kinda higher than with a boat lol
  13. um yeah..can only dream, id be happy with a Quintrex Renegade
  14. Damn! Great haul on the prawns. I never tried prawning but looks tempting after that pic