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  1. letsgocrabbing

    Snapper Off sydney

    You use a burley trail with a drift rather than anchor in 30m? I would have thought this would disperse the fish over a wider area rather than congregate?
  2. letsgocrabbing

    Activity up the Parramatta River

    Have seen them before in the area. They particularly like ambushing in the shallow flats next to the wharf rd boat ramp. Some go inside the flats and drive the fish to the narrow throat on the main river that drops off into the deeper water, or vice versa. Presume its the poddy mullet sunning themselves in the shallow flats water that they chase.
  3. letsgocrabbing

    Shark Meshing: Is it Worth It?

    For a statistic to be listed as a shark attack there has to be a witness that actually sees the shark and the attack. If your swimming at a beach hear a loud splash, turn around and notice that the person 10 meteres away from you has disappeared, this is listed as drowning(accidental drowning 1920 people is it?). Most of the guys i know that are long term comp spearos so competent in the water and around sea life ,won't go to certain spots any more due to increased numbers and aggression of great whites . This wasn't the case 20 years ago.
  4. letsgocrabbing

    Gemfish at Browns

    Hey Basil. What bait were you successful with? We were there as well and didn't go good till 11am when we went away from the main group of boats. The crew then used that mornings caught slimies rather than the thawed ones and that worked. Not sure whether bait or change of location was the key.
  5. letsgocrabbing


    Probably the red spot. Been catching them a lot lately and on last trip out just after dawn a trawler dropped his bycatch and there were thousands of them blanketing inside nth head. Seagulls had a field day so must be plagues of them at the moment.
  6. letsgocrabbing

    Fish ID please (Southerm Boarfish)

    yep wcurrall is right. I have caught them a few times out there but knew them as armourheads. Found that name when searching for them originally and was the name the russkies called them that and an important commercial catch for them. True name is the boarfish
  7. letsgocrabbing

    Kings still in the harbour

    What time were you on your mark for the dollies both days?
  8. letsgocrabbing

    Boating drowning deaths: 10 year analysis

    Yeah the rockfishing blitz is annoying. How come according to the Bondi Rescue show, they claim they save at least 10 people a day from drowning (ie 3650 per year) yet not significantly statistical enough to force all beach goers to wear lifejackets? Just a thought
  9. letsgocrabbing

    Flat battery

    What about with a blind fold on as well? "Arrrrr you are not ready to you take the pebble from my hand"
  10. letsgocrabbing

    Broken Bay - Terrigal Fad 8/3/19

  11. letsgocrabbing

    Broken Bay - Terrigal Fad 8/3/19

    Did you try the BB Fad as well or just Terrigal? A bloke a few weeks ago thought it was missing
  12. letsgocrabbing

    Back to the basics, BROKEN BAY FLATHEAD

    Love the irony whilst wearing a samaki shirt quote "Wearing their shit crappy merchandise and putting shimano stickers all over the boat"
  13. letsgocrabbing

    Blue swimmer crabs

    Can you advise what system you fish for them to explain your observation of decline? What technique were you using to catch your crabs (scooping spotlighting/hoop nets or others/handlines etc? How many did you use to catch per style of fishing compared to now over what period of decline? What type of bait has that been consistent? I've actually found an increase in returns.
  14. letsgocrabbing

    Keep the grapevine going

    Went out wide of the bait station today, looking for the traps normally laid in the 140 m mark with the aim of catching dollies. Traps not there so no results. For those that chase Marlin still, significant temp break from 22.5 to 24 in around 120 m. Several seen sunbaking. Out wide 26ish but no birds and no marlin seen.
  15. letsgocrabbing

    Does a new fishfinder/chartplotter require a new transducer

    02 9936 1000 Lowrance. Go through to tech support. They can advise on compatability