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  1. letsgocrabbing

    Does a new fishfinder/chartplotter require a new transducer

    02 9936 1000 Lowrance. Go through to tech support. They can advise on compatability
  2. letsgocrabbing

    gps marks for southern canyons

    3412601/ 15129449. You will see boats trolling this general area/ Around 180 fathoms deep. Start here then push east
  3. letsgocrabbing

    Drummer off the rocks

    if you enjoy chinese style meals. they are great. I used to throw all the wrasse species away years ago until I noticed these were top dollar fish in their restaurants. Bloke that I knew that had a top chinese restaurant in Parra taught me how to get the best out of them. You need a wok and gas , smoking oil (canola / peanut) for flsh to fry ,then add whatever sauce you like at the end( sweet sour,basil etc). Obviously gut .scale whole fish. salt for 30 mins on skin . slice length of fish 20 ml slices to bone(horizontally) and deep fry. Fantastic.
  4. letsgocrabbing

    Fishing to the south of Sydney

    What sort of depth are you catching the flatties north? Off rosegully sth side I catch them in 45-60M
  5. letsgocrabbing

    any tuna news?

    Tuna again caught yesterday with main bite 5 pm onwards. Cold water current pushed up nth again so most were caught NE of Browns 6nm and outwards
  6. letsgocrabbing

    any tuna news?

    Ambition today caught a 80kg bf 8 nm east of browns on the cold water finger. Seas big so not many boats out only heard 3 trolling wide so not bad average,
  7. letsgocrabbing

    any tuna news?

    Bluefin were caught in 500 faths due east of bait station on Sat. Reported 60 to 100+kg
  8. letsgocrabbing

    Parramatta River Carp and Bass

    18 months ago I spoke to a guy fishing between Lennox bridge and old king school weir, who showed me 2 photos of murray cod he had caught there.To much development around that pond now, but cant see any reason why they wouldn't be futher up in the park As to carp.My father worked in maintenance dept in the psych hospital, behind the leagues club end of the park, in the 80's. There was a toxic spill in the river that killed the fish and the bodies floated to the banks. I gave him a hand loading them on to our 6 foot box trailer for burial and there were carp the length of the trailer.
  9. letsgocrabbing

    Quality over Quantity - Winter Bream & Whiting

    Who brought the music and who brought the acid?
  10. letsgocrabbing

    One drift - triple bag out

    Were the flathead full of row? Were they in around the mid 40's depth? Have found in the past similar results based on these two pointers
  11. letsgocrabbing

    Browns report

    The top of the mountain is around 360m. The edges drop off eventually to 600m. From my experience, this time of year before the gem spawn that starts in late July, most of the resident gems will be nearer the top. Sound them to find them. Cod and the others seem to prefer broken edges so as you come off the drift to deeper water, look for broken ground. Don't generally see cod on the sounder we have. More powerful ones may be able to. Main thing i learned was not to bother to go out if you expect current to be over 1 knot. Too much bow in line, so gear losses go up. Take spare braid as well as its a long way to go if you loose all your braid in one hit and cant reach bottom. This does happen. Even had a whale pick up the line by accident and lost a lot before we realised what had happened.
  12. letsgocrabbing

    Browns report

    Went out yesterday with no problems catching resident gem fish. Biggest 3kg. Pro was out with drop lines and they had their quota finished by 8am, so obviously a more productive non spawn quality and quantity than previous years. We also caught a mixed bag consisting of smaller blue eye/mirror dory/ alfonsino, once away from the main peak. Just a question to other Browns visitors. What hook have you had the most success on? Size/type etc.
  13. letsgocrabbing

    Yakka's in Pittwater

    West head off the pillboxes is main ground. Go past the last beach inside west head and you will see boats regularly anchored up for them.Need to be there at sun up for best results, I use old bread sourced from viet bakeries for burley. "$3 dollar big bag". Pilly strips on no8 hooks/split shot or floating on 4 lb handline.
  14. letsgocrabbing

    Hawksbury Crabs

    Hi Saltrix, Do you prefer the low tide as opposed to high? Not sure if this helps but I have found in relation to weed and blubbers that a half house brick seems to work in securing traps to where you wan't them to be. Cable tie with bait onto hitch and they survive even in the plus 1m differentials . Were the trawlers working off Milsons? They were up the derriere end of mooney a few weeks ago which surprised me so must be prawn run time.
  15. letsgocrabbing

    port stephens blacks

    Mate caught 3 slightly nth of lighthouse at seals rocks in 30 faths 2 weeks ago