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  1. Forgot to mention the ludicrousness of the sign advising you not to eat fish from the river. Far more dangerous to eat fish you have cleaned on that table yet they don't sign that.
  2. 1) The asian guy has been swimming there for years. He follows the mangrove line down towards silverwater bridge and the ferry skippers I know, keep a keen eye for him especially the winter darks. We used to see him at 6am. Can"t believe a bull shark hasn't got him. 2) The table is filthy. I tried addressing the issue with council several years ago but found it's a bit of a demarcation dispute between Ryde and Parra....typical public service mentality. so gave up. We take our own large cleaning boards down there. 3)Twice in the last 4 weeks some wanker has undone the ubolt we use to
  3. Had the same problem last place I lived at. I agree high lift jack welded to trailer. Put it in a position where you can still attach jockey wheel when that is needed ie you can lift jack up to draw bat height without interfering with removable jockey wheel
  4. What about the social distancing you see on the news with a copper up at drivers window of a car for either breath testing/drug swabbing or checking compliance with corona distancing. You see it on the roads everyday as well. I suppose they have super human immunity. First in line at a set of traffic lights the other day, then as per usual had a motorbike rider (queue jumper) sneaks up next to my front right hand driver wheel to be first off the mark. Being a tradie grabbed my stanley tape off the seat set it to 1.5 and tapped him on the shoulder and requested he move forward to th
  5. Hey Scratchie great advice but to make this relevant so no one breaks the law,, have you found the definition of local? Is it your nearest boat ramp, foreshore or wharf ?
  6. Some interesting stats for Australia, Flu's been around since 1890's and they still can't stop it. Flu stats Australia 2019. Previous years about the same. Don’t forget the flu stats are that high even with viral remedies available and early vaccinations 252,000 infected via confirmed lab tests (so excludes those that didn’t go to doctors or have a swab if they went) 3000 to 4000 deaths(they have problems differentiating between pneumonia from other causes or resultant specifically from flu infection, flu however been the main perpetrator) Corona so far in Australia.
  7. I use a guy/company that were site sponsors prior to Deckee taking ownership of the forum. Message me for recommendation
  8. try parramatta the home of the eels
  9. Hey JohnD have you tried the fin nors?
  10. I've seen them do this in the shallows up against a bank on the Lachlan river below Wyangala. There was a school of several hundred fish, The water was flowing at the time and no algae blooms so plenty of oxygen. Also saw them in the pond at Rosehill races doing the same. It appeared to me it was to do with spawning. Gulping the oxygen is similar to some people recovering with a cigarette afterwards.
  11. If Waverly did they would have to make it compulsory for all patrons to Bondi Beach to wear them, after all the show claims 1200 rescues per year on that 1 beach. Wonder what the statistics are for all their beach goer rescues in that shire compared to rock fishos rescues. Let' s start a campaign compulsory lifejackets for all beach swimmers!!! But buy shares in lifejacket producers first
  12. Sensational strike rate. Rain finally has stirred them Tried the 1m tidal difference tide a few weeks ago with a high for only 4 crabs from 12 traps. Worst result for years. Thanks for the heads up.
  13. Like to see them do a historic re-creation of Bondi rescue set in the 70's with the wind blowing from the north east. Reedy to Hoppo " There's a bloke at backpackers that's taken a big one and is going under" 'What a rogue wave"! No a choker from the outlet. Your turn to clear his airways....god luck. What fond memories ......but definitely not a tourist icon back then. Golden rule back then was to stay clear of Bondi in NE's and Manly in Se's. Fished bluefish quite often but never took fish home. Biggest sta
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