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  1. Nice work... Dobroyd is a consistent performer!!
  2. I am speechless.. they are absolutley awesome fish!!
  3. This was posted on Boat Point today. Total photo(s): 1 Ramp rage at Roseville New ramp set for summer chaos, fights and conflict There’s a saying that a little bit of information is dangerous. This seems to be the case with the local Warringhah Council responsible for the recent upgrade of Roseville Boat Ramp, one of Sydney’s most popular trailerboat launch spots. Forget the fact the job wasn’t finished on time. After all, the upgrade of Roseville boat ramp in the Garigal National Park was no stroll in the park. Some $1.01 million was spent on repairs and on a new ramp pontoon with disability access. We have since learnt a new amenities block was added too. The old three-wide concrete slab, which at times could accommodate four boats being launched abreast, retains its gradual incline. It still necessitates reversing till the rear wheels are at least partially submerged. But in its wisdom, the council added a centre pontoon to the ramp. On paper, this sounds like a good idea. After all, plenty of Queensland boat ramps have a handy pontoon running alongside to facilitate dry-feet launch and retrieval. Ahem, here’s the rub. The pontoon running down the middle of Roseville ramp is three metres wide, taking up a valuable launch lane and, should a couple of boats be tied to it, it prevents others from launching. This is sure to fuel ramp rage in the high season in summer, as those launching short-handed will likely leave their boat(s) tied to the pontoon and, thus, block the ramp while parking their car. While the reason for such a wide and obtrusive walkway is to allow disabled boating access, Roseville always had a pontoon off to the side of the ramp to facilitate this. Harbour fishing guide no no no has loaded dozens of wheelchair anglers onto his boat from the old pontoon, which he says has a better and lower height than the new one, which is at gunwale height. And some of the bollards are located so close to shore they will be of no use at all. Surely, no-one wants to place disabled boaters in the middle of a busy boat ramp. The old pontoon off to the side is the place for that. With a boat or two tied to the pontoon, the lane is effectively closed. It’s going to be chaos in summer. Incidentally, the new amenities block was located in such a way it’s taken up five valuable car-parking spots. A site adjacent to the ramp, formerly occupied by an illegal building, was the obvious location for that. All of which might sound like a trifling local issue for those who don’t use Roseville ramp in upper Middle Harbour. But be warned. There seems to be no code about how to build a boat ramp and, moreover, no input from those who use them. Councils are left to their own devices and what they know about boating you could write on the back of a postage stamp. Surely, the various state bodies could share notes and come up with a variety of best-example ramps for various environments from estuary calms to ocean locales? And while they’re at it, why not add some plans for good fish-cleaning tables. Meanwhile, after a cool $1 million in taxpayer’s money, Roseville ramp stands as a blueprint of what not to do! Read the latest Boatsales Network news and reviews on your mobile, iPhone or PDA at the Boatsales Network's mobile site. Or download the all-new App.
  4. It is a disaster. The congestion at the central pontoon will be unbearable!! And, just to compromise it a bit more, they have put the toilet block smack bang in the middle of the all the good parking spots. Lets hope that all the users can work out a good system and see if we can't polish this turd!!
  5. One lane is open today. I agree with Spotterone. The guys who do their boat prep in the reversing only area are being very selfish and no letting the ramp operate as it has been designed. The weekend "biscuit" brigade are the most noted offenders. With the central pontoon, it will be interesting to see if the system helps those who cannot easily launch solo. I fear that there will be conjestion in the two lanes either side of the pontoon.
  6. Well done!! It is very satisfying when you have success on your first attempt on a new species.
  7. They are now saying the 6th July. I reckon they'll be lucky. I was down there the other day and there was shit everywhere. Very disorgaised site.
  8. gretsch


    I have just changed a few outfits to Sunline and have had nothing but trouble. I have currently got spools with: 1. PE 0.4 (10lb) HG Egi 2. PE 0.6 (12lb) HG Egi 3. PE 0.8 (12lb) PE Jigger 4. PE 0.4 (8lb) Rockfish PE For those who want to know, that's about $320 worth of silly string. Apart for the Rockfish, they have all given me extreme wind knots. At one point, a wind knot started deep within the spool!! Its got me buggered as to how that happened. Also, the knot strength is questionable (I'm using a spider hitch or bimini double and a slim beauty leader knot). I have lost more squid jigs and rubbers since having this line on than ever before. I switched from Power Pro and Fireline Exceed. I am going back to them. I have written a shitty email to Sunline but haven't had a response as yet. I will never buy Sunline in the ultra light stuff again.
  9. The pontoon and pylons will most probably be constructed from precast concrete and composite material elements. In any case, concrete cures via a chemical reaction and this has little to do with temperature or underwater conditions until you get to sub zeros where hydration will cease. The point of the post is to band together and hopefully convince them the delay the upgrade. I know of several commercial operators who are also mounting repsonses in the same vein.
  10. I don't know why they can't construct half at a time like they did at Tunks.
  11. Dear Raiders, Today, I noted a sign at the Garigal National Park Boat Ramp (aka Roseville Boat Ramp) that the ramp is to undergo upgrades and will be closed from the 10th April, 2012 until the 25th May, 2012. I add that I use the ramp at least twice a week between November and June. Whilst the upgrades are certainly welcome and will help relieve pressure on busy days, the proposed construction period (10 April- 25 May) is one of the busiest times of the year at the ramp due to the peak of the warm water fishing season. The closure of the ramp at this time will result is huge pressure upon Tunks Park Boat ramp and also Little Manly both of which are unable to cope with their current loads most of the time. It would certainly be far more convenient to the boating community if this work was postponed until August when the activity on the water is at its lowest for the year. I urge those of you who use the ramp to send your concerns to National Parks It will be a disaster over the next few months otherwise. Here is the sign:
  12. I agree with ncr. Erskine products are inferior to those being developed in the US. Personally, I use Threadmaster. It is very good.
  13. That is a nasty little beast.. Happy Moment or Black Trevally. Nasty venom in the spikes. They will make you feel very crook indeed if they get you.
  14. The good thing about Ugly Stiks is that they are tough and take a great deal of abuse (at least the ones I own have). That is a good medium stick for kings.