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  1. get yourself a cast weight or just an old lure around the size you intend to use and practice practice and practice some more I spent a lot of time flick casting a weight into a bucket, the main challenge is controlling the speed of the spool while casting you need it go fast enough to cast but not to fast and overrun,
  2. dirvin21

    caring for boats

    I go to carwash on way home $ gives me plenty of time to wash down the trailer
  3. The length varies depending on actual plane type although 1m seems exceptionally short are yo sure she wasn't talking about normal luggage, anything over 1m is usually classified as oversize For a 1m limit only real option is to get a travel rod
  4. Great lure in streams or of edge of lakes they put out loads of flash
  5. Looking at heading up to Dawson river central QLD in January, any raiders been around the system chasing Saratoga Ant tips are appreciated Looking at area around Taroom and Cracow Cheers Dave
  6. Best trout lure ever created
  7. never seen one that colour before it was much more gold than the pic shows, at first glance thought it was a brassy, but the head shape was definitely GT
  8. I've caught them at night especially around marina lights where the bait is schooled up
  9. My effort to land a Jack this year has hasn't stopped in the last couple of weeks, scored a couple of weeks off work so the plan was to fish as much as possible with red satan being the prime target, started my time off with a session on my mates boat hitting sucken timber with hardbodies along some of our favourite banks of course the big eye trevally were around in numbers not to mention the GT's I also managed to hooked a stingray in the end of the tail I had it called for a monster trev I would have paid to see my face when I saw the stingray come boatside with the water really dirty upstream we headed back downriver to a bank we don't normally fish and of course there were more trevs first time I've seen a GT this colour before other than that the bank was very quiet went down to a 20lb spin outfit and a smaller lure looking for more trevally left the drag basically locked up and then it hapened..... the rod buckled over and the locked drag screamed under the pressure of some nasty red beast and then dusted, I've been keeping a tally of jacks lost since the last one landed this was number 6, the same thing happened to Andrew about 10 minutes later only aparently it wasn't as funny when it happened to him. Feeling inspired that fortunes had to change myself and another mate made a trip to the Kolan river north of Bundaberg again with the site set on Jacks, I'llkeep the story brief in the first 2 hours of arrival Matt managed a nice jack burning with jealousy I kept casting and casting and was rewarded with a royal dusting on 30lb baitcast outfit with a full locked drag by another giant red spawn of satan and number 7 goes begging there was some serious language thrown around, the consolation for the day was I landed a javelin which was also on the hit list the only other things that bit were green toads and sandflies, the Kolan is a beautiful system and I may return one day. So I return home and keep jack spinning due to some poor weather I do a bit of landbased and on a local rockwall lure gets nailed... surely a moses perch, atleast it's the right family, with the moses perch around I took the kids out with some baits and they both managed to land their first moses manged to get the boat out again the next day being so frustarted with jacks I went the safe option and targeted bream on the racks landing a few what's swimming around the racks absolute trophy sized jacks taunting me, feeling like I was hiding from my true purpose I went back to jack spinning and on some deep timber a take..... knew within a few seconds it wasn't a jack first cod I've got in the nambucca in 8 months so not disapointed with the wind picking up ran back up river for a last ditch effort and again on some deep timber a solid take... I dared to dream as the fish took a solid run but again soon became apparent a slightly bigger cod, back to the ramp feeling a bit dejected I was back on the rockwall the next arvo casting for the moses perch which suposed to be everywhere walking back to the car put a cast on a rock in the middle of nothing not metres from the footpath and lure gets nailed, a flash of red, and just like that after countless hours hitting the river in the boat and driving 10 1/2 hours for no result the first red satan of 2019 comes from the most heavily fished ublic piece of river in existance he only measured 25cm but these things are so hard to catch I'm never unhapy with them despite the size now i just have to fulfil my goal of catching 5 this year cheers for reading Dave
  10. any cod is a good cod Neil..... you've inspired me I'm heading out after cod in a couple of weeks the unbelievable has happened and it's rained in the Severn river catchment and the river is actually flowing a bit
  11. being realistic a 1 day charter for 7 chasing GT's would probably be difficult to find, certainly plenty of charter operators around FNQ and Darwin that chase GT's searching charters around Airlie beach/whitsundays, Cairns and Darwin would be a good starting point then contact them and discuss what you're looking for
  12. Half blood knot same as you learned it off my old man many years ago...... on the topic of loop knots I use them for soft plastics and pretty much all lures