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  1. Some very nice fish there, especially the EP Gotta love it when mullet decide to eat plastics
  2. Old action shot from many years ago
  3. From what started as a way to pass time on nightshift, through fishraider I've made lifelong friends who I never would have met and I've had the privelage of putying members onto bucket list fish Donna puts a lot of work in behind the scenes to keep FR at it's standards
  4. Bass will often go deeper in lakes during winter Lures like blades and grub style plastics worked along the bottom
  5. Awesome fish as always Jeff, again I burn with jealousy
  6. Since you've only got 2 weeks, I'd start at Yamba and work your way down, systems like the bellinger/kalang, nambucca and surrounding small creeks have decent jack and gt fishing as an extra option I'm now based in Port Macquarie, when you're in the area drop me a message and I'll show you some areas on the Hastings or even a jack session on the Nambucca
  7. You'll catch bream on sp's pretty much all day. They can be a bit more spooky in the shallows when it's bright and calm. Wind makes a big difference in the shallows bream are far easier to catch in the shallows when it blows. I fish when I can, bream are catchable at any stage of the tide. If you're casting at structured edges the bream are there anytime of the day and stage of the tide if you work the sp from the very edge all the way out into the derp structure You'll soon workout where they're at on that occasion. Personally my favourite time is the first half of the runout tide.
  8. Atomic arrowz or abu garcia veritas wouod be within your budget Probably want something in the 6-8kg range
  9. Download "deckee" it's our fishraider sponsor, free and covers what you need 2 or 3 apps for
  10. After our Darwin adventure, Amy and I still had a couple of days off and with the deckee app showing some perfect conditions it was a no brainer to get out for a quick session. We launched on the Hastings looking like glass and headed upstream looking for the rlusive jewie. We focused on fishing bridge pylons with softvibes, it didn't take long for me to boat a couple of small tailor, followed by a couple of flathead that found their way into the esky. I was getting hits fairly regularly but Amy couldn't turn a trick at this stage. I had a good take on the pause and straight away I called a better fish, when I saw tye silver I got excited about to call a small jewie, but instead it was a bream An absolute beast, measured up at 44cm, was thick set and absolutely inhaled thr fishtrap (that's a 95mm lure in his gob). This fish smashed my previous pb, I have wanted that bream for a long time, he was released to get even bigger. We kept hopping pylons and with a few technique fine tunes Amy started getting hit and then she's onto a solid fish, it gave a solid fight and a quality flathead was in the net Measured up at 60cm, a good quality fish and a new pb for Amy, this one was also released. After a couple more small flatties we finished the session, can't beat smashing a couple of pb's in a single session, I'm loving my new home system. Hopefully a jewie will come soon. Cheers for reading Dave
  11. it'll be the first of many as you refine your techniques you'll start catching the bigger models
  12. The raider range are good quality for the price, I own a couple of different models and couldn't be happier with them. They're a pretty light weight rod, your mates combo may have felt a little heavy because of the sienna.
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