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  1. Me and Amy managed a kidfree weekend so what better way to spend it than camping and fishing. We started by heading up into the Nymboi-binderay national park out to cod hole campground on the Nymboida river. I had heard the river was at an all time low and barely flowing so we were pleasantly surprised to find it looking pretty good only slightly down on what it normally is. We wasted no time getting to the water and starting to cast........... and cast............. and cast some more! The fish decided they were going to play haed to get. We ept persisting and finally I hear Amy call out so I go running over (giving myself a fine ankle bruise in the process) to find her with her first cod. A beautiful fish, quickly released, leaving Amy 1 up and bragging rights were claimed Over the afternoon and next morning we saw loads of fish but no action, apart from me getting busted off thanks to my line just snapping which about summed up my Nymboida leg of the trip and solemly swear I'll never buy Daiwa J-braid again and thanks to a backlash from the lure catching a branch on the cast I've replaced it. So with severly wounded pride I drove out of the Nymboida to our trout spot. The creek was a bit low but still looking awesome as ever Didn't take long to find some trout, they were aggressive chasing and hitting the lures it was just a bit difficult getting the hooks to stay in. After several thrown hooks and my patience wearing a little thin finally a fish stayed on and out came nice rainbow. never felt so relieved to land a fish Woring along the creek we kept casting with plenty of hits and follows but the low water making it difficult. Then with a little back cast into a pool out comes a little brown continuing upstream Amy was having a tough session so to cheer her up a bit, I say to her watch this, and call out "Hail Mary" and lauching a cast as far as I can up the creek into a bunch of small pools. The cast landed in a tiny pool and was instantly nailed by a quality brown, the fish cartwheeled over shallow and almost dry rocks staying connected still can't believe I pulled it off it's certainly won me some bragging rights. Amy's tough luck continued the fish just wouldn't stay connected for her including some really solid fish but to her credit she kept casting to add to her frustrations I put a cast in a run after she had puy atleast 10 in it and pulled out a rainbow Amy being the determined fisho she is kept casting and casting with the property boundary getting close she finally had a fish stay connected despite it jumping over and over A nice rainbow to finish the trip, the fishing was tough but I reckon it's the tough days that make you appreciate catching a fish, hopefully some rain in the near future will improve the fishing cheers for reading Dave
  2. dirvin21

    Wyangala Dam

    That's impoundments for you.... give a river or creek anyday
  3. dirvin21

    Nambucca- Moderaters session!

    You'll have to come back for a yak session mate
  4. dirvin21

    Anyone still breathing?

    I've used the travelling 100's of km at up to 110km/hr
  5. dirvin21

    Nambucca- Moderaters session!

    Cheers for a good day scratchie, looking forward to the next time, hopefully old red satan will come out to play
  6. dirvin21

    Anyone still breathing?

    Get yourself a set of softracks, how I transport my yak
  7. dirvin21

    Anyone fishing Coffs this weekend?

    Hey Scratchie.... I'll let you know what I'm doing.... definetly fishing Friday somewhere
  8. dirvin21

    Anyone still breathing?

    had an internet cheapie upgraded to an Old town vapor 10 love it, like paddling a cloud
  9. dirvin21

    Anyone still breathing?

    just upgraded my Yak about a month ago been aiming to get out on it at least twice a week
  10. dirvin21

    Carcoar Dam

    if chasing redfin small bream style hardbodies work well
  11. dirvin21


    Further up at Lake Cathie isn't to bad for flattties
  12. dirvin21

    underwater shots

    been trying to take underwater shots have to say it's a lot harder than I expected but can make for some interesting pictures here's a few
  13. dirvin21

    Fish ID. (Lesser Queenfish)

    "lesser queenfish" Scomberoides lysan
  14. dirvin21

    Info on how to reduce wind knots

    they can be difficult to avoid matching your leader and braid size does help when there's a big diameter difference the lines cast at different speeds and result in braid falling on itself causing the beloved wind knot try a different type of braid, I have found 8 strand braid is far less prone to wind knots than 4 strand
  15. dirvin21

    Diawa Double Clutch Colours?

    flathead yes, far better lures for whiting, you want something that runs shallower and a bit smaller, fish it over the flats (black magic bmax is my preferred lure) it can be pretty frustrating chasing whiting on hardbodies colour is personal choice, the AYU colours are my preferred