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  1. there's a good population of Eastern cod west of Coffs, they are totally protected and a "no target species" although they are pretty much impossible to avoid when you're bass fishing in the Mann and nymboida, they're seriously aggressive and make the murray cod seem a bit meek in comparison
  2. A good mate of mine was at Ben falls last week and did alright he got 4 fish in 2 days just be prepared to put some serious casts in, I fish other sections of the Severn a few times a year (suss out the freshwater reports section) and the fish are pretty clued into lures my most successful technique is a 5 inch grub style plastic rigged weedless my main baitcast combo for cod is a shimano curado k with 30lb braid on a shimano cod raider 8-12kg
  3. copeton would be your best bet this time of year
  4. there are kings around they like the run in tide in the clean water, saw one today on the inside of the breakwall, they're generally keyed in on small bait so lures around 50-80mm are the go to, 20lb would be more than sufficient they fight pretty clean in the river the end of the carpark, and at the point on the wall thet points south and takes a 90 degree turn and they often sit along that section of wall all the way around to the break occasionally they'll sit around the green channel marker on the inside along wellington drive
  5. awesome videos mate, watched all of them
  6. if there's any left I'll take one Donna, any colours fine
  7. some cracking salmon again Jon, never heard of a dolphin grabbing a hooked fish before bet it was a nasty surprise
  8. welcome to fishraider, loom forward to reading some US reports
  9. plastics should be ok as said by kingie just check they swim, replace your mono preferably with braid if you're looking at getting into soft plastic fishing
  10. With my reports from the last few weeks one of ou younger members sends me a message saying he'll be in the area and asking where he can find a GT, it was a no brainer to take him upriver to try and find a GT even managed to swindle the day off so we had plenty of time. We hit the water on gentlemen's hours the air was still a bit frosty and the water a balmy 14.6 degrees, but with a good run out tide we wasted no time shooting upriver, we started out casting the edges and didn't take long for bream to start coming aboard I got a couple of average bream to get the day moving, James managed to break the doughnut with a nice whiting, always a relief when when the doughnut is broken. Worked our way along to some decent trees where Amy got dusted a couple of weeks ago, James puts a cast in and gets belted with no hook-up he puts another cast straight back in and it's eaten again this time it stays connected, the fish gave him hell and after a good run around James had his GT in the net the high fives and fist pumps were going, a quality GT I reckon I was every bit as pumped as young James. We continued on our drift catching a few smallish bream and flatties, the bite was tough but we kept persisting and James had another solid take called another trev this time it took a good run at high speed and again after a good battle which was fun to watch James had his first big-eye in the net and a cracking 42cm which actually bests my own pb, to restore some dignity I managed a half decent big-eye shortly after we did manage a couple more small bream but the bite was slow so we decided to shoot downriver and cast som,...e bigger lures to hopefully find a decent flathead or cod. Sot locked at one of my new spots i discovered recently casting soft vibe and large plastics around the bait was thick took awhile to get a hit but I finally got a solid take on the soft vibe, the fish went really hard in the current had my fingers crossed for a jewie but wasn't disapointed when a solid flattie came up she measured up 65cm and a beautiful thick set fish I enjoyed watching her swim off, we moved onto the racks to put James onto a locked drag blue lip, the rack bite was incredibly tough we did spot a coule of jacks cruising the trays which was pretty cool, I did manage a couple of average bream and reaching the end of our rack run James loaded u on a bream it gave him a solid fight A nice fish to finish the session, being able to take James out to catch his first GT and see how pumped he was, that's what fishraiders all about cheers for reading Dave
  11. With Monday's soft vibe success plagueing all week having to work nights finished my last shift for the run this morning worked out a 3 hour snooze get up and get moving I'll have a 3 hour fiishing window before the kids turn up. it was tough getting up but the thought of a big jewie waiting to be caught got me moving. Again the weather was magnificant, sounded around the old bridge again but no bait so didn't waste much time around there shot back down to the rockbar at the new bridge, again the bait was thick, started casting again with the fish trap but this time I'd gone to a heavy baitcaster to hopefully prevent another cod dusting. Second cast and the lures nailed the fish took off hard with big headshakes dreaming of a jew but instead outcomes a solid flathead went 63cm incredibly heavy and one of the hardest fighting flatties I've caught in ages With that fish the arvo was already worth the sleep deprivation so kept the casts going and 2 casts later on again this one went 55cm and again really thick from happily sitting on a rockbar gorging on herring and whitebait, had a few more hits and misses then decided to move on and try some other areas, managed a very ambitious bream on a deep edge otherwise not much action, with time running out did one last drift down the rockwall where I got the GT on Monday, the sounder lit up with bait after a couple of assumed trevally hits the lure gets monstered, thinking trev I let it run a bit soon realised that was a big mistake as it started steamrolling towards the rocks had to ut some serious hurt on the fish to turn it around but it stubbornly hung deep, all I could think was BIG!!! eventually after one hell of a battle mostly thumbing the spool the beast revealed itself and was in the net a big black spot, it was an assumed similar fish that dusted which is why I thankfully used the heavy baitcaster he went just over 50cm and was in absolute tank condition, biggest I've caught around here by far and second biggest Ive caught period with that time was up on a cracking little session, caught the same species as last time but with a major size upgrade, think I'll be ordering more fish traps cheers for reading Dave
  12. 14th, would have been a lot higher up the leader board if those fish had of appeared on comp day