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  1. dirvin21

    sharks, again

    how big are the sharks you intend chasing? You generally don't need a particularly heavy mainline for sharks just a long heavier leader to prevent bustoffs from rubbing on the sharks body
  2. dirvin21

    Jervis bay fish ID (Crimsonband Wrasse)

    female "Crimsonband Wrasse", Notolabrus gymnogenis
  3. dirvin21

    The role of a man

    The strong male role model seems to be an endangered species
  4. dirvin21


    Hi Miniken welcome to fishraider..... you should try the "indroduce yourself thread" also the search function is useful for finding information
  5. dirvin21

    catching the myth

    Not in the murray-darling as Blackfish said..... it's easy to forget they exist I've seen 6 including this one....... have looked after many sting victims in my profession....... just posted up the pic to remind people these guys are out there especially in weed it's easy to get complacent in freshwater
  6. dirvin21

    catching the myth

    Out with the kids yesterday fishing (no fish), swimming and trapping shrimps for the fishtank, in a bit of weed not 6 feet from where the kids were playing got this guy only small but a bullrout this size will bring a grown man to his knees, this fish came from green weed in 30cm of water in crystal clear gravel bottomed creek it's easy to forget they're there. He now resides in the fishtank because the property owner wanted to dispatch him fishtank was the alternative wear shoes when walking/swimming in freshwater
  7. dirvin21

    White spot virus

    I remember that..... we had a school camp at the time all us boys had a pilchard fight on the beach
  8. dirvin21

    White spot virus

    Does anyone know if white spot can affect crabs , my mate caught a muddie last week with white spots all over it I told him to send pics to fisheries
  9. dirvin21

    long weekend

    Saturday being the opening of the trout season decided to take the better half up to chase soem trout. Since meeting me at the start of the year she has gone from someone who never fished before to a seriosly competative angler. This season we managed to gain access to some very private water apparently full of trophy sized fish. The creek looked good a bit low but otherwise we were feeling confidant. The first Km produced a couple of follows by small fish, when we came to a bigger pool Amy had the first cast and pulled the hooks on a fish after casting the pool for a bit a big rainbow appeared a put a cast past him as soon as the lure came into view he was on it I'm pretty sure I carried on like a school girl when fighting the fish I was so excited eventually out came a cracker of a rainbow measuring up at 47cm but in solid condition worked our way up a bit to the next pool and Amy cracked a nice brownie about 30cm further up in the next big pool we spotted some bigger fish I landed another quality fish then it was Amy's cast when the hit came followed by the run we knew this was a beast after the fight from hell and me getting ready to swim in icey water to free the fish from a log (thankfully it came back out) an absolute tank came ashore the picture doesn't do this thing justice it would have weighed around 5kg it was an absolute tank I got another quality fish but after Amy's beast nothing seemed big anymore, didn't catch a lot of fish but the quality was undeniable The next arvo I got out on the kayak for a bass session, it was a tough bite ended up with 2 fish the bigger 1 a mid 30's model then to finish off the long weekend took the kids up for a trout fish this morning, found an easy access point with a massive deep pool of water. Put a couple of baits out for the kids then Declan had a crack with my lure rod and sure enough it was nailed poor kid didn't know what hit him the fish gave him quite a runaround but eventually we landed a really thick mid 40's rainbow he wouldn't pick it up, the fish was released then the worm rod went off and he ended up with another rainbow of similar size unfortunetly this fish was hooked in the gill so we decided to take home for a feed as it was almost certain to die. I started having a cast and before long onto a solid fish it ran really deep thinking a brownie (after I spotted a monster) out came another rainbow quickly released to ensure survival kept casting and after awhile and onto another this fish spent moe time in the air than in the water tried to get a quick pic but the fish had other plans atleast it swam off healthy Rosalie got in the action right at the end with a nice little rainbow that concluded a cracker of a long weekend with not loads of fish landed but some quality size amongst them cheers for reading Dave
  10. dirvin21

    Lure Novice

    Go a lighter setup something in the 2-4kg rating with a 2500 sized reel match with some 6-8lb braid and 8lb leader Shimano have catana/sienna combos which are good for starting out I personally use zman grubz for plastics fishing but it's personal choice scents like sfactor definitely make a difference Start with flathead find some areas where you know flathead frequent and get your techniques fine tuned... flathead are generally forgiving Porbably the main thing i see is hopping techniques with lures.... be limber try and hop or twitch your lure with your wrist and elbow aiming to not move your torso Most importantly keep persisting once you crack the code you'll never look back Hope this helps Dave
  11. dirvin21

    first session for bass season

    It's a blade with wire clips to your jighead basically turns a plastic into a small spinnerbait made by tackle tactics similar to the old beetlespins
  12. A nice looking day this morning and the power going off, the only option go fishing with the wind getting up early decided to head up rover for a bass. Headed up the North arm of the Nambucca river. River looked good, incredibly clear as the north arm usually is. Started working some slightly deeper edges on quite shallow water, noticed a fish sitting on the edge landed a cast right on his head lure was instantly nailed and buried ended up grabbing the spool and pulling him out A 42cm fish to start the season, happy would be an understatement even worth a selfie he came from the edge in the middle turned 90 degrees and cast a pool with some weed on the bottom after a couple of casts on again a nice mid 30's fish sight casted a couple of fish but ran out of water to retrieve in then watching the tadpoles decided to test a theory, when casting clear skinny water the fish come from miles away and often run out of water to strike so mimicking the behavior of the thousands of tadpoles I let the plastic sink to the bottom on one of the pursuing fish and sure enough he merely crunched it off the bottom A really thick 37cm model Heading back down ouched a cast in a very snaggy little corner and out of nowhere out comes another beast again run up in the timber but managed to get him back a 43cm fish a cracker for this piece of river working my way down managed a couple more mid 30's fish in a deep pool woring down a long sectio of really skinny water basically snagless but still casted it and from some undercut grass comes another solid fish he went 39cm a really dark fish Finished the session with an ant sized bass that came from one of the bugger pools and another mid 30's fish from a pool the size of a bathtub ended up with 9 fish for the session, the bigger fish came from the smallest water, all of them were in prime condition lure was a zman 2.5" grubz with a 1/20th jighead an a jigspinner cheers for reading Dave
  13. dirvin21

    a week of fishing

    Cheers mate..... it's not as difficult as most people think... it's the subtle things that make the difference to success
  14. dirvin21

    a week of fishing

    Going off previous years probably mid October then the smaller fish seem to disappear the bigger fish still hang around just become a bit of a random catch
  15. had plenty of short sessions over the week, started out with some trevs in the gale force southerly winds following day a long canoe paddle in the upper tidal reaches only ended up with one fish but always good to avoid the doughnut next day back to chasing trevs started on the kayak getting a few ant sized big-eyes, switched to a landbased spot with some bigger lures resulting in an immediate size upgrade A change in retrieve style to a big rip pause made the GT's fire up as well some nice high 30's models next session was chasing flatties trialing the sebile magic swimmer only small fish landed but think I've wored out a successful retrieve to finish the week hit the marina at Coffs for nothing, heading home stopped at one of my reliable spots again terrible weather, first cast smoked by a trev on the light gear pulled out some heavier gear again casting Jackall's and again more fish the Moses perch have appeared early this season this one was really red thought it was a jack at first last fish of the session was an equal pb mosie a solid fish that's it for the week hopefully more fish to come Dave