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  1. any cod is a good cod Neil..... you've inspired me I'm heading out after cod in a couple of weeks the unbelievable has happened and it's rained in the Severn river catchment and the river is actually flowing a bit
  2. being realistic a 1 day charter for 7 chasing GT's would probably be difficult to find, certainly plenty of charter operators around FNQ and Darwin that chase GT's searching charters around Airlie beach/whitsundays, Cairns and Darwin would be a good starting point then contact them and discuss what you're looking for
  3. Half blood knot same as you learned it off my old man many years ago...... on the topic of loop knots I use them for soft plastics and pretty much all lures
  4. Had a few short sessions in the last couple of weeks despite the relentless wind. Got out for an early session aiming to catch my first jack for the season but they have proved hard to tempt thus far, trevally have been breaking up the relentless casting big-eyes and GT', after being all but absent through winter and spring they've appeared in big schools up river certainly a surprise when bream spinning ended up with a good dozen trevs for the session the fish were really fired up until a sudden southerly change came through and all went quiet. A few days after got out for an after work session, again started off spinning for jacks but the persistant wind made it near impossible moved locations to find some sheltered water, switched focus to bream and didn't take long to get a willing participant moved on towards some sheltered oyster racks leading into the racks started flicking a plastic around. A hit on the flats and instantly busted off by what I assume was a solid GT because my drag was tight in preparation for the upcoming racks. There was plenty of life on the racks it still took a while to get a proper bite but once I did it was the ususal go for broke chaos another nice bream for the arvo continued casting the racks, there were plenty of fish feeding just a bit spooky put in plenty of good casts for no result and finally with the plastic sitting deep while adusting the electric motor I saw a tap in the line, immediately hit the fish and went as hard as possible took quite a bit of effort but managed to pull a quality bream from under the racks nothing like a rack bream, that finished the session as the bushfire smoke makes it dark early Managed to sqeeze in another uick pre work session up at Nambucca having a quick landbased cast. After many casts the prospect of a doughnut was looking likely in desperation I started casting plastics aiming for leahterjackets and fortunetly one was happy to oblige a little fan-bellied jacket to break the doughnut heading back for the car put some casts out aimed at catching a bluefin trev which are still hanging around wasn't expecting much as the water was a bit dirty form the low tide, and in the middle of daydreaming the lure was nailed and the drag singing a quality bluefin, really gave me some curry they stubbornly get their side in the current and can be hard to turn That was it for the last few sessions hopefully the warm weather will see the acks play the game soon cheers for reading Dave
  5. The CI4 is lighter otherwise they're much the same I've got 2 FKs and can't fault them
  6. I've got a good scar on my thumb from where I decided to thumb grip a 60 odd cm flathead, needed stitches won't do that again The other memorable one was sticking my hand in a murray coods mouth the dehook it and it bit down and shook it's head
  7. Thanks guys, main reason for evac is to avoid being trapped with no power water or communication RFS crews are stretched as it is so a good chance help wouldn't
  8. I've now evacuated, the fire took an unexpected turn and is only a few km's from home so made the decision to get out early
  9. The devastation is unbelievable, I've got friends and workmates that have lost their homes, the fireys here have been working tirelessly and are doing an incredible job this whole section of the coast woukd be ash without their efforts Hope all my fellow raiders are doing ok, I've been lucky thus far but got grave concerns for Tuesday
  10. Take it to a professional.... the springs are notoriously difficult to get back in correctly
  11. you're doing the right cast parallel along the rockwall, try small hardbodies either a shad style like an sx40 or a strikepro pygmy and a twitch-pause retrieve, or slow roll a shallow crank with a pause and shake the rod tip every few meters especially if they're chasing also scent can make a difference
  12. the single yak setup would be ok for estuary creeks etc.... personally I would never take a sit in yak offshore simply because you can't get back in if you capsize the tandem wouldn't be suitable for a single paddler as the weight is too far on the back or front (looking at seat placement) for a lot less money you can get a really good quality single kayak, if your really keen on a sit in the oldtown vapor 10 is a great kayak if you're set on fishing wider bays and rougher conditions you need a sit on with a bit of length I'd suggest go to a reputable kayak shop and have a chat to them
  13. start with a simple yak the internet cheapies are decent setup for the price, second hand is also a good option, start with short paddles in calm conditions and get some confidence couple of things that'll make a big difference: a compact inflatable PFD ,an extra cushion to sit on I've got a thin outdoor furniture one it makes a huge difference on a long paddle , get a good quality paddle- if you buy one of the starter cheapies with the included accessories get a good quality paddle 220cm handle with a narrower blade shape makes tracking straight a lot easier (feel free make a good one) limit your gear on the yak, always keep loose lures in a box otherwise you'll end up with loads of jewelry which leads to my next point a short handle environet so you can dehook your fish before you handle them it'll save you a lot of hooks embedded in you other things to consider do you intend to fish small creeks that require a smaller yak and what fish do you target and do you catch and release or take fish home (handle on the yak and storage like an esky) the most important thing is just do it
  14. caught in the Hastings river, apart from guessing it's a cod, I've got nothing