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  1. Plenty of boats street parked permanently around SWR so I'd say it shouod be fine, wouldn't leave loose gear in it though As for 4wding there's plenty of state forest past Kempsey depending on how far you want to go there's some wild tracks up around the Kempsey-armidale rd and styx river state forest , limeburners rd going south from point plomer to Hastings river Nambucca state forest pretty much all the firetrails have been destroyed by local clowns to make 4wd tracks
  2. dirvin21

    Baby Shark

    I agree I'd say dusky whaler, snout to long for a bull shark,
  3. got a mate that reckons he can smell jew, dunno how accurate he is but he catches a lot more jew than I do
  4. cracking bream Regan, you're becoming one hell of a bream fisher
  5. The cheapies are a good start out yak, my kayak2fish yak survived some severe punishment dragging up creeks etc... the big downfall was paddling into a headwind and they're not good for long paddles but definitely a good starting yak They're a fairly stable yak but if there's any chop you will get wet Forget the electric the battery will add too much weight in the back and you'd be better off saving the $$$ and putting it into a better yak Pedal yaks are good except they don't do well in shallow water or small creeks
  6. My better half has a Seak rapid 2.7 it's a good yak she got it for $250 on special but had to buy other gear seperatly, I started out with a kayak2fish cheapie wasn't a bad set-up, I've since gone to an "old town" vapor 10 sit-in, I love it couple of mates have dragon yaks and I effortlessly lezve them for dead No matter what set-up you go for get a good quality paddle and a compact inflatable pfd it makes a massive difference
  7. I've got a 2.2m daiwa rod holder I wrap the rods together in bubble wrap so they can't bounce around the tube, 3 return flight trips later and not an issue, if you're gonna go for a tube spend the $$$ and get a quality brand
  8. Only plastics I use now are zman because of how long they last, for scent I put s-factor on them
  9. Take a moment to read the site rules..... this is a family friendly site
  10. if you're casting lures go with braid, you'll get better lure action and less interference form the current, I would recommend a fairly long fluorocarbon or mono leader to reduce the risk of cutting of on the rocks
  11. the bream and flathead photos on the kayak are taken with a waterproof lumix and the others (last bream and trevs) are with my phone a samsung galaxt s5
  12. managed to get in a few sessions over the last couple of weeks, After the QLD tri working so hard for fish I wanted to turn a few numbers and no better place than the oyster racks, conditions looked good with not to much breeze or current, and literally first cast without even turning the handle, a hit that set the mojo every rack produced either a fish or a strike on plastics and hardbodies working along spotted some smaller fish feeding at the surface on the racks cast a cranka crab at them as sson as it hit the water a pack of solid brutes appeared grabbed the crab and casually swam with it when the line tightened things got a bit ugly, bream really go hard on a locked drag after avery scary tussle a better quality fish was in the net a beautiful thick 35cm, biggest one I've landed this year and in solid condition , ended up with a good little session of 14 bream landed even sight casted quite a few working the edge of the racks, most of the fish were better than average size in the high 20's to low 30's with the one btter quality fish not to end the day had a few casts landbased on the way home for some GT's not much size but lenty of numbers cpule of days later hit the Hastings with Amy on the kayaks searching for flathead we saw loads of fish but the bite was a bit tough did end u with a few fish each the biggest 55cm a couple made their way to the dinner plate To finish off headed for a pre work session at Nambucca near the breakwall, the water was beyond clear and the fish very spooky, but with some persistence managed to fire up a couple of bream watched this guy get competitive and engulf the lure the crystal clear water makes it exciting working along the breakwall amongst a school of blackfish and other stuff there were bluefin trevally working along started casting at them, and casting and casting some more doesn't take much to get them to chase but takeas a lot to get them to bite. They are a very frustrating species the trik is to get their attention by twitching the lure and really increasing the speed when they get close and after a LOT of casts this guy nails it at my feet, took some good runs before coming ashore he measured 36cm a new pb a good sized bluefin this far south continued casting and after another eternity a smaller specimen but really well coloured we only see bluefins every few years so I'm always really pumped to catch them had a couple more hits and misses but that was it for the bluefin effort hopefully the end of winter and spring will keep producing cheers for reading Dave
  13. Interesting never heard of the link with MND would be interested how they discovered it given exposure to blue green algae wouldn't be overly common, but if it leads to a cure fingers crossed, I know MND all to well I work in health I do agree the stuff is dangerous when exposed I've heard of cattle dying from drinking contaminated water