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  1. A good mate and I both had the day off, we were planning on hitting the salt in the boat but with a perfect weather forcast we decided it was a perfect opportunity to fish a stretch of the Taylors arm of the Nambucca from private access I have to Grays crossing what I worked out to be about 9.5km, have never done this run before. We dropped a car off at the retrieve point and hit the launch looking quality as ever, and we got to casting didn't take long to be on the board a flea to break the doughnut, the fishing was a little slow but woring the familiar pools we put a co
  2. Not much public access around, best option is to get a kayak
  3. That's a cracking snapper mate
  4. Is that on waternsw, I think they haven't updated it for awhile, On the cudgegong waters site it says you just have to book in prior
  5. got the second week of October off (starting the 12th) thinking of heading to windamere camping for 2 or 3 nights targeting yellas, I've got a boat and kayaks if anyone interested in joining for some camping, fishing and beers
  6. worms work really well on trout, make sure you give them some slack line when they pick it up
  7. the gulps certainly work but got sick of the mess, had the same experience with squidgies lucky to get 1 fish per tail, can't fault the zmans put a bit of sfactor on them and they catch just as many fish as a gulp
  8. they're like lollies to predatory fish
  9. Beast of a pike..... they're definetly on my bucket list
  10. We've got plenty of them on the MNC, past Macksville is where I mainly target them....... agro... they''re the nastiest most canny frustrating damn fish on the planet... can't get enough of old "red satan"
  11. Can't comment on fly but with diving hardbodies whiting like a rapid twitching retrieve with minimal pausing
  12. I stand corrected didn't realise the bonnies appear so early, the mouth of the river on run in tide would also be worth a go
  13. this might help http://tackletactics.com.au/Rigging-Guides/Selecting-a-HeadlockZ-jighead-for-your-ZMan-plastic
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