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  1. With all the rain on the coast and seems everywhere else Amy and I decided to head west to our cod spot for a quick overnighter. Recently started using the Deckee app. I have to say it's great for planning a trip with weather even out west, as it was there was basically no rain predicted for our destination. After driving 6 hours through terrential rain we arrived at Kwiambal and found the river to resemble chocolate milk unfortunetly the rain upstream had made the river unfishable, a bit dejected we got back in the car and headed back to Ashford to check the river at Wells crossing, unbelieva
  2. I spend atleast 4 days a week in hospital.... apparently the bank demands I repay the money they gave me to buy my house
  3. I use both, as stated "depends on the type of fishing"........ mostly use the traditional front weighted heads because I'm hopping and twitching the plastic or wanting it to ink down along structure with plenty of action I use the HWS when using plastics for murray cod, because I use an extremely slow roll retrieve the plastic tracks nice and evenly through the water
  4. As planned got out for my cod mission, a good mate managed to join me so we made the 5 hour trip our favourite cod river. We didn't waste anytime hitting the water, saying conditions were hot would be an understatement. The river itself was a bit low but pretty good in some sections and absolutely choked by weed in others The water itself was nice and clean, casting a weedless plastic it didn't take a lot of casts to spot a shadow behind my lure that launched at it first fish of the trip love watching them swim off and this one was good enough to give
  5. heading west to chase some cod on Monday 8/2 overnight, probably in Kwiambal national park outside of Ashford, any raiders are welcome to join, I have spare everything including yaks and swag
  6. Zman 2.5 inch slim swimz are definetly worth using as well as the grubs, motor oil is good but if I had to pick a single colour greasy prawn I'd go a 1/12th jighead if you're landbased
  7. You'll still catch fish, the only issues with glass rods and mono is it can be a bit more difficult to get a hookset and it's really difficult to get the subtle action if you're specifically targeting bream. I started out the same trying soft plastics on the glass mono setups and caught plenty of fish before I switched to graphite braid
  8. What a fish! as stated by @HoodsI'm envious
  9. good time to visit, hopefully with the rain we've had the fishing should be great especially for a bass
  10. you did better than me Neil, I jut spent 3 days at Copeton for 2 swirls on surface lures and 4 catties
  11. I prefer the 8, i get better knot strength and they seem to be much easier to get wind knots out of I don't mind the Shimano Kairkiri it's just a bit rough, the sufix 832 is my go to braid never had an issue the daiwa j braid 8 and sunline siglon are garbage both lasted a coupe of months then just started splitting and breaking under minimal pressure
  12. whiting are a very frustrating lure target, scent sometimes makes a difference
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