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  1. Occasionally it's required to stop a fish that's almost certainly going to brick you, generally can be avoided by pre setting the drag according to the area you're fishing It's certainly a good way to pull hooks, break line, straighten a hook or simply make the fish go harder leaving you with the "if only" we've all felt
  2. A few weeks ago a good mate and I fished Deep creek just north of Nambucca looking for jacks, the creek is supposed to be a bit of a jack hotspot but I'd never actually jack fished it, that particular session was a perfect doughnut but the area looked to good not to hold fish. Last week I headed back to the same area again looking for the elusive red creature, it was one of thise mornings for all the wrong reasons, left gear at home, whilst re-tying a lure noticed a monster jack sitting under a log watching me only to spook as soon as I was re-tied and to top it off I rigged a weedless plasti
  3. I made a ladder rack and load it the same as green hornet's picture
  4. We had a last minute cancellation of the bass comp we were supposed to be fishing on the weekend, so we decided to go camp overnight somewhere new. We headed out from Grafton to a spot I'd found on the Mann river it was a longway out but unfortunetly it was packed with people and terrible river access, we headed back to the caravan park at Jackadgerry to try and salvage what was left of our weekend. The camp area and river are connected by a 4x4 track so we took the car down and set up to spend the rest of the day there, we left the kids to do whatever it is they do and Amy and I got to castin
  5. looks pretty good, I reckon you'll do alright
  6. @big Neil After what seems like years of messages finally managed to sort out a fishing trip with Big Neil. A quick meet-up the night before to discuss plans and we were set for an early start hitting the main Nambucca river, the aim of the day everything starting with jacks and GTs. We started out slowly working upriver hitting the jack snags straight away Neil showed he was no stranger to accurate casts didn't take long before i had a take, A nice trev to start the session things were looking good, unfortunetly the fish decided to stop playing the game, the casts kept g
  7. go 20lb braid and use it for bigger lures like 95mm softvibes
  8. Yes in the Nambucca, I don't fish the Macleay very often, get GTs and apparently plenty of jewies around Jerseyville, if you head off north off the main river at "kemps corner" towards Stuarts point" all those flats usually produce plenty of flathead
  9. had a big run of small jelly prawns up here a couple of weeks ago, the fish got a bit fixated on them
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