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  1. you busted the doughnut, should have been titled "cracking day n the bidgee"
  2. you can buy the molds and material on ebay, I think mostly they're American, I have known a couple of guys that used to do it, if you're recycling soft plastics I'm about positive you can't mix brands, most brand of soft plastic will melt when they come in contact with a different one
  3. Nice fish mate, they're always a bit of a surprise catch on a lure
  4. Thankyou @mrsswordfisherman for putting me forward, I'm excited to be an ambassador and especially beside anglers like @Scratchie who are held in such high regard
  5. With my bit of success last week and a mutual day off, My good mate and collegue Andrew hit me up for a session on his boat, I didn't have to be asked twice. It pretty much poured all the night before but my good old deckee app had me confidant the rain would stop just in time for us to hit the water. Turned into a beautiful morning the water was a bit coloured from the rain but still relatively clear. We wasted no time shooting up river and hitting the edges. Started out hopping plastics down the steep structured edges and it didn't take long to put a fish on the board, a nice
  6. also commonly known as a "gold spot trevally"
  7. Definitely a juvenile GT I see tonnes of them, the head shape is a definite especially when combined with the tall fins, really nice fish They're known to occur as far south as Sydney
  8. assume you've got a graphite rod and using braid 1/16th #2 is perfect for a 2.5inch zman, bream are one fish that can be a bit colour driven, natural colours seem to work best for bream I like greasy prawn, motor oil, pearl and bloodworm. That's the easy part. Bream are all about the 1%, attention to detail is the key. Your plastic must be rigged straight, zmans have a faint line along the back the hook needs to line up with it, the hook also needs to come out at the right length on the plastic so the tail isn't bunched up or stretched on the hook that's half the battle
  9. they have crazy colour variation, I've caught them from near jet black to creamy colour and everything in between without moving my feet
  10. After months of flooding and dirty water, finally got the boat out on the river for the first time in ages. The water looked good, went for a run upriver, the carnage from the flooding is unbelievable, huge sections of bank and trees gone, in some sections it's likke a different river. The day started with slow rolling cranks on the gravel beds for bream with not so much as a touch, switched to flicking plastics along the edges 2 casts into that and a fish on the boat definetly no monster but my first saltwater fish for over 2 months. The bites and small bream weren't to hard to com
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