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  1. dirvin21

    First cod

    nice work mate......... you're more likely to get a surface cod at night or early hours of the a.m. I know plenty are caught on surface in the lakes this time of year not sure about the rivers though
  2. dirvin21

    Meet up to talk fishing

    I reckon it's doable
  3. dirvin21

    Berkley Powerbait Trout Bait

    I have caught trout on it... never tried in saltwater but I reckon it would work
  4. dirvin21

    boat session

    if you're feeling really bold "cranka crabs" are dynamite on the leases just expensive when the fish refuse to give them back
  5. dirvin21

    Long weekend at Forster

    awesome mate
  6. Got out on the river yesterday with a mate on his boat. The weather was beautiful a nice clear warm winter's day. We headed straight up river casting snags with hardbodies for atleast an hour we didn't even get a follow, tried different lures deep shallow changed sizes and colours for zip. When we came up to a mud bank resorted to a soft plastic and second cast it was eaten, a very subtle take but once it loaded up felt like a decent fish A nice 30's bream to start the day we wroked our way downriver catching a few tiny flathead with a bream thrown in every now and then not overly big but they fought really hard We made the decision to head for the oyster racks hopefully to find some bluelips didn't take long for a hit new straight away it wasn't a bream The racks weren't firing but after a few good casts the fish started coming they pack a punch on the racks these guys really went hard spotted a couple of bream feeding in the middle so did a suicide cast into the middle of the rack plastic was eaten instantly had to literally rip the fish into the air before it knew what was going on but managed to pull it off we ended up landing quite a few bream between us and pulled the hooks on many more on the racks but if you don't fish a tight drag they'll never come out all fish released bar the flathead which found his way to the frypan cheers for reading Dave
  7. dirvin21

    Hawkesbury PB Flathead

    nice fish mate especially on 6lb leader
  8. dirvin21

    exploring new water

    caught the fish on a ecogear sx40, my other trout lures are blackmagic bmax, rapala tennesse shad and strikepro baby archback
  9. Using a combo of google earth and the stocking data from NSW fisheries found a promising little creek that should hold loads of brown trout. Brownies are a bit of a prize around the Dorrigo-Ebor area as there are only a few streams with decent populations of brown trout. The weather turned it on with a beautiful 10 degrees and a breeze that made it feel like 5. The creek was not what I expected instead of a flowing stream it was a series of overgrown swampy pools. Thinking there can't be any trout here had a cast under the bridge and straight up the biggest wild brown trout I've seen followed my lure right to my feet, atleast there were fish. Hiked upstream casting the pools which was very difficult, most of the pools were only a couple of metres long and surrounded by shrubs. a view of the creek it's running up the right hand side of the photo saw plenty of fish as a worked my way along mostly good sized fish too it was just near ipossible to get a decent cast in finally after many pools and frustrating follows and miss hits came up tight on a fish a beautiful brownie the picture doesn't quite show how densely overgrown this pool was the fish came out of had a couple more follows but no more fish landed next season I'll head to the creek again with either lightly weighted soft plastics or bait which I think will suit the creek better cheers for reading Dave
  10. dirvin21

    Ocean access between South West Rocks and coffs

    There's a fishing club based out of Nambucca and also Coffs The Scotts head ramp is ok as previously stated your boat may be a little heavy a mate of mine launches a 6m boat out of Scotts regularly, you can rule out Shelly beach in Nambucca for the forseeable future as theres a huge sandbar formed about 50m out, there are a few guys that regularly go through the Nambucca bar but as said not the safest crossing apart from Coffs you have Urunga although I don't know anyone that heads out off there Let me know when you move up and I'll connect you with a couple of fellas that fish off here regularly and if you're ever up for a fish I'm happy to share a few spots Dave
  11. dirvin21

    size improving

    you should recognise that spot mate
  12. dirvin21

    Berowra creek firing combined monthly report

    nice fishing mate
  13. dirvin21

    size improving

    I opened the picture with paint to edit the size and used the drawing thingy on there
  14. As my last report said I've been getting quite a few bream just no real size to them. Headed down to the river this morning for a bit of a landbased session to have a bit of fun with some more feisty little bream. Probably casting for about 40 minutes with no sign of a fish when a familiar tap came during a pause on the lure and the rod loaded up allowing for how hard the bream have been fighting lately felt like a better quality fish than I've been getting, gave me a good run around the structure then came ashore, still not big but a better quality fish than I've been getting lately a couple more small fish landed and the clear water came with the run in tide and the fish were off, back in the car and headed to a spot further upstream. Stopped for a quick cast at a footbridge home to some very wise fish but always worth a shot, as soon as the lure hit the water it was smashed again fish went hard going for submerged shopping trolleys and again a reasonable fish a bit smaller than the first these urban fish wise up really fast you generally get one shot and this was no exception. Decided to finish the session casting a spot I haven't fished for awhile the cormorants have started nesting again above the water for some reason bream love cormorant crap. First cast went wide with nothing second cast landed inches from a fresh cormorant crap two twitches and the black shapes were allover it. The take was brutal and straight away no doubt it was a quality fish nothing like fighting a solid bream from a 2.5m embankment covered in branches but unbelievably manged to keep him clear and bring him up the bank a beautiful mid 30's fish not overly long but solid for his length, been awhile since I've caught a solid bream certainly brought a smile to my face Just to give an idea of how fickle these urban bream can be I've marked where the cast landed and fish hooked basically I'm behind overhanging vegetation so the bream don't spot me as they cruise around that's it for another breaming session can't wait for the next one cheers for reading Dave
  15. dirvin21

    Big Smoke fishing maybe???

    remember Neil if you make your way further north your always welcome at my place and we'll hit some fish