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  1. dirvin21

    Bream on hardbodies in middle harbour

    Your rod combos will be fine i use a 2-4kg with 8lb braid and fluro Lure selection looks pretty good with the cranks (short fat ones) slow roll with occasional pause and with the skinnier ones (shads my preferred) try a twitch pause retrieve you just want the lure to do a small dart with a flick of the wrist and elbow From a boat or kayak casting towards the shore ahead of the drift is my preferred method cover as much area as you can bream do like structure but they also roam around in packs looking for food away from solid structure Keep moving bream wise up very fast most of my bream come from the first or second cast at a snag then they just get spooky Bream will occasionally stitch you up when fighting them but usually with a well set drag and some rod manouvering you can vet them in on resonably light gear the exception being around oyster racks and other really nasty sttructure which can turn into a lure bloodbath if you fish to light the old rule is match your leader to the structure Scents can also make a difference especially in heavily fished areas Dont get in too much of a bind about time of day some of my best bream have been caught in the middle of the day Look forward to seeing some photos of you holding a trophy bream Dave
  2. dirvin21

    cod trip 17th - 18th December

    looking at an overnighter on the Severn river around Ashford either Kwiambal NP or some TSR if anyone wants to join they are more than welcome Dave
  3. dirvin21

    Best mono for trout fishing

    All my reels now have braid
  4. dirvin21

    Best mono for trout fishing

    I used to use platypus platinum
  5. dirvin21

    south west rocks

    If you can get livies, herring and mullet your most likely.... theres plenty of fish along the breakwall this time of year bream, trevally, jew, kings and possibly jacks
  6. My good mate decided we needed to have a fish on his boat this week so me working arvo shifts the only option was a good old dawn launch to get the most out of our free hours. When I pulled up at the ramp Andy had already launched the boat and got a 50cm big eye trevally whilst waiting. We basically started fishing from the macksville ramp casting hardbodies along the rockwalls using med-heavy baitcast gear and bigger than usual lures hoping for jacks. About 10 minutes in all the tiredness was shaken from me when my lure was nailed and loded up on a solid fish A 42cm black spot a new pb to start the day Not long after Andy nailed a 50cm big eye on surface then we moved onto a flat casting magic swimmers for flathead didn't take long to load up on a fish but instead of a flattie out came a big eye he was ambitious then it was back to a rocky bank casting hardbodies hoping for jacks when the lure was eaten I hoped but instead of a jack out came a very feisty bream he was keen eating a 80mm deep diver We worked some shallow edges casting small bream lures for a mox of small bream, whiting, flathead and trevs. Again we came came to a deep rocky edge and out came the bigger gear going for quality over quantity and again i was shaken awake by a solid take this fish went really hard and again another black spot this one went 43cm beat my pb thice in a session not long after Andy landed a small jack a high fives and fist pump moment (jacks aka red satan are almost a myth in the Nambucca river). We kept alternating according to structure and depth fishing shallow open country with bream gear and the nasty stuff with jack gear whilst working a muddy bank i hit a snag which I realised was a flattie just lip hooked on a strikeprop pygmy, a gentle approach saw it in the net a nice 59cm speci We got a few bream no real big fish but a couple around the 30cm mark We decided the jack casting was our primary focus so we casted the heavy structure Landing a perfect cast against some rock and timber my lure was nailed just after hitting the water had to jam my thumb on the spool I knew straight away this was no bream or cod... it's funny how time slows during the nervous moments of your fish avoiding the landing net... but then it was in..... Red satan was in the net The first jack I've caught in almost 2 years and only my 4th in approx 34 years of fishing.... happy was an understatement, not big but a jack, it was released after a couple of pics We worked a bit more deep structure and I was annihilated by what I'm assuming to be a maasive cod didn't even come close to stopping it. That was it for an awesome session spent the evening at work with a big smile on my face hopefully it's the first of many jacks for the summer cheers for reading Dave
  7. dirvin21

    Solitary Islands

    Dont forget to check marine park zoning couple of fines have been dished out recently Pretty sure coffs ramp is open, I shoukd be able to find out for you if need be
  8. dirvin21

    Recommendation for intro Baitcast setup

    The main advantage of a baitcaster is stopping power being you can thumb the spool and put hurt on the fish running heavier braids on smaller setups Not bad for bass yaking wouldnt recommend for trout as its harder to fish the lighter drags required for trout fishing Theyre not good for casting from the banks in tight or overgrown areas I only use mine for cod and heavy bass spinning from the yak or open bank when casting bigger spinnerbaits and hardbodies otherwise the spin gear gets better cast distance and is just as accurate If you do go for a BC setup spend the extra $$$ on the reel My thoughts Dave
  9. dirvin21

    Braid to Mono and the FG Knot

    if you're targeting bream at least 2m is preferrable, bream are very aware and cluey if you're using an FG knot you can safely go longer as it doesn't tend to loosen when wound on the reel like other knots
  10. dirvin21

    Bream in the mangroves

    hard bodies work just as well. you need something that runs shallow preferably in a minnow or shad style between 40-60mm keep the rod tip high and a twitch pause retrieve seems to work best, you need to keep the rod tip up otherwise the trebles will catch in the roots and once they do they don't come out easily some lures I've done well on are black magic bmax, strikepro pygmy and pontoon 21 crackjack
  11. dirvin21

    Rod set up for whiting on poppers

    Sand flats with life weedbeds baitfish etc.... look for small whiting in the shallows where theres small ones bigger ones wont be far away Work the entire sand flat, whiting will patrol around and come from long distances to hit a popper don't be afraid to work over the deeper edges
  12. dirvin21

    Rod set up for whiting on poppers

    with a popper I prefer a constant blooping retrieve being a flick of the rod tip not fast but quick enough the popper doesn't actually stop moving the aim is to make a splash and bloop like a prawn skipping across the surface, rapidly retrieving and shaking the rod tip is more of a stickbait retrieve (which I'm not particularly good at) the most important thing for whiting is don't stop, 99% of the time whiting will instantly lose interest on a paused lure
  13. dirvin21

    Nymboida opening

    The annual Nymoboida/Mann river closure finsihed for this year decided to go for a run up to the Nymboida. Starting point one of the bridge crossings in the national park.nI had forgotton how harsh the Nymboida terrain is, overgrown jagged rocks and swarms of march flies, nothing can make you feel more alive. Did the usual casting spinnerbaits around boulders and back eddys and wasn't long before the lure nailed. Nice cod to start the session he looks like he had a rough spawn season. Worked the next few pools for some half hearted taps then landing a cast between 2 boulders on again another cod of similar size It wasn't a hot bite, the hits were coming when least expected then finding a big sunken log that screamed fish, it didn't disapoint the best looking fish of the day estimated about 50cm not 10 steps downstream and on again for another cod of similar size Things went quiet fir awhile heading back to the car did the one last cast and it was smashed the fish played dirty running me through boulders and rocks expecting a monster was surprised with another similar sized fish but a bit heavier and with some obvious attitude that concluded a fun session worked hard for the fish but that makes them all the more satisfying Should point out these are Eastern cod which have a different annual closure to murray cod they are protected and were returned to the water unharmed cheers for reading Dave
  14. dirvin21

    Cheaper alternative to sugapens?

    savage gear "top prey" far cheaper and work