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  1. good time to visit, hopefully with the rain we've had the fishing should be great especially for a bass
  2. you did better than me Neil, I jut spent 3 days at Copeton for 2 swirls on surface lures and 4 catties
  3. I prefer the 8, i get better knot strength and they seem to be much easier to get wind knots out of I don't mind the Shimano Kairkiri it's just a bit rough, the sufix 832 is my go to braid never had an issue the daiwa j braid 8 and sunline siglon are garbage both lasted a coupe of months then just started splitting and breaking under minimal pressure
  4. whiting are a very frustrating lure target, scent sometimes makes a difference
  5. I have mixed feelings about farwelling 2020, despite the obvious negatives it has been the best years fishing I can remember, I've smashed pb's, ticked a couple of bucket listers, discovered new places, made lifelong friends and had the privelage on putting 2 fellow raiders on their first gt, heres a few pics of the highlights from the reports I've put up, hopefully 2021 will be even better and as always if any raiders find themselves on the MNC send me a message I'm always keen for a fishing trip Dave
  6. There's definetly been dollies and kings around the fads, get out there early
  7. got a budget? just bought my better half an Abu Garcia Veritas S-701XH 8-15kg matched with a ATC virtuous 5000, would probably fit what you're after came in at about $400
  8. x2 on the marlin inflatables,
  9. that's a beast Jeff when the world settles down, I'm gonna con you into taking me snapper fishing
  10. nothing like your first kingie
  11. look pretty good mate, I'm sure you'll get a bass on one
  12. If you're starting out go the $380 ospreys they're a good stable yak to get started, my kids have them They lay into each other well, one flat on the racks the other half laying on it they tighten in well
  13. Good to see you dusting the boat off Neil
  14. Go the 2 singles, it's amazing how quickly they become independent with a yak and outgrow a tandem, I used to have a rope pre tied to the back of my yak rhen if the kids started struggling I could tow assist them Most important do some yak rolling drills getting him to jump off and climb back on
  15. Softvibes, plastics and maybe some jigs, casting poppers and stickbaits on the flats and probably trolling deep divers for macks
  16. Nice looking rod cetainly no compromise being a 4 piece, we're departing from Bundy so will be driving, I also have a 7 foot rod tube when I do fly
  17. @JonD @kingie chaser @James Clain Cheers for the info guys gives me some ideas to look at, I've got plenty of time to watch for specials
  18. Trying to keep it below $200 per rod
  19. I did once, put in wayer at my feet to give it a swim before casting and a moray eel took it
  20. I'm booked in for a 3 day trip to the bunker group on the southern GBR next year, starting to acquire the gear, trying to find rods that aren't going to smash the finances, casting poppers, stickbaits, and also working softvibes and plastics and probably trolling deep divers. 40 -60lb braid Shimano revolution have a couple of models that seem ok, anyone got any feedback on them? Cheers Dave
  21. Good stuff knocking off the kingie.... the jacks are eager for round 2, I reckon they want a few more of your lures for their trophy walls😉
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