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  1. Rosalie my beloved daughter landed her first brown trout, exceeding my own pb, proud yet jealous I have to say -10% jealous.... 110% proud
  2. For forcast try deckee app (I suffered the same Saturday winds) I've caught some of my best fish in the crappiest weather Keep at the lure casting once you land your first you'll never look back
  3. As previously said limit tye amount of gear you carry as a yak gets cluttered fast A short handled landing net like an environet is great, you can easily dehook fish in the net so you don't end up with hooks in you
  4. all those lures will catch you fish, if you just want to tick a fish off with a HB, cast the double clutch around weed beds and drop-offs, you should be able to snag a flattie, your lure needs to get down near the bottom the plastics would probably be an easier option to get started
  5. a decent flathead will make short work of light leader if you go to hard (unless they're lip hooked which I always assume they're not). Take it easy with flathead go a fairly light drag let the fish run and work them in slowly. Flatties don't run for cover so you can let them pull string. Always try and keep their head in the water if you lift their head out in the surface they will shake it and saw straight through your leader. Be vigilant at checking your leader for damage after every fish and cutting and retying as necessary, I've lost loads of big fish due to laziness. with handling flathead, DON"T put your thumb in their mouth, my thumb once required stitches from a not overly large flatty
  6. A few considerations, An you flip the kayak and get back in which is important in open water, I wouldn't anchor a kayak in the ocean you're likely to flip trying get it back out of the reef With gear keep in mind the lack of leverage ypu have on a yak especially with trying to bust off snags with swells And have a pre plan for landing fish and especially big fish, I know frim personal experience Lije I previously said I'd ditch the motor and keep the sounder, it'll keep the weight down
  7. They're a good looking yak, get comfortable with it before ocean paddling IMO don't use motors it takes away from what yakking is all about
  8. 8 or 10lb braid will have you covered powerpro is ok for starting out to keep the cost down, otherwise I use sufix 832 12lb fluorocarbon leader With your plastics, your jighead sounds about right, 2.5inch zman grubs and slim swimz work really well You need to make sure the tail is threaded on the jighead nice and straight
  9. Because of this post I've actually been putting a great deal of thought into bass on cranka crabs and I've definetly thought of a couple of limitations It would be limited to reaction bite, focused on when bass sit up under trees focused on falling insects in the height of summer, I read an article awhile ago on using spider style plastics to the same effect The other major limitation is the hooks, tge floating claw hooks are perfect for fish like bream that eat the claws first, and eel tailed cats in the fresh the way they slam and grind the lure the claws catch tgeir blubbery lips, with an implosion feeder like a bass the hooks are likely to miss or not get a good hold especially when you need to put some pressure on the fish On the flip side a bass on a cranka crab sounds pretty cool, I'm definitely gonna have a crack at it when summer comes
  10. The rubber ones that are in the drain holes on the yak
  11. At any speed the plugs will blow out, I learned ftom experience years ago
  12. Minn kota is definitely worth the extra $$$
  13. Certainly affects where the fish are feeding at a particular water level, up in the edges at high tide and in the drains on the dropping tide In the lower estuaries pelagic fish often come in on the rising tide with the clean water
  14. I just pull on the drag and just go by what I'm fishing for For example Jack fishing it's all but locked, flathead on light leader it's fairly light I always determine it via a smooth constant pressure not a sharp jerk
  15. I've personally never caught a bass on one, know a few fellas that have, cast up under overhanging trees they'd work They're really effective for sight casting and catching eel tailed catfish
  16. The last few comps have been all of NSW, Vic and QLD
  17. A local on the MNC started running fishing comps over the last year, due to covid restrictions the last few have been State-wide bass/flathead comps, having missed the last few I was determined to at least put a fish on the scoreboard for this one. The weather did not turn it on, cold windy and rain meant flathead were a no go it was a upper river yak sesh for bass. On the river a 0630, conditions weren't looking great, started out casting a jigspinner slimswim around to my surprise it only took 7 minutes for the first hook-up (just bought an action cam looked back at the footage) it was a solid fish which railed me into the timber before pulling the hooks, hoping this wouldn't haunt me I kept the casts going. Three casts later landing the lure under a branch it gets slammed on the drop another good fish which also tried hard to brick me, pulled him out and a fish in the net a nice very healthy 38 to start the comp, feeling pretty confident I woukd easily fill my five fish limit. I spent the next 2 hours without a looker. It's funny how things can change in fishing, a massive mullet tried to eat my jigspinner yakside but didn't find the hooks, I swapped over to a hardbody so atleast a mullet would find the trebles, second cast with the hardbody on a ridiculously shallow log on the edge it gets nailed definitely not a mullet Fish number 2 that went 39.5 a bit skinnier than my fisrt fish but still in good condition and a lovely bronzie he came from the small log on the left, the places bass come from never ceases to amaze me. Again confidence was back that the hardbody was going to produce, again it was a decent period of time before any action. It often happens when you least expect but driftong along mindlessly casting I was woken from a daydream with another slamming hit another nice gish for the tally this one going 37, I was actually looking at a decent score. Unfortunately when getting out of the yak to walk up a rapid I slipped and tipped it and didn't realise I lost my brag mat which meant I couldn't enter anymore fish which in turn didn't matter because I didn't catch any more, so after 6 hours for 3 fish I pulled the pin. Cheers for reading Dave
  18. You'll get one on a lure soon as it starts to warm up Bass like divers with a really wide action
  19. I think lessons might have been learned after the cane toad disaster
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