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  1. I can relate. On a beach at Fraser Island I lost most of my tackle to a rising tide. The important thing is to learn from your mistake and never leave any gear in a vulnerable position.
  2. I am hoping someone has a Berkley 3b Diving Dog in their collection that they would be willing to part with for cash or swap. Thank you and tight lines.
  3. I'm struggling with a KINGFISH addiction
  4. I went out last Thursday found kingfish in good numbers and good size. Used metal lures and soft plastics around salmon schools outside the heads. Also plenty of snapper around mostly in deeper water. Hopefully you get a few and sing out if you need crew. Cheers Toilor
  5. Just to excite anyone coming down over the school holidays I went out yesterday after work 4pm to 6pm. Casting 40 gram knight got this king @ 74cm from a school of 4 or 5 that chased the lure hit at my feet. Heaps of bird activity offshore.
  6. Fished Wednesday 6am til 12pm under cloudy skies with light winds and fairly small seas. Dropping 2 circle hook paternosters with minimal sinker around size 4 ball. Chicken thigh fillet on one hook and fish fillet on the other. Action was consistent with plenty of bait on the sounder. Birds working occasionally but too far for me to chase unfortunately. There were some big bust ups out from Stoney Ck this morning looked to be at least 20 to 30kg fish about 500mtr offshore. Got the snapper on a stray line. Great weather next week hopefully get back out amongst em. Tight lines, Toilor.
  7. I like gumtree and personally I prefer to buy from more mature owners. Seriously consider buying with the intention of repowering. Many boat sellers in the cheapy market have run the same motor for 10 + years and are upgrading or selling due to not using. You could get lucky but any older outboard can turn into a $$$$ anchor and ruin the experience. Use this as a bargaining tool and you can get a decent boat and trailer for 2k or less. Save your $'s and run the motor keeping an eye out for a good deal on a newer model motor, have cash ready and be quick to view/purchase. Good luck with it
  8. Appreciate the tip off on cheap Airds. I have had one for 3 years, used weekly in salt not looked after caught many flathead to 91cm, snapper and yakkas. Bail arm has just started to get stiff/not returning properly but still usable and probably an easy fix with a clean and grease. Nice & light with reasonably smooth drag I like it and will get another at that price!
  9. Hey Welster, pretty sure this is the same story with no paywall please correct me if I'm wrong. So sad to think what these blokes went through out there just trying to put bread on the table. https://www.thesenior.com.au/story/6356437/qld-coroner-lashes-fisheries-over-alerts/?cs=9676
  10. Always enjoy reading a @ScratchieSnapper report keep em coming!
  11. I get most hits on 40 gram knights retrieved flat out. If that fails I'll go 7 inch Zman Jerk Shad in white on 1.5 oz jig head. All land based but I agree livebait beats all else if they're not biting their heads off.
  12. I use thigh fillet fairly big pieces for the Snapper. Let us know next time you're down if ya keen for a fish.
  13. Sometimes you have to get off the beaten track in JB to find the fish. It was quite calm on Saturday with late arvo low tide. I found some protection from the wind and got these 2 lost a big one using chicken 20lb line and 4/0 circle hooks. Went back Sunday and couldn't get a bait past the squid.
  14. I use 12ft rod 20lb mono pea sinker 3/0 circle chicken thigh for bait. Fish with bail open as snapper like to pick up and run 5 mtrs then stop I count to 5 and slowly tighten up. You know if he's on and go hard to get his head up or risk bust off. Rock cod definitely a good sign.
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