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  1. Toilor3000

    Snapper off the rocks

    I use 12ft rod 20lb mono pea sinker 3/0 circle chicken thigh for bait. Fish with bail open as snapper like to pick up and run 5 mtrs then stop I count to 5 and slowly tighten up. You know if he's on and go hard to get his head up or risk bust off. Rock cod definitely a good sign.
  2. Toilor3000

    Lures - Newbie Questions

    I admire your determination to catch fish on hardbody lures. Assuming you are landbased I suggest you start with Flathead. 2 to 4kg rod, 2500 size reel and 8lb line. The area you fish is crucial, around 1 to 2mtr sand flats cast where sand meets weed beds or deeper water. I would use rapala jack rap deep or similar quality 75mm lure. The lure must be hitting the bottom regularly to catch flathead. Start fishing an hour before tide change and you will catch. Once you've mastered that and caught a dozen flatties you are ready for Bream. Jewies and Kingies landbased on hard bodies will be challenging with many hours of fruitless casting and years working out the when and where. If you know Bonnies, salmon & tailor are around then long cast minnows like the Rapala xrap retrieved relatively quickly will catch fish. I prefer metal lures but I think your hard body lure obsession will provide you with many challenges. Best of luck!!
  3. Toilor3000

    Goodradigbee River

    Also curious to hear how you went? Definitely Yellas and Cod in the lower reaches around Wee Jasper as well as Redfin and Carp. There are a few trout around Micalong Ck stretch but pack the walking shoes, many miles to cover but reasonably easy going. There are plenty of rainbows and the odd brown upstream of Brindabella Station and the river is beautiful and carp free up that high. Plenty of snakes in the months with an R in them. Reliable report of a 2.8kg brown 5 years ago from this stretch.
  4. Toilor3000

    Kings on the beach

    The days we fisherman dream of. Kingies off the beach is definitely something special, well done.
  5. Toilor3000

    Wide of Jervis Bay this weekend.

    Interested to hear how you went. There were kingies around last Tues / Wed and some big bust ups that looked like decent Tuna not far out the front of JBl
  6. Start out with with a light 7 foot rod 8 pound nylon line (preferably fluorocarbon). Number 10 long shank chemically sharpened hook or number 4 mustad circle hook with a 0 ball sinker. Simply thread sinker onto line then tie on hook with unit knot called running sinker rig. Chicken thigh fillet cut into small strips, place bait on hook by putting the point through one end once only resist temptation to thread bait onto hook. Cast into likely area preferably utilise a rod holder and leave line free to run off spool, paying attention. When line starts moving off the reel faster start reeling in your catch. Resist the urge to strike instead wait until fish is definitely on the line before reeling in. Experiment with location and observe the conditions when and where you are successful. The further you have to walk to a location the more fish you will catch. Threw in most recent catch using this method
  7. Toilor3000

    REMINISCING- Silver Trevally

    Very informative and interesting write up. We can definitely learn a lot from the way things were.
  8. Toilor3000

    Jewie bite

    Strangely enough today i got bitten by a snapper and a bream holding them while scaling them over the side of the boat. The bream hurt a bit. I think if you used Iki Jimi or wait till the fish is properly dead it wont happen.
  9. Toilor3000

    Beach Rewards

    Hard to beat a session like that off the beach, very rewarding and a great feed!!
  10. Toilor3000

    Freshwater eels for shark bait

    I remember reading about the "Shark Men of Tathra Wharf" using freshwater eels exclusively as bait. They had sewed them up in a particular way to present them on a hook targeting XOS bronzies, tigers and ad they referred to them "white death". Pretty sure there was an article in a 70's edition of the Anglers Omnibus.
  11. Toilor3000

    Prawn net replacement

    Made the mistake of using the prawn scoop net as a landing net and had to cut the lure out every fish I caught leaving it full of holes. Wondering how to thread on the replacement. It appears the frame is somehow pressed onto the handle. Is there a trick to removing the head of the net from the handle without cutting anything?
  12. Toilor3000

    Where are the pelagics?

    Is this around Sydney
  13. Toilor3000

    Where are the pelagics?

    Anyone else noticing a distinct lack of Bonnies, kings & salmon at the moment. According to my diary this time last year fishing landbased JB I'd caught nearly 50 Bonito and around 20 salmon 5 kings but so far I have 6 bonnies and 2 salmon as well as 3 rats only. Interested to hear from other areas to give hope that they may arrive soon, cheers Toilor
  14. Toilor3000

    Morning kingys off stones

    Awesome catch mate, inspiring me to give livebaiting a go. Go the stones!!
  15. Toilor3000

    Jb landbased

    I fish 4 or 5 days a week 2 hour sessions constantly casting and retrieving off the rocks & have just topped up after 3 months so not too bad. I don't use it on my boat outfits where distance isn't as important. Nothing again this morning but what looked to be frigates busting up and I didn't have anything small enough to tempt them.