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  1. Toilor3000

    Humane ways to dispatch fish

    I've recently converted from cutting the throat to iki. You can definitely tell when you do it right as the fish expires immediately without thrashing. I dont like hearing live fish dying in the esky anymore must be getting old and soft.
  2. Toilor3000

    Jervis Bay

    Great report there BilI. Let me know if you ever need crew, any day is fine.
  3. Toilor3000

    Berkley 3B Diving Dog

    If anyone out there has a spare Berkley 3B Diving Dog in their collection and is willing to part with it pls message me. Happy to pay or swap. Really looking for the BITZA coloured pattern but will take anything to complete my collection. For some reason I borrowed the one in the photo from my own collection but an undersized Tailor took it from me.......devastated!!!
  4. Toilor3000

    West Reef fun

    I've heard that the red rock cod is a relative of the stone fish and if he gets you properly it is very painful and you are not likely to enjoy the rest of your days fishing! They can lie in wait for a fair few hours then flick just as you go to clean them but well worth the effort imo
  5. Toilor3000

    New reel for Lox iridium 12210

    Took the rod in to the tackle shop and tried all the above reels and found the saltist balanced the best, combined with a great price incl line and a few lures couldn't resist. 1st trip was a bit of a disaster with a 10cm yakka jagged on a 40 grm knight but the reel cast well and retrieved smoothly. Did notice that on flipping the bail after cast, line tended to lay over the spool occasionally so I'll have to check that each cast or potentially have a loop cause a knot.
  6. Toilor3000

    New reel for Lox iridium 12210

    Cheers gentlemen for your replies. Thinking I'll take the rod into the local tackle shop and whack a bioM and gosa on and see which one balances best. I'd like to try a Salina or Cedros but no Tackle shops seem to stock them which is a bit disappointing.
  7. Toilor3000

    New reel for Lox iridium 12210

    After 15 years of using Tss4's on 4 wrap Wilson rods I have decided to enter the 21st century and move to braid. I will be fishing 4 to 6 inch plastics, stickbaits and 40 to 65 grm metals on 30lb braid. I need a reel with a fast retrieve that can handle life on the rocks, under $400. I fish at least a couple of times a week so it will cop a fair flogging but I do look after my gear. I've purchased the Lox iridium 12210 rated 6 to 10 kg with casting weight of 60 to 100grm. Really keen to hear what fishos are using and recommending. Thank you in advance, Toilor.
  8. Toilor3000

    Jervis Bay mystery fish. (Rosy Weedfish)

    Cheers guys great Id. The pic on the national museum site is a fish in a cormorants beak that doesn't look much like this little guy but searching Heteroclinus roseus much better pics and positive Id imo
  9. Daughter caught this fella on chicken in amongst rock and kelp. Not the best pics I know but I didn't handle him at all so perfect release. Thanks in advance, Toilor
  10. Toilor3000

    Gliss line

    Onto my 5th spool of 4kg gliss in 2 years. I use it on 2 setups with 6lb or 9lb fluro leader via fg knot which has rarely failed. Using mainly soft plastics and un/lightly weighted baits gliss has braid-like lack of stretch so you feel every bump and it floats well which is handy. It feels like i can cast 30 percent further with gliss which I reckon has definitely improved my results. I've caught a fair few rainbow trout, bream, blackfish, trevally, snapper and flathead in rough terrain and lost a few but never one of those devastating unexplained mysterious line partings on good fish. It frays lightly after 12 hours or so use but doesn't seem to affect its strength in my experience. Very rarely tangles once you get the right balance between overfill and underfill of the spool which I find hard as when spooling up 150 mtr of gliss it takes up as much space as 40mtr of 8lb mono.
  11. Toilor3000


    Great informative report and top fish there fella!
  12. Toilor3000

    Back up bait

    Great chat topic, obviously something many of us consider. I've been using chicken thigh fillet frozen in approx 200 grm lots (wrapped in scrap paper) that I give to the dog if I don't use it.
  13. Toilor3000

    first holiday fish

    Yellowbelly for sure. They do look a bit different when caught from catchments that flow into Lake Eyre as opposed to the ones from the Murray Catchment. It would be interesting to know how long the stocks have been separated?
  14. Toilor3000


    Trip of a lifetime!!!
  15. Toilor3000

    brisbane water snapper

    More snapper being caught inshore than I can remember, anyone else noticed this?